Unfocused excuse making at Madison schools

Go Badgers! Defeating #1 Villanova with Bronson Koenig on the bench for a quarter of the game and Ethan Happ almost half the game! Nigel Hayes at money time. And the reach-in steal of the Century by Vitto Brown! Ex-cellent!

The betting line just changed for Police Chief Mike Koval’s chances of being reimbursed for the $22,000 in attorney’s fees for defending himself against Progressive Dane’s frivolous complaint before the PFC.

Now we’re told that the resolution, sponsored by Mayor Soglin and Ald. Paul Skidmore, will be treated as a budget amendment. That means it needs a three-quarters affirmative vote; 15 of the 20 members. 

Raiding the emergency fund for $400,000 in last year’s budget was no problem. Not when it is being spent on a police colonoscopy. But money to defend its police chief? Not this Common Council. 

The council is in thrall to an anti-cop cabal led by Marsha Rummel, Rebecca Kemble, Matt Phair, and Maurice Cheeks. The latter two are principals in something called “Madison’s Focused Interruption Coalition.”

Cheeks and Phair teamed up with Michael Johnson, CEO of the Dane County Boys and Girls Club, to force a 15-point plan to “prevent and address violence.” (The Policy Werkes observes that Moses had only 10 points. Any plan with more is a steaming heap of mush.)

Or ignore violence, as the case may be.

On Thursday, a junior at East High School was arrested following “a physical altercation that involved other students at the school.” Otherwise know as a brawl.

Lights, cameras, press conference: Michael Johnson is ready for his close-up. His message: the arrest was unjust and downright racist. School board member Anna Moffit took part in Johnson’s Cops-Are-Racist feeding frenzy. Sadly, she chairs a committee studying whether police should be banned from high school hallways. This IS Madison, after all.

Doe sit help that the cafeteria melee required eight MPD officers plus school security guards to restore order?

Madison’s supposedly racist police issued 95 citations to black students compared to 11 citations issued to white. That proves racism to Madison’s elite. Especially if you believe that white students are mauling each other while police look the other way.


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8 Responses to Unfocused excuse making at Madison schools

  1. Eric Z says:

    C’mon Dave. Moses started out with 15. I’ll have Spicer go National with it. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXeTsWGPT0w


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Ever notice how liberals are drawn like pussies to catnip by committees, commissions, focus groups and other ad hoc amalgamations of “concerned citizens” on a mission against common sense? And how most of these groups have names that sound like they were taken from “i984”? The latest example, courtesy of Madison’s police-hating loons: “Focused Interruption Coalition.” Wait a minute! Focused interruption? Isn’t that some kind of weird birth control method?


  3. Dan B. says:

    Does a girl with zero priors involved in a fight at school on Thursday deserve to sit in adult jail until Monday without a hearing? That’s the central question.


    • David Blaska says:

      The girl in question was 17, no longer eligible for juvenile court. Her victim was 16, by state law, a child. The victim sustained serious injuries. State law specifies that causing “bodily harm” to a “child” is a felony. Persons accused of a felony are not eligible for immediate cash bond and remains in custody until court is next in session. You can argue that the age should be 18 but it’s not. The East high school student got special consideration.


      • Dan B. says:

        Lots of high school kids get special consideration from teachers, principals, in-school cops and judges who look like they do. Don’t believe me? Spend a week at the court house.


  4. David Blaska says:

    Explain that, if you can.


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