Joe McCarthy lives (and plays the race card in Madison politics)!

It is scoundrel time in Madison, WI.

A certain alderman, an elected official, one Dave Ahrens by name, is aggressively playing the race card. Couple that with some old fashioned guilt by association via three degrees of separation and you have the modern Madison anti-police state.


Ald. Ahrens and Tailgunner Joe; which is which?

“How can a non-racist candidate be Trump supporter?” Ahrens asks of a citizen, Steve Fitzsimmons, who dares challenge one of Ahrens allies on the Council, Ald. Maurice Cheeks, in the upcoming Spring election.

In the super-heated atmosphere of Madison identity politics, Fitzsimmons has been judged guilty of racism for, you see, Fitzsimmons is a white man challenging Cheeks, black man. ‘Nuff said, right?

Here is Ahrens doing his dirty work in (where else?) The Capital Times (always receptive to the smear):

Like many Trump supporters he says that he is not a racist while vocally supporting the most overtly racist politician in 50 years.

Proof? Ahrens offers only this:

Fitzsimmons “tweeted” a picture of Trump after the election and wrote, “A Proud Moment Indeed.”

The irony is that Steve Fitzsimmons tells the Squire that he never voted for Donald Trump. (We have that in common.) Your Humble Bloggeur can testify that he has never encountered Mr. Fitzsimmons in any of the unspeakable Republican conclaves we conduct.

Ahrens knows Donald Trump is anathema in Madison. That’s the how Joe McCarthy played.

The further irony is that the tweet pictured Trump standing with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a black man (and nominal Democrat). Some racist!

Trump is a racist! The guy just met with black leaders to promote Black History month. Who named Ben Carson to his cabinet? Elaine Chao? Nikki Haley? ‘Twern’t Hillary Clinton.)

Fitzsimmons is distressed at how Madison’s elected officials — Cheeks included — have allowed extremist groups like Progressive Dane to bullyrag Madison police officers. Write complaints to the U.S. Attorney; bring up Chief Mike Koval before the Police and Fire Commission for a simple (and accurate) comment. (“Raging lunatic.”)

Cheeks voted with a 19-1 majority to raid the snowplow fund of $400,000 for a “study” of police practices in Madison. Bidders who had good things to say about Madison’s nationally renowned police force (two of the five) were summarily rejected.

Demagogues affiliated with the nationally discredited Black Lives Matter movement pillory Madison police and the alderman and mayor say thank you.

“Your silence is what is crippling the morale of my force,” Chief Koval told the Council last June. “We are laboring in a very toxic and challenging environment; it would be nice if from time to time we could rely on some symbolic support, verbally or in writing or just by showing up.”

When they can’t argue the facts they call names. That’s what racists do. Ahrens earlier wrote an op-ed (again in The Capital Times) titled, “What are the odds of these council matchups?”

The premise of the article was that the odds were about 24:1 that race was a significant reason in the fact none of the 15 white members of the City Council had an opponent while three out of four black members had a significant challenger.

My view is that prospective challengers view black elected officials as more vulnerable than whites. This vulnerability is viewed not in their competency but in less support by their white constituents.

Or it could be that voters on the southwest side, where two of those candidates are challenging black incumbents, are tired of 1) dodging bullets, 2) blaming the police, and 3) playing the race card.

Bonus platinum subscriber postscript: What Ahrens wrote (without realizing) is that he holds voters themselves to be racists. (“Less support by their white constituents.”) What are the odds of that?!


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2 Responses to Joe McCarthy lives (and plays the race card in Madison politics)!

  1. Madison Expat says:

    Samantha Bee said it best when she distilled Hillary’s message as,
    “Hey f@#& face. Vote for me or you’re a racist.” How’d that turn out?


  2. Marcus says:

    Twisted Liberal Logic.


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