Mark Pocan fights poor minority kids on behalf of the teachers unions

The nastiness isn’t over in Washington D.C.

Smug liberals wore the white sheets of the Klan at the confirmation hearings of the nominee for attorney general — a man who prosecuted and got the death penalty for a Klan member.

This week, the bloodlust of the liberal losers turns to Trump’s nominee for secretary of education: Betsy DeVos. Her mortal offense against the liberal canon? She supports competition in education. I.E., School choice.

Though her labors be in support of minority children condemned to failing public schools, the lady must be borked. Democrats are just the ones to do it!

The Democrat(ic) party continues to owe its soul to the company store, that being the national teachers unions, who comprise a large percentage of its presidential nominating conventions.

Like any good soldier, Madison’s own Mark Pocan will push her button (as Willie Cicci would say). Pocan started something called the House Public Education Caucus. The Democrats announced their newest caucus while standing with poor inner city black kids. No, wait a minute. Scratch that. Got that wrong.

He and fellow Democrats stood shoulder to shoulder with Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association, and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

Here’s the money quote from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Mark feels like people in Wisconsin, where the K-12 voucher experiment was tested, need to be talking about the impact it has had on public schools, teachers, teacher retirements/shortage and education in general.

This is more than Freudian, folks. The quote is not off the top of the head. It was composed and submitted to the newspaper by Pocan’s PR flack. Examine the priorities in that list: public schools and teachers  — still controlled in most states (less so in Wisconsin these days) by teachers unions. That is followed by “teacher retirements.” Last, and certainly least, is education itself. Not mentioned: students and their families.

As usual, Democrats are out of touch with America. A poll conducted by a Democratic polling firm showed 68% support for school choice, only 28% opposing. Minority groups show even greater support.

The corporation that speaks in the progressive voice has Pocan’s back. The Capital Times blasted

… out-of-state special interests and their pawns in the Legislature continue to promote wrongheaded “school choice” [Snotty quotation marks duly noted] schemes that threaten to divert money from needed programs, undermine accountability, and blur the focus of policymaking.

Who are they calling a pawn?

“Pawns?” You are calling Jason Fields a pawn? The state rep is a pro-choice Democrat from Milwaukee whose constituents clamor for more school choice. The state Democrat(ic) party defenestrated Fields for re-election a couple of years ago. Guess what? The people in his district voted him back in.

School choice was invented in the 1990s by the late State Rep. Polly Williams, another Milwaukee Democrat rich in God’s own melanin. Along with Tommy Thompson, of course.

“Out of State interests?” Like the Bradley Foundation? Like Milwaukee Messmer? (Motto: “Hard Work + Discipline = Excellence.”) Like the Malaika Early Learning Center, largely hispanic students at St. Anthony’s on the south side? They wear ties and blazers.

Mark Pocan, the Policy Werkes sadly concludes, is a pawn of the reactionary establishment. And a liar. (This is a word we use very advisedly and reluctantly here at the Policy Werkes.) At a Washington D.C. press conference, he said voucher schools have “failed miserably” in Wisconsin. He doubled down with this whopper:

“This isn’t about education, this is more about a tax policy for the wealthiest in our country.”

‘Clearly, very poor families’ participate in choice


Students at Milwaukee Messmer choice school

The wealthiest? Not according to UW-Madison Professor John Witte, who has studied the Milwaukee choice schools for over a decade.

“Over and over again, the private schools were seen as safe and secure and disciplined, and with an adequate achievement level, so that they can graduate from high school and have a chance to go to college. If they don’t get those two things satisfied, they will leave,” Prof. Witte said.

Further, Wisconsin’s voucher program is available exclusively to low-income families! Again, Professor Witte:

The families in choice are clearly very poor families and whose kids are failing in school. They have lower test scores than the average kids. They tend to be heavily African American and Hispanic and from single parent families. So the kids are not doing well in the public schools, and they are looking for an alternative.

Can we read for comprehension, public school graduates? It is called school CHOICE. People CHOOSE to go to these schools. No one if forced to attend. In point of fact, over 27,300 students in Milwaukee alone CHOSE to take the state funding that accompanies every student in Wisconsin (including those attending public schools) — CHOSE to take that funding in the form of a voucher with them to a school that qualifies for the program. Twenty-seven thousand and three hundred students! More than attend Madison public schools!

And what does “blur the focus of policymaking” even mean?

Blaska’s Bottom Line — You want out-of-state special interests? How about the Washington D.C.-based national teachers unions? U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan collected $60,000 in campaign contributions from them. (H/T RightWisconsin)

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