When you can’t win elections you throw sand in the gears

On a recent must-catch podcast (Madison Talkers) Mitch Henck defended retired teachers union boss John Matthews, saying he did his job and was good at it. Your Humble Squire agreed. John Matthews did such a good job advocating for his dues-paying teachers that he can fairly lay claim to be co-author of Act 10.

Wisconsin residents were already frustrated by the teachers’ me-first greed even before the unions doubled down with a temper tantrum at the State Capitol six years ago. Republicans have been winning by ever-larger margins since.

sandboxSo it is with the liberal-progressive-socialist movement today. Ya think Barack Obama’s pardon of Chelsea/Bradley Manning, the Army traitor, is making anyone second-guess their vote against his “third term” in the person of Hillary Clinton?

The Left is intent on doubling down on the riots that followed November 8 in cities from Portland, Oregon, to Philadelphia.

Throw sand in the gears of everything,” encourages Frances Fox Piven (who has been doing that for 50 years anyway) in the pages of (where else?) The Nation.

Not to be left behind, The Corporation That Speaks in the Progressive Voice revisits its long-ago glory on the way to promising: “As we resisted Joe McCarthy, we will resist Donald Trump.” Another example of cluelessness. Hey Capital Times, while some of us were fighting the man as best we could, you helped elect him!

As always, my alma mater resorts to name calling in lieu of facts or reasoning. Even as the Progressive Voice vows “This is less about personalities than about vision and ambition,” it smears Wisconsin native Reince Priebus as a “destructive political grifter” (Whatever that means) among those “who choose to advance their agenda by aligning it with Wall Street money.” (Did Priebus take $250,000 for chatting up Wall Street? Um, no. That was Hillary Clinton.)

So, The Capital Times vows to fight all kinds of bad isms: racism, sexism, homophobia, and religious intolerance. Tell that to a sizable portion of Muslims, with whom TCT stands “in solidarity.”

• The Capital Times was silent when UW-Madison placed anonymous complaint boxes around campus inviting career-threatening complaints with no opportunity to confront the accuser.

• Silent when the speech police invaded the homes of private citizens in pre-dawn raids and carted away the product of that speech.

• Silent when the local Black Lives Matter franchise demanded the release of an arbitrary number of jail inmates — only if they had the right skin color.

• Silent when Kaleem Caire bucked the teachers union and dared to propose a students-first charter school dedicated to improving black student performance.

Dare question the state university for offering junk courses like “The Problem of Whiteness” and liberal knees start jerking like frog legs attached to jumper cables. NOW they’re in favor of free speech, even if it teaches racism!

The Capital Times served as the glee club for the Act 10 intifada — the takeover of the State Capitol, disruption of the Special Olympics, and harassment of duly elected representatives. The rest of Wisconsin took notice and elected even larger Republican majorities. The publication promoted frauds and hucksters like Al Sharpton, fake-Indian Ward Churchill, Brenda Konkel, and Brandi Grayson. So why shouldn’t they champion a black Muslim extremist named Keith Ellison to serve as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Go for it, guys!

Bonus stuff just added — As The Capital Times resisted Joe McCarthy, it will resist Donald Trump. But it also resisted Ronald Reagan (in favor of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale). It fought Tommy Thompson tooth and nail for the likes of Chuck Chvala. It fights Ron Kind, congressman from La Crosse, because he is not sufficiently Madison Marxist. Which is odd, because Kind is probably the Dems’ best hope to reclaim the governorship. Fair enough.

Our lib-prog-soc acquaintances have been throwing sand in the gears for years (rhyme, no extra charge) with increasingly diminishing returns, judging by election results. Why stop now?

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  1. davidblaska says:

    You’re new here, right? Just started reading me? What, exactly, did I wish for?


    • Mark Porter says:

      New here but not to your commentary. Followed and commented on your columns in InBusiness prior to your leaving. I do have you credit for having reservations about our new fearless leader. But my take is you tend to take potshots at the left while ignoring the right’s failures. But maybe that’s just me.


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