Hillary was hacked! The horror! Deb Jordahl? Ho hum.

Did Julian Assange, the Russians or the WWE hack the presidential election?

Not according to a social media friend, who has come forward to claim full responsibility. “I did it,” he says. “I elected Donald Trump. I voted for him.”

Glad that is cleared up. The point is, not a single voting booth in America was hacked.

To think that “Wisconsin’s highly decentralized and secure elections infrastructure [could be] vulnerable to the kind of meddling that might overturn the will of the voters … is a fantasy,” says the Dane County Clerk, a Democrat. He was aiming his ire at Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s pyrrhic request for a statewide recount when the results were never in doubt. But his point is ecumenical.

The county clerk explicates: “Any attempt to hack or rig a statewide Wisconsin election would, at best, end in failure. At no time is our election equipment connected to the internet.”

Which is, of course, another argument against a national popular vote election and in favor of our 50-state federal system. Nonetheless, our acquaintances are in high dudgeon; Congress will (and should) investigate. Some perspective, folks: what hacking there was, if any, exposed:

• Hillary Clinton’s attempts to monetize her cabinet position via an insecure, home brew e-mail system;

• The Democratic National Committee putting its hand on the scale to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination.

This is the kind of stuff that wins enterprising news sniffers the Pulitzer Prize, if only the information had targeted a Republican. Indeed, Madison’s Progressive Voice argues that whoever leaked the sealed John Doe II findings to the Guardian USA news monger should be given a medal.

“In our view, the leaker should be given a commendation for doing what our equally partisan Supreme Court and Schimel’s office should have done in the first place.”

Critically, John Doe II was helmed by a Democrat(ic) district attorney and aimed solely at Republicans. The computers, thumb drives, and smart phones it scooped up were obtained at the business end of battering rams aimed at the front doors of private citizens in pre-dawn police raids. Illegally, according to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Their crime? These private citizens were engaged in political speech; allegedly, some of them were coordinating with others of like mind. The horror! What makes the whole thing actionable to the state’s establishment news media is these citizens were engaged in conservative political speech that benefitted Republicans.

By contrast, Liberals, progressives, and socialists who made common cause to recall the Republican governor were lauded for their enterprise. Who’s the partisan?

So State Rep. Chris Taylor, who wants very badly to succeed Scott Walker in the East Wing of the Capitol, has been calling out “the absurd double-standard” of state Attorney General Brad Schimel for investigating who leaked the prosecutors’ ill-gotten gain to the Guardian USA but not putting raid victims Deb Jordahl, Cindy Archer, Eric O’Keefe and the others into the dock.

Credit to Capital Times reporter Jesse Opoien (who impresses the white lab coats here at the Werkes more and more). She quotes Schimel’s response at length:

“I’ve got to tell you, I’m really puzzled by the criticism that I wouldn’t go after the leak to the Wall Street Journal. There’s a very significant difference between the people we’re looking at (in the Guardian USA leak) and the individual who leaked to the Wall Street Journal, because that’s a private citizen. The courts have no authority to order a private citizen to have a gag order on them.

“How can you possibly tell a private citizen who feels they’ve been wronged by government, that has invaded their home, taken their property and more concerning, taken property that contains their thoughts and ideas, and they can’t cry out and say, ‘I was wronged’? 

That’s incredible to me, that anyone who has respect for our constitutional republic and the First Amendment in particular wouldn’t get. That’s as bad as telling a reporter that you can’t report on something. You can’t do that.”

Which is not a viewpoint that any mainstream news media in Wisconsin — the self-appointed guardians of the First Amendment — has managed to print on its editorial pages.

“Conservatives, after all, get what they deserve.” — concludes David French in The National Review. They, the Wall Street Journal, Media Trackers, MacIver, Vicki McKenna and Charlie Sykes were the lonely and brave voices exposing the frightening extremes to which the speech monitors will go, given the immense police powers of the state to intimidate individual speech.

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9 Responses to Hillary was hacked! The horror! Deb Jordahl? Ho hum.

