Your squire could not have said it better

As liberal as they come, a good Democrat, a gay man living in a relationship on Madison’s Isthmus. That is Greg Humphrey, a former radio news man and aide to a Democrat(ic) legislator. I am proud to call him a friendly acquaintance.

He blogs at Caffeinated Politics as “Deke Rivers.” His blog resides on my every day must-read list. In today’s installment he writes:

This blog was four-square against the Madison City Council wasting $400,000 on a study to “review” the police department. Most residents I have interacted with have expressed outrage at the action taken by the council to placate the loudest voices in our city.  As noted by others this is not just speculation, either – an audit that produced letters from residents to alders, showed that most disapprove of this wasteful study.

The council-backed study is simply demoralizing to Madison PD, and the study has as its main purpose to do just that very thing.  The study is a complete waste of our hard-earned tax dollars. They took $400,000 from an emergency fund to study a force that has been nationally recognized at a time when the city complains a shortage of monies for worthwhile purposes.

I want my readers to take the following survey and let it be known that taxpayers, thoughtful and informed citizens, and rational thinkers are not desiring to see our police to be continually undermined.  Take your earnestness over this matter and fill out the Madison PD survey at: .

If you appreciate our police and think they’re doing a great job, let The OIR Group (they’re doing the “review”) know it today!  It takes less then 3 minutes.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Greg.

Well, what are you waiting for? Take the survey!

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1 Response to Your squire could not have said it better

  1. Dan B. says:

    I’m friends with a white guy who, like me, has very few – if any – unpublished thoughts and he believes the same way I do about this. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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