Madison’s $3.35 million settlement is an outrage!

It is being reported that the City of Madison has settled with the mother of convicted felon Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. for $3.35 million of taxpayer money — blood money from Madison’s guilty white liberals, ashamed that a police officer defended his life from his attacker.

Federal Judge James Peterson had just last week cleared the Madison Police Department. The civil rights case was scheduled to go to trial next week on the officer alone. Being a City employee, the city was ultimately responsible. But it seems clear that Officer Matt Kenny would have been exonerated — that there would be no liability.

After all, an independent investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, confirmed by a Democratic district attorney, cleared Officer Kenny. Madison alders should reject the proposed settlement but they will not.

And while we are at it, who supplied the drugs that made young Robinson a zombie who attacked complete strangers that night in March 2015 without provocation? The police know who supplied those drugs. Madison Police put together a strong criminal case. They presented it to District Attorney Ismael Ozanne. That liberal Democrat(ic) doofus refuses to prosecute.

It would greatly surprise you to know who that drug supplier is.

Madison Police Department statement on settlement

The Madison Police Department was not involved in any of the negotiations that resulted in today’s announced settlement in the Estate of Tony Robinson v. Matt Kenny case, or in the ultimate decision to settle the case.  Officer Kenny was cleared of any criminal culpability by the Dane County District Attorney (after an independent investigation conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation), and was found to have acted within MPD’s Code of Conduct and Standard Operating Procedures after an internal review.

Chief Koval and other department leaders had hoped the civil case would proceed to trial so Officer Kenny could be cleared in this additional venue, however they understand that attorneys, insurance providers and risk managers have reached a business decision based on factors other than the actual facts of the case.  The settlement does not express or even suggest an admission of wrongdoing, and does not alter MPD’s view on the matter. Officer Kenny remains assigned to MPD’s Training Section and Mounted Patrol.

Judge Peterson clearly rejected the assertion that MPD’s policies, practices or training were inadequate, and Chief Koval continues to have great confidence in the men and women of the Madison Police Department.”

Madison Police Union statement:

The trial over this lawsuit was going to be Matt’s opportunity to confront the false accusations made against him, and now he will never get that chance. The outrageous decision by the city’s insurance company to settle this lawsuit over Matt’s objection is tantamount to throwing him under the bus. Despite the fact that he and his conduct have been rigorously scrutinized by multiple agencies, the Robinson family has done their best to drag his name through the mud.

Frankly, given how the plaintiffs in this case have publicly demanded justice, I’m actually shocked that they would settle it short of having their day in court.  Not only does this offensive settlement unfairly undermine Matt’s service and commitment to the people of Madison, it’s certain to hurt the morale at our department as well. The city’s insurance company shouldn’t risk compromising an officer’s credibility and reputation for the sake of its bottom line, particularly when that officer did their job in accordance with their training and the law. Matt Kenny, and all of the officers in the Madison, deserve better.

–Dan Frei, president of the Madison Professional Police Officers Association (MPPOA)



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8 Responses to Madison’s $3.35 million settlement is an outrage!

  1. Bruce Thomas says:

    The city shouldn’t pay anything. The da should go after the piece of shit drug dealer.


  2. Batman says:

    A very destructive decision on multiple levels, for example:
    Police morale which is a very important component for effective patrolling, recruiting, and retainment.
    When the City will settle a case like this, the trickle down throughout the rank and file will have long term adverse consequences.
    Loss of faith in the Judicial.
    Encouragement of future lawsuits against the City regardless of merit.
    Way to go City of Madison.
    A proud day; NOT!


  3. AnonyBob says:

    There is evidence the officer’s story didn’t add up. Insurance companies don’t cave to lefty public opinion and give away their money. They’re paying $3 million plus because they’re think they’d pay more if it went to trial. It’s not complicated or ideological.
    And YOU know who the drug supplier is and how strong the evidence is?
    Really, Dave.


  4. Mad4Madison says:

    @AnonyBob –

    They are paying because the cost to defend (insurer pays the atty’s fees and other costs) will be extremely high. Take that – plus any potential award – and run it through an algorithm with a risk and probability component and viola, the system spits out an answer – which is settle. It does not take into account the officer’s story. It does not take into account his absolution from multiple investigations. It simply states that they might have a 33% of having to pay $5 or $7 million in total fees. So they decide to hedge their position and simply settle.

    Unfortunately, neither the family or Officer Kenny get their day in court. Of course, look at the inverse position – if the family thought they would win, then why accept the settlement?


  5. Leo says:

    Putting millions into those pockets will pay for a lot of new drugs. Which is sort of how this mess

    all got started.


  6. Sheeeeeeeeiiiit says:

    Terrible precedent… Actually, this isn’t a precedent at all. It’s typical. The court system no longer functions as a place to make an example of what happens to anti-social behavior; poor impulse control and no sense of future time orientation. If you’re black, you have been given a racial pass to be excused. You CAN attack anyone with impunity because of your race.

    This is the end game of progressive social justice… Because you’re black, the court system has literally been designed to “put you in a pipeline” to failure. Not my words, those are the words of SJWs, BLM, SPLC, ACLU, SWPLs, and the DNC.


  7. Doug Duff says:

    What a travesty ! No respect for the law, no respect for the taxpayers’ dollar . Now, the question is : WHO supplied the mushrooms ? I’ll bet no amount of dollars will answer that question !


  8. madisonexpat says:

    What you subsidize, you get more of. What you sanction you get less of.


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