Quick, more sanity over here!


Yes, Mr. Roach, some sanity

John Roach is an accomplished screen writer (The Straight Story) and well read columnist at Neil Heinen’s Madison magazine. He once supported Kaleem Caire’s Madison Prep charter school but since then has given a season pass to the Madison Leftists who brought it down.

Mr. Roach upbraids Your Humble Squire with this withering volley:

“Why don’t you spend more time bringing sanity to your party and less time kicking the Dems while they’re down? That conduct is beneath you. Take on a serious task. Bring down Trump. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Golly, Beaver, can’t we just be acquaintances?

Mr. Roach was probably hollering at the Fox telecast Sunday in the third quarter, damning the Falcons for running up the score. Quit kicking the Pats while they’re down, Wally.

I’d like to bring more sanity to the party, Mr. R., I really would. But we’re going to go a little socialist here, if only for the shock value. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.  We’ve got some extra sanity here in the Stately Manor storeroom we’re willing to donate to our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances.

Or  have you forgotten the marching vaginas, the injured police officers on Inaugural Day, the riots shutting down conservative speech at UC-Berkeley, Madonna fantasizing bombing the White House, the busted storefront windows? Now THERE is your Kristallnacht.

Gotta say it, Mr. Roach: The idea that — standing shoulder to shoulder — any of us is going to “Bring Down Trump” is (cough) insane.

I know, let’s Occupy the Capitol!

William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal:

As with so much of the Sturm und Drang surrounding Mr. Trump, the point here is not to advance an anti-Trump argument but to preclude argument altogether. After all, does one argue with Hitler?

Trump is, of course, the gift that the gods have bestwowed on the left-wing press,” Essayist Joseph Epstein adds.

Trump allows editors of The Nation and New Republic the frisson of imagining they are living in Germany in 1933. — “At the Trump trauma center …”

Alinsky disciples are now encouraging massive and unyielding resistance to every act, every nominee, every Trump pronouncement. Their model is the Wisconsin Capitol Occupation five years ago — and the subsequent spate of recall elections — in reaction to the Walker Republicans’ Act 10 public sector union reform.

“Just one problem,” McGurn reminds. “It didn’t work.”

Just as the Wisconsin intifada made more Republican voters, the marching pussies are making more Trump voters.

The excesses of the Left — the free birth control, men in women’s bathrooms, blaming the cops for urban crime, sneering at the Deplorables, mocking their guns and religion, demanding respect for “The Problem of Whiteness,” identity grievancde politics — the Left created Donald Trump.

Like this voter: “I am weary of lectures about what values I should have and how insensitive I am,” one of those Deplorables wrote for the Chicago Tribune.


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1 Response to Quick, more sanity over here!

  1. Timeister meisterTim says:

    T.D.S. has taken over, it is all the rage. They still it a Christmas Tree in Washington, DC so the libtards are protesting Air. It is time for a press conference, to call out the real party of no. Hmmm,,, why is it ok that President Obama had all but 3 cabinet heads in place but Trump has only 5 total. Also up or down votes on two liberal supreme court justices were allowed for 2 of Obama’s appointments. Trump deserves to be able to replace a constitutionists with another constitutionist. Hey Democrats save your fight for the when the next opening occurs.


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