‘Homeless’ schmomeless; Now they’re using children in their scam


See the little fella in blue, at left? Think it’s safe to stand out there all day?

Really? Are they really that gullible? I’m talking the majority of the Madison Common Council gnawing at their knuckles over the prospect of banning “the homeless” from busy street median strips.

They’re not homeless. They’re scam artists guilt-tripping liberal white guilt of fools like Brenda Konkel and Marsha Rummel for dollars. The Common Council is scheduled to vote February 7 on a revised ordinance that has been teased and tortured since August; the effort to curb this dangerous practice began last May! For two solid hours earlier this month the Council hemmed and hawed before pushing off what should be an easy decision. (Wrote about it here.)

All of them have a nice backpack; all of them hold the same formatted piece of corrugated cardboard; all claim to be indigent. Some even profess to be military veterans. Say this for Mayor Soglin, at least he’s not fooled. “This isn’t a homeless issue,” Soglin said. “It’s manufactured as a homeless issue.”

Now they’ve stooped to using children in their shameless ploy. Police Chief Koval passed along to the bewildered alders this photograph, snapped by one of his sergeants.

It is “a new trend that our officers have been witnessing at some of the median strips around East Towne Mall. As this remains an ongoing issue for your further consideration, the Mayor requested that I forward the supervisor’s comments as well as the photo that was taken:”

TO: Chief Koval
We are seeing more of this in recent weeks, as folks try new and different ways to appeal to the compassion of society (see attached). Small children are starting to appear on the medians of busy intersections, creating safety issues, especially during bad road conditions.

The revised ordinance wouldn’t take effect until six months after passage. Police, traffic department, and city attorney would have to hand out educational pamphlets. (The Policy Werkes has drawn up one. It reads “Get off the damn median strip.”) Then, of course, there is the obligatory report on who, what, when, where, how, and why.

Soglin noted that the city (and the county, don’t forget) devote millions of dollars to mitigate homelessness. The panhandlers on the medians of busy streets have been offered services, he said. And refused them.



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4 Responses to ‘Homeless’ schmomeless; Now they’re using children in their scam

  1. Chris says:

    If a cop is suggesting that there’s nothing he/she can do about what’s going on in the photo until an ordinance is drafted and passed, then that cop is bad at his/her job.

    It’s okay to point out that some cops are bad at their jobs.


  2. Dave, not B says:

    Madistan is just trying to become as bad as Austin, TX. Panhandlers at every busy intersection. It has become an epidemic. If they are in the road right-of-way and are not in the crosswalk or on the shoulder, they are fair game.

    Without an ordinance, the liberal judges will just find an excuse to let the panhandler go and continue to be a nuisance.


    • Chris says:

      Yeah, who wants to be like Austin, one of the best cities to live in the country?

      Better to be like some backwater like Waco, right? Who wouldn’t rather live in wonderful conservative Waco than wacky liberal Austin?


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Ever notice how many of the “homeless” you see smoking cigarettes? Covered in tattoos? Cradling their dog (or dogs)? Smoking is an expensive habit, tattoos aren’t cheap, and how exactly do you manage to feed a dog while claiming you can’t feed yourself? Yet somehow these tragically bereft victims of society’s neglect manage all three of these indulgences. Only the liberal saps in Madison could fall so hard for such a transparent scam.


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