Blow the whistle on the Michigan Wolverines

UPDATE:  Isthmus co-founder Fred Milverstedt sent this letter to the Wolverines:

To: D.J. Wilson, Men’s Basketball
Athletic Department
University of Michigan
1000 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2201
Young Mr. Wilson:
Caught your display on national TV. You are a punk, self-absorbed and socially stupid, if not totally ignorant. I’d like to see you in Marine boot camp, where after a similar showing you could stand out there on the grinder and hold it all day.
/s/ Fred Milverstedt, Plymouth, MN
cc: John Beilein (you ought to know better than to permit it) 

Your Humble Squire is not a sore loser — not that he has had that much experience in the matter. Blaska plays to win. He plays hard and he plays fair. But win or lose, he keeps his dignity.

That said, the Lord High Commissioner of the Policy Werkes suffers sore losers with equanimity, having made so many of them. Losing is hard and the man who faces the cameras — think Nixon awaiting the helicopter to San Clemente — in the face of defeat is a real man, indeed.

Bad winners are another matter, entirely. Yes, we put Muhammed Ali in that category as well as every Sharpee-toting, break-dancing fool who acts as if it’s his first time in the end zone.

D.J. Wilson, 6-10″ forward grabbed … our attention

So the University of Michigan beat our Badger basketball team Saturday for the Big 14 title. Congratulations, Wolverines. Now, act like you deserve it. The indentured servants were appalled at the video CBS beamed into the Stately Manor Sunday when the NCAA tournament brackets were announced.  No, not that the Badgers were seeded 8th. Nobody said life was fair. Deal with it.

We are not snowflakes here at the Manor. What offended our usually hardened sensibilities was the Michigan team’s televised “celebration” as their bracket was revealed. There, up front and center, is one player who grabs his crotch three separate times during 20-second clip, presumably knowing full well the camera’s red light was recording his obscene display. It is not inadvertent.

That’s just poor sportsmanship. Real men don’t grab their crotches in public. Yeah, that needs saying these days, apparently. (Related: It’s why we went South on Donald Trump.) Your Humble Squire this day will file a complaint with the NCAA.

Here’s a screen capture of the video. Click here and go to the second video at the link to see the video. And take my poll at right.


Attention grabbing fool


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11 Responses to Blow the whistle on the Michigan Wolverines

  1. Dan B. says:

    I saw something that athletes do on TV all the time and I think it’s obscene. Now look at this screen capture I made of that obscene moment and here are clear instructions for you to see them for yourself. What is that if not extending the attention on something you apparently find distasteful? Weird.
    Aside from that, your protestations about sore loserdom are downright ironic in this context. Disdainful of breakdancing touchdown celebrations? What decade is it you wish we would return to? The pre-disco ’70s? The pre-Woodstock ’60s? Maybe the pre-Elvis ’50s! Or perhaps the pre-Lindy Hop ’20s! Hate to say it, old sport, but the culture war is over, you lost, and you’re not taking it well.


  2. Leo says:

    aT least the Michigan player was grabbing his OWN crotch. Quite unlike our president who prefers to crotch grab others. If only we had video of those transgressions so we could compare
    and contrast techniques and degree of offensiveness.


    • Jeffery Wirth says:

      I don’t recall President Trump “grabbing his crotch (or any one else’s for that matter)” on national television. Please provide documentation because we know you wouldn’t lie.


  3. David Blaska says:

    Count on Dan B. to lower the bar every time. No, Dan B., he’s only on national television as a starting member of a team chosen for a national tournament. No need to act like a gentleman. Is that what your Grandmother in the North Woods taught you?


    • old baldy says:

      Leave it to dave to ignore the elephant in the room (trump) and attack the guy that smelled the foul odor of the pachyderm. And why mock oop nort Grandmothers? Mine were both from north of 8, and would have handed you your little pair before you could say, “Stately Manor’.


    • Dan B. says:

      My grandmother taught me to look skeptically on those who don’t stick to their own knitting. As for your suddenly chaste compatriot Fred, ask him how much money he made on prostitutes running ads in his rag back in the days of the Dangle.


  4. Fred Milverstedt says:

    Isthmus didn’t make any money for its first eight years and I was gone after five.


  5. Dan B. says:

    I was just reminded that at the end of the Super Bowl, when some Hall of Famer walked the trophy through a crowd of New England Patriots to the stage on the field, the sound of f-bombs filled the air. It was unmistakable for those watching on TV. Of course, that’s Donald Trump’s chosen team, so the Square didn’t weigh in with any opprobrium.


    • David Blaska says:

      I had forgotten about that in the thrill of the game itself. It was very offensive; it is inexcusable. But why say stupid stuff like “of course, that’s Donald Trump’s chosen team, so the Squire (sp) didn’t weigh in …”? They’re not the Packers, are they? And are you totally ignorant of my history with Trump? Now, Dan B., step up your game. Do you deplore the crotch grabbing and f-bombing or do you not?


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