Make big money with the White Guilt scam

shelby-steele-quoteHey kids! Want to get on the ground floor of a growth industry and retire young to some island with little umbrellas in your rum drink? Take up the White Guilt business for fame and fortune!

  • Your Dane County government is throwing $139,000 at a Florida company to “evaluate racial equity in the county’s purchasing and contracting practices.” (By definition, they’re experts because they’re out of state.)
  • The City of Madison is shoveling $350,000 grand at a California outfit to study Madison’s nationally praised police department for “diversity and inclusiveness.”
  • A mutual insurance company chaired by a faceless Madison bureaucrat is dumping $3.35 million on the family of a convicted felon who, high on drugs, attacked a police officer called to stop the young man’s rampage. (Rate adjustment to follow.) The new Madison math: Black punk + white cop = civil rights violation.
  • Four men get shot from at least three different firearms in a 3 a.m. melee involving some 70 people at a Madison gas station and the city’s civil rights leaders hold a press conference to — you guessed it! — Blame the Police for not providing enough services.
  • Two civic-minded individuals, active in their neighborhood associations, run for city alderman and a former Democrat legislator plays the race card because the well entrenched incumbents are black.

If, to a hammer, everything is a nail, to a liberal everything is race. The Nigerians are amateurs when it comes to the race scammers. White guilt, “white privilege,” “implicit bias” — call it what you will — “Is the heart and soul of contemporary liberalism.” So writes American scholar Shelby Steele. 

Shelby Steele on the Race Card


Shelby Steele

White guilt is not angst over injustices suffered by others; it is the terror of being stigmatized with America’s old bigotries — racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. … The terror of this …pressures whites to act guiltily even when they feel no actual guilt. White guilt is a mock guilt, a pretense of real guilt, a shallow etiquette of empathy, pity and regret.

…. Bigotry exists, but it is far down on the list of problems that minorities now face. I grew up black in segregated America, where it was hard to find an open door. It’s harder now for young blacks to find a closed one.

… Today’s liberalism is an anachronism. It has no understanding, really, of what poverty is and how it has to be overcome. It has no grip whatever on what American exceptionalism is and what it means at home and especially abroad.

… American liberalism never acknowledged that it was about white esteem rather than minority accomplishment. Four thousand shootings in Chicago last year, and the mayor announces that his will be a sanctuary city. This is moral esteem over reality; the self-congratulation of idealism. Liberalism is exhausted because it has become a corruption. — Shelby Steele, “The exhaustion of American liberalism,” Wall Street Journal 03-6-17.

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7 Responses to Make big money with the White Guilt scam

  1. madisonexpat says:

    If Madison wasn’t stone racist it would subsidize gang bangers’ ammunition.


  2. let's profit from race says:

    This is actually a very popular growth industry within today’s university administrations. Administrators whose sole purpose is to talk about race creationism and produce paperwork about race creationism. Let’s remake history, together! Bizarre. Tax payers, and anyone taking out government backed student loans, has to pay for administrators to go to meetings and e-mail electronic pamphlets about race creationism. It’s the modern day equivalent to televangelism.

    This is exactly why college education costs way more than it should. Stuff like this can be filed under “job creation.” The country is awash in otherwise unemployable people, lacking any real skills, “educated” way beyond their intelligence, but with a confidence in their own superior smarts matched only by their confidence in their moral superiority. This stuff is nothing more than make-work for unemployable MAs. Other than that, it’s emotional crack for today’s millennials. They pay to feel guilty! Virtue signaling in its worst form.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Amen, brother, amen! Another reason college costs way more than it should is that, in addition to legitimate departments (chemistry, math, English, etc.), colleges nowadays are subsidizing scores of bogus departments (African American Studies, Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, Latino/a Studies, Native American Studies, etc.) whose sole purpose is to generate leftist race-and-gender-based agitprop. Everyone knows the “faculty” in those departments are nothing but affirmative-action window dressing. And they’re certainly not held to the standards by which faculty in traditional departments are evaluated. But they’re useful for administrators, who can point to them and say, “See how committed we are to diversity in our faculty and course offerings!” What no one dares discuss is the disservice these departments are doing to their students, many of whom are minorities. Instead of being encouraged to earn a degree in an in-demand field, they’re enticed into taking courses in the history of hip-hop and awarded degrees that all but guarantee their unemployability. How college administrators can look at themselves in the mirror is a mystery to me.


  3. Dan B. says:

    There’s good reason to suspect that the shooting death of Tony Robinson didn’t go down how the police officer who killed him said it did. Thanks to that discrepancy, the city is out $3.3 million (a risk management pro did the calculations). How do you blame that on liberals?


    • Hope is alive says:

      $3.35 mil? What a rip off. That loser was worthless. They probably could have settled for $33.50.


    • David Blaska says:

      Because Madison city government is a liberal enterprise. Because Madison city government ceded control to faceless, unelected bureaucrats. Because Madison city liberals were in a lose/lose situation. If they had told the attorneys to fight until the last verdict, they would be pilloried as racists. If they had voted to settle, they would have their fingerprints all over $3.35 million. Madison liberals who run the City washed their hands, like Pontius Pilate. Does that help, Dan B.?


  4. madisonexpat says:

    What reason is that, Dan?


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