  1. Anonybob says:

    I’m a bit confused by this one, Dave. So a bunch of sleazy GOP campaign operatives (your friends) violate a judge’s gag order while being investigated for sleazy, corrupt, illegal campaign activities, eliciting partisan faux outrage from you. Meanwhile, the election of the leader of the free world, compromised by full-on interference from our nation’s foremost opponent (a brutal bromance dictator who no doubt owns the corrupt businessman who can no longer get Western financing because of his many “successful bankruptcies”) elicits a yawn. Not very American or patriotic of you conservatives, now is it?


    • davidblaska says:

      Everything confuses you, A-Bob. Armed police busting into someone’s home in the dark of night, seizing phones, computers, and paper records, then holding the victims incommunicado? All for the crime of participating in the electoral process? We know at least two people who have no problem with those strong-arm tactics: A-Bob and Vlad Putin. The difference is the Russian doesn’t brag about it.


  2. Anonybob says:

    David: police are always armed; it was dawn; they seized evidence under lawful search warrants; and both sides were gagged (only one side obeyed). If you had said, “all for suspected crimes while participating in the electoral process” you’d have been more accurate. And you know who agrees with Putin’s tactics? Your Great Orange One-elect.


    • davidblaska says:

      And you, A-Bob. You agree with those tactics. Why, the police are always armed when they are ordered by an out-of-control D.A. to raid — not the meth lab, not the kidnapper’s lair, not the terrorist safe house — but participants in the electoral process. Got to say, you have a knack for trivializing the Secret Speech Police.


      • Anonybob says:

        Would that be the DA working with four other county DAs, two who were Republican, and a former federal prosecutor, also Republican? Got to say, you have a knack for trivializing the rule of law when it conflicts with white GOP campaign hacks and their illegal activities.


  3. davidblaska says:

    A-Bob, I am putting you on a very short leash. You are free to disagree — I welcome it. But you cannot continue to spread falsehoods here without being denied admission to the Stately Manor. “GOP campaign hacks and their illegal activities”? Please tell me which “GOP hack” was arrested or indicted — much less convicted — of “illegal activities.” No, A-Bob, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled and the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a challenge to that ruling that the illegality was on the part of the Speech Police. I am tired of cleaning up your messes. Next time, wipe your feet before you enter.


    • Anonybob says:

      Republican “campaign professional” R.J. Johnson worked for Walker’s campaign at the same time he was “allegedly” coordinating supportive campaign activities of an outside group (Americans for Prosperity or WI club for Growth). This “allegation” was noted in emails from Scott Walker himself to campaign donors. This collusion was against longstanding state election law at the time, hence “illegal.” This is part of what the John Doe was trying to prove before it was shut down by a certain majority of Wisconsin Supreme Court justices and the law overturned. No, no one was arrested or indicted. I then pointed out the unflattering comparison of you and your side’s continually labeling Hillary and the Clinton Foundation corrupt in the face of no arrests or indictments. There isn’t even any evidence she broke any (at the time or current) laws, despite years of partisan investigations.


      • davidblaska says:

        From Watchdog-org:
        “On the third anniversary of predawn armed raids on Wisconsin homes in the name of politics, the U.S. Supreme Court has driven the final nail in the coffin of Wisconsin’s politically driven John Doe investigation.

        On Monday, the high court rejected a petition by Democratic prosecutors looking to overturn the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling last year declaring the campaign finance investigation unconstitutional.The original John Doe judge, Barbara A. Kluka, rubber-stamped the warrants and subpoenas used in the prosecutors’ coordinated raids before she recused herself without explanation.

        In January 2014, John Doe Judge Gregory Peterson, who replaced Kluka, found no wrongdoing committed by the targets. He ordered several subpoenas quashed and shut down the probe. The prosecutors appealed. “Ironically, the ruling comes three years ago to the day that my 16-year-old son woke up alone to the sound of six armed officers, guns drawn, pounding on our front door,” R.J. Johnson wrote.


  4. Anonybob says:



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