Madison secedes from the Union

This just in from Mayor Paul Soglin 02-01-17 at 2:30 p.m.: 

 There is a proposal now, circulating among city council members to reaffirm and update our sanctuary city status and align it with present city administrative policies and procedures. I support that effort. However, I am deeply troubled and concerned by the introduction of one element, which declares the city council offices a “safe space.” 

I see little value and a great deal of risk in such an action. First, the practicality of the city council offices becoming a sanctuary is minimal. Secondly, the location is less than ideal. Lastly, the facilities are impractical. 

The consequences of declaring the offices a “safe space” can be disastrous. In the last session of the legislature, consideration was given to suspending state funding to sanctuary cities. Lets us understand that we are far more vulnerable from a state government which has far more power to remove our funding than the federal government. Let us understand that we do not have the supportive network of other cities if action is taken against us. Let us understand that will not have a sympathetic judiciary. 

We have made the point that we are a sanctuary city. We are committed to justice. The law is on our side. Let us avoid a futile gesture that may make us feel good, but that does not add to the sanctity of our position and only creates enormous risk. 

Engraved over the entrance to the Policy Werkes employees-only entrance is this wise aphorism: “It’s never too soon to over-react.”

Like the Godfather’s wife, Chuck Schumer is crying in the upstairs bedroom. Starbucks is hiring! (Illegals, only. Military service veterans, no lattes for you.) The Constitution has been shredded, says Comrade Nichols.

Trump has enacted a Muslim ban. No, it’s a travel ban. Wait, it’s a breath mint.

Into the yawning gap of sober reflection jumps our Madison Common Council. It’s an emergency requiring suspension of the rules. “We need to take action ASAP,” Ald. Shiva Bidar-Sielaff assures. No vetting in the War Room.


Refugee boat people docked at Tenney Park locks

Make haste! There’s no time to waste! Madison needs an ordinance! That will fix ‘em! Alders will vote February 7 on new immigration policies. Yes, Madison has its own immigration policy, being a sovereign entity much like the Most Serene Republic of San Marino but without the pretty postage stamps. Or perhaps the Knights of Malta, more a state of mind but without the uniforms.

Borders? We don’t need no stinkin’ borders.

Ald. Shiva e-mailed her fellow wizards delivered Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. The abbreviated but verbatim version of her e-mail is enhanced with the Policy Werkes’ analyses in red.

“In lay terms, this is what the resolution does:”

•  Condemns the following Executive orders as they are contrary to the values of openness and inclusion of our city: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States; Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements; protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States. (And you thought Nullification of federal law was a casualty of the Civil War.)

• Designates the Council offices as a safe space, where all residents may enter and will be safe and protected. (Petty thieves and strong-arm thugs take note, it’s Room 417 in the City-County Bldg.)

•  City of Madison office, department, employee, agency or agent shall not condition the provision of City services on the citizenship or immigration status of any individual. …(Your tax dollars at work.)

• If any city employee is contacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for any information, said employee is to direct all communication between the City of Madison and ICE to the Office of the City Attorney. … (The Feds want to know about those suspicious-acting guys hanging around the Municipal Building. Time to lawyer up!)

So the battle lines are drawn. And they say Madison isn’t a sanctuary city? (This site differs.) Ald. Bidar-Sielaff will make it one.

I have lifted from his Facebook page the thoughts of Rick Esenberg, lead attorney for the Wisconsin Institute on Law and Liberty. He is also an adjunct law prof at Marquette University. Mr. Esenberg:

On this executive order, my position is that it is flawed on policy grounds in a number of ways – it seems overly broad – and was poorly implemented. But, having tried to assess the various legal arguments, it strikes me the better argument is that it is not unconstitutional and not illegal — as least as it pertains to denying persons entry into the United States.

Nor does it seem wildly at odds with the way that past Presidents have limited entry into the country in the face of perceived security risks. But there seems to be an all-or-nothing feeling out there. If you aren’t wondering when Kristalnacht will begin or aren’t quoting Emma Lazurus, you just don’t get it. …

It’s not a “Muslim ban” but it’s poorly crafted and not properly narrowed. Here’s another thing. It is hardly some assault on Lady Liberty or the notion of immigration as Nicholas Kristof suggested in a poorly reasoned piece in the New York Times.

Temporarily blocking or engaging in extreme vetting from certain countries is not new. Saying that refugee status is limited to people who suffer certain forms of persecution and not just everyone who has reason to flee is not new.

This order has problems but much of the reaction to it seems overwrought. Obama let very few Syrian refugees into the country, temporarily blocked entrance from Iraq, pulled the plug on Cuban refugees, ignored Christian refugees from Syria, etc., for a variety of reasons both good and bad. This order, whatever its infirmities, doesn’t change the “country.”

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10 Responses to Madison secedes from the Union

  1. Madison Expat says:

    Thanks again MadTown aldercritters…. your hysteria is my hysterical.


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here’s today’s brainteaser: How do you parody something that’s already a parody of itself? (Dave, you made a valiant effort.) Just like the marchers in pink beanies convincing themselves they were bringing Trump to his knees by prancing around Capitol Square and waving their tastefully designed placards, the City Council apparently believes their pious posturing will somehow solve the immigration/refugee crisis. (I can hardly wait till Trump’s withholding of federal funds for “sanctuary” cities kicks in.)

    Why shouldn’t Madison secede from the Union? It seceded from Wisconsin long ago (as every election in recent memory demonstrates). The city Council’s addiction to passing high-minded (and utterly impotent) resolutions is pretty much on a par with the preening narcissists in Hollywood tripping over one another to deliver their own anti-Trump diatribes at the endless stream of awards ceremonies. In both cases, it’s a matter of privileged liberals elbowing one another for a moment in the spotlight. The only difference is we can stop paying the Hollywood crowd by boycotting their movies; we end up paying the yahoos in charge of city government no matter how puerile their antics.


  3. old baldy says:

    Just curious Dave, but why don’t you move out of Madison? There must be a spot for you in a WOW county, or Waco, eastern KY, or maybe Sandpoint. Surely you could find a more suitable place to live, keep your blood pressure down and pontificate to like-minded folks. Or do you like a more masochistic lifestyle?

    glk: “It seceded from Wisconsin long ago (as every election in recent memory demonstrates)”.
    An alternative fact, or outright lie? Or do just have a memory that goes back < 4 years?


  4. T. Fordmeister says:

    This is another overreaction to kowtow to their base of useful idiots. Anyone remember The Dairyland Chicks proposal, how about the awesome tolerance of the Occupy Madison folks that put up tents along square. This was only good until the high rise liberals got tired of seeing physical abuses, prostitution and drug use in the wide open. Madison council worries and wastes time on every subject except the ones that really matter.


  5. Dave, not B says:

    Thanks for that link to the list of sanctuary cities. I shall never go unarmed in any of them, as long as I can legally carry there. Every one of them needs a wall built around them. And no liberal refugees should be allowed out. Time to stop the infection from spreading. I know you are trying to save Madistan, but I think it is too late.

    And if President Trump cuts off federal funding for all those cities, he can probably balance the budget this year!


  6. Madison Expat says:

    If Madison can blow $400K on a police study it doesn’t need the $22M it got from the Feds last year.
    Hm-m, Sanctuary or cut some big bucks. C’mon Mad Progs…. put up or shut up.


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