Soglin’s public market — you’re a privileged racist if you question it

The Stately Manor’s satellite dishes are trained on Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings. Trained spotters here at the Policy Werkes are in some wonderment at the well timed disruptions of spectators shouting various unintelligible slogans. The  hearing started off with protestors wearing KKK sheets, thereby fulfilling the requirement that, at some point, the race card must be played.

All are dutifully led away, having made only the point that they disagree with the nominee. Um, wasn’t that made abundantly clear on November 8?

The White Lab Coats have yet to decipher who is persuaded by these shenanigans. Will it change a single Senate vote? (Answer: No.) Did the Act 10 intifada at the State Capitol in 2011 replace Republicans with union toadying Democrats? (Answer: No, it elected even larger Republican majorities.)

At best, these temper tantrums reminds voters why they chose Trump in the first place. Why voters in a majority of states rejected the pampered, privileged, and self-important pleading of the sore losers. Pay for my birth control! Expropriate vast tracts of land in the name of The People!

Sessions once prosecuted black people for voter fraud, it is charged. Today’s hearing revealed he did so at the insistence of a grand jury that was majority black. And won the case. (There’s no such thing as voter fraud. There’s no such thing, there’s no such …)

Before Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden borked Judge Bork, they borked Jeff Sessions, then a U.S. attorney, when he was nominated for a federal judgeship.

Race is so central to the Leftist cause that it is being used here in the Emerald City to sell Madison’s version of the Brooklyn Bridge. That takes the form of Mayor Soglin’s “public market.” The more it is explained, the less it makes sense. Forgoing details, this grandiose $13 million farmers market is now being sold as the solution to “racial disparities.”

AND! The public market is a breath mint!

Ann of Althouse expresses the same bewilderment at her outlook post. She blogs:

I confessed that I’ve never been able to understand the idea of the public market. That’s not mocking the market, just admitting I don’t get it. And I really don’t get the idea that it’s a tool for achieving “racial equity and social justice.” … I’m just … suspicious that people are using racial propaganda to grease some project they want.

AND — It’s a breath mint!

What’s racism got to do with it?

Used to be politicians wrapped themselves in the flag. When teachers union boss John Matthews was extorting the school board for more teacher pay he’d claim “It’s for the kids.” Soglin’s pitch seems to be that gang bangers would deal arugula instead of opioids if only there was a public market.

Soglin goes after Althouse as reeking in privilege in “her own exclusive world.” It’s an odd claim for Soglin to make, given how he has enjoyed various sinecures at the UW, himself. Or how he lives in a neighborhood untroubled by Section 8 housing. Accusing privilege is the flip side of the race card.  Althouse parries:

I was expressing skepticism about race-based propaganda for things that don’t seem to have anything to do with race. I didn’t hit you over the head with this, Mayor Soglin, but your project seems to be offering something white middle-class people like. And one of the things these people like is the feeling that they are not greedily grasping at something they want, but helping the poor and minorities.

The Althouse has made her pilgrimage to Stately Blaska Manor, where she and Meade are always welcome. But if you want privilege, you might want to consider Obama/Hillary’s bitter enders. How they mocked the “basket of deplorables” and those “clinging to their religion and guns.” The condescenders, led by Alec Baldwin, Jon Stewart, and assorted un-deplorables.

But they’re the victims! Which brings us (as all good opinion pieces must today) to Meryl Streep, Hollywood actress in residence. Here, we yield to Jack Shafer at Politico who unpacks “Hollywood’s victim complex:”

Streep portrayed herself and her glamorous colleagues as poor, pitiable, put-upon artists who have been traumatized by the election of a non-Democrat to the White House. … she claimed that all the people “in this room … belong to the most vilified segments of American society,” adding with extreme specificity, “Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press.”

There Streep was, gazing over a sea of designer gowns and fashionable tuxedos, addressing the most condensed mass of liberal group-think since students returned to Oberlin College earlier this month after winter break. Almost to a one, Hollywood hates Trump as much as it loved Hillary Clinton, and attacking him constitutes the highest form of self-congratulation.

Like they say in the Emerald City: It’s for the kids. And the victims of Trumpist repression.

Oh, the humanity! A public market will solve this!


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9 Responses to Soglin’s public market — you’re a privileged racist if you question it

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Remember, farmers’ markets were #5 on the list of Stuff White People Like:


  2. Dave, not B says:

    Maybe if Soglin includes a gun range at the public market, the gangbangers won’t show up or, at worst, just come for target practice.

    It has been fun to watch The Streep make a fool of herself, just like the democrats at the ongoing confirmation hearings. It is amazing how suddenly they are interested in the rule of law. Fortunalety their lawless Golden Calf will be out of office in just 9 days.


  3. Meade says:

    “A kind word for President Obama
    Much taken today with a letter to the Ed in 01-08-17 NY Times.”

    Yes. Reminds me of this.


  4. Chris says:

    Your point here is, what exactly? That liberals are bad? Trying to figure out what you’re bringing to the blogosphere.


  5. Carmine says:



  6. madisonexpat says:

    Isn’t even Madison getting tired of everything being RAY-cism?
    Sheesh. That horse is dead, napalmed, nuked, rebuked and put away as a stripped carcass.


  7. DON says:

    I am always amazed when Blaska finds a way to drag John Matthews, former ex for Madison Teachers Inc name into his arguments. No matter what subject, no matter the controversy, no matter how irrelevant, Matthews is portrayed as the “bogie man”. His success as the leader of MTI still gets caught in Blaska’s craw. Give it a rest Dave!!!! The man is retired and has moved on. Or maybe I should take comfort in knowing that the thought of Matthews still gives Blaska angst. John’s personal skills and attributes were, are now and always will be way above anything you can muster Dave! That fact still bugs you, doesn’t it?


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