At long last, Sen. Corey Racebaiter, have you no sense of decency?

Satellite dishes here at the Policy Werkes are aimed at Washington D.C. for the (almost) gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Trump cabinet confirmation hearings, particularly Jeff Sessions for attorney general.  Did the cable networks provide saturation coverage four years ago? Don’t remember it.

Recalls the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings when a struggling new network, ABC, resorted to the same saturation coverage for cheap programming. The affair helped undo old Tailgunner Joe, who damaged the anti-Communist cause for his excesses.

cry-racistThis week’s hearings will further unravel the liberal-progressive-socialist reliance on identity politics and victimhood, which it furthers through a campaign of race baiting.

Speaking of McCarthyism, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-N.J., beclowned himself when he tried to impugn Sessions for accepting an award from former radical Leftist-turned-Conservative gadfly David Horowitz. The technique, of course, is to blindside your adversary with an contentious quote from a fleeting acquaintance, however obscure. Then demand you recant. Sessions parried that he had never heard the statement and that, in any event, Blumenthal’s predecessor, Joe Lieberman (and Democratic vice presidential nominee), accepted the same award.

Blumenthal, you’ve been served.

Racism hasn’t disappeared, folks. It has only changed colors.

The most tawdry business at the Sessions hearing, however, was the testimony of U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, against Sessions.

Ann of Althouse captured my thoughts on the content:

I was waiting for Booker to get into the record and start persuading us that the record really justifies this conclusion. That never happened. And as I read the text this morning, I can see that Booker’s beef is that Sessions is too much of a humble servant, taking the law seriously and doing what it requires. Booker is demanding something most of us don’t want: an Attorney General who takes sides.

If you pay attention … it works — for most people — as an endorsement of Sessions.

Booker wasn’t testifying, he was rehearsing his 2020 presidential campaign speech, complete with the hortatory tone and the attempt at call and response (demanded, apparently, of all black speakers).

Not a single for-instance on how Jeff Sessions is supposed to be racist. U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, gave moving testimony about his first hand experience with Jim Crow and the struggle on the March from Selma to Montgomery. But that was then, what about Jeff Sessions now? Again, nothing. The chair of the Black Congressional Congress complained that he didn’t get on in prime time. He actually used the term “back of the bus.” This is how a once noble cause gets trivialized.

The Left keeps digging deeper

Fortunately, each of these partisan panderers was offset by black men who actually prosecuted civil rights cases for Jeff Sessions, whose newborn child was celebrated by Jeff Sessions (he teared up in relating this), and whose very livelihoods were rescued by Jeff Sessions. How petty and partisan those three made the three Democrats appear.

Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, and Patrick Leahy borked Jeff Sessions in 1986 with spurious charges in perfecting the technique they used on Robert Bork the next year. (The late Arlen Specter, after switching parties to Democrat, apologized for his no vote.)

The Sessions hearings began with protestors dressed in Klan robes (uh, guys, that would be Democrats, not Republicans). Every half hour, a crazy man or woman erupts with some racial epithet and is removed. Who this convinces is known only to the crazy people. It is why Comrade John Nichols, socialist provocateur, constantly references the attorney general nominee as “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.” Get it? That’s liberal dog whistle.

Now the Women’s March on Washington during the Presidential Inauguration January 21 is coming apart for the same reason. White women are being ordered to the back of the bus (if you’ll pardon the expression).

The race card is so promiscuously employed these days that it has become worthless scrip. Racism hasn’t disappeared, folks. It has only changed colors.

For extra credit: If you said grandstanding, Cory Booker said it all.

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11 Responses to At long last, Sen. Corey Racebaiter, have you no sense of decency?

  1. Chris says:

    Prior to the hearing, Sessions was asked to identify the ten “most significant litigated matters which you personally handled.” Four of the cases he listed were voting rights and desegregation cases, because Sessions wants people to think he hasn’t actually been fighting against voting rights for decades. But the attorneys who oversaw those cases said last week that Sessions played little to no role in any of them. In other words, he wants people to think he’s something he isn’t. Nothing new there. He still gets to be AG. But let’s tell the truth about him.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Apparently the senator from New Jersey feels free to sneer at the full name of the candidate for AG, which alludes to not one but TWO heroes of the Confederacy.. I wonder how he’d react to someone pronouncing the full name of his hero, Barack Hussein Obama,, with a sneering emphasis on “Hussein.”


      • AnonyBob says:

        The GOP has been doing just that for 8 years. Where have you been? And “heroes of the confederacy?” Hm. They fought against the USA and lost.


  2. davidblaska says:

    Chris R., who was the U.S. attorney who oversaw those cases? Who was his chief prosecutor of civil rights cases? Answer: Willie Huntley, who testified on behalf of Sessions. Let’s tell the truth about him.


    • Chris says:

      Who cares if Martin Luther King testified on his behalf! He lied in his answer and didn’t do what he said he did. Shocker that a Bama former fed lined up with Sessions. Are they both “heroes” of the traitorous Confederacy?


  3. Ben says:

    Yesterday Blaska was whining about people not using their “real” name. Today he is whining about people calling other people by their real name.

    You just can’t make this stuff up


    • Meade says:

      And by “whining, to you mean this: “Finally, we admit a bias in favor of commenters who use their real names. We use ours for the world to see. Ashamed of your opinion?”

      Just who do you think it is who is making “stuff up,” Ben?


  4. nemoofthenorth says:

    Excellent piece Squire! Washington Democrats have become Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat but instead of fading away and leaving behind nothing but a visible grin, as they disappear they leave behind only an audible whine.


  5. Madison Expat says:

    Corey Booker is a fine example of the paucity of talent in his party.


  6. Madison Expat says:

    Speaking of baiting, one example that we haven’t seen in quite a while is “Teabagger”.
    It worked as well as RAY-cism I’d say.


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