Trump derangement syndrome — it ain’t pretty but it can be cured

“Well off white guy” Paul Fanlund, as he describes himself, is not the only victim. Many here in the Emerald City have fallen victim to the heartbreak of post-traumatic Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It is a debilitating disease, affecting the cerebral cortex where reason is formed. Sticky notes on tables, safety pins and safe places, crying, uncontrolled rage, storming the stage to prevent intellectual inquiry — post-traumatic Trump Derangement Syndrome (PTTDS) is a hideous malady.

One afflicted sufferer is an old liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintance (for he IS my acquaintance). Nino Amato is a well known player in Madison’s political life and scion of an old Madison Italian-immigrant family.

November 8, to Madisonians like Nino Amato, was America’s kristallnacht. Nino shares this important news bulletin with his Facebook friends (and acquaintances): “American Nazis rising as Trump’s armed brownshirts start targeting Jews in Montana.”

Leaving aside the news that there are Jews in Montana, we come to the heart of the matter, Nino’s commentary:

“The only people in America who fail to see the blatant similarities between Donald Trump, his racist, bigoted, “alt-right” Nazi high-level political advisors and the parallels to the rise of the Adolf Hitler regime in Germany — were not just the Republican National Party (RNC) but the so-called mainstream media (Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS NBC) — all failed to see theses blatant Nazi similarities. Maybe now, the [news] media will wake up and report what Trump’s core base of supporters are doing in Montana!”

If only we had heard on November 7 what his supporters were doing in Montana! And how they got all the way to Montana. But there it is! News bulletin! Don Lemon, Gloria Borger, and Jake Tapper are in league with the German Bund! Nino directs this volley directly at the Squire of the Stately Manor:


This Trump supporter appears to be white

“These are Trump’s core supporters who helped him get your political party’s presidential endorsement — the RNC nominated Trump and you now own this American Tragedy . . . or you can denounce Trump and the the RNC. So will you step forward?”

A small point: The proprietor of the Blaska Policy Werkes was Never Hillary and Never Trump. (Oh well, 50% shooting is considered good in the NBA.) One more quibble: The election is over. We lost.

But the Squire was game-on! He volleyed: “When you denounce ‘pay for play’ Hillary Clinton. And all the cop-haters around the nation shooting at and killing police officers, falsely alleging “Hands up, don’t shoot,” burning down minority-owned businesses, looting liquor stores, advocating separate but unequal law enforcement, hounding progressive-minded police chiefs like Mike Koval.”

If you’re racist and don’t know it, clap your hands

Sadly, Nino Amato sees racism under every bedpost. Nino taught criminal justice a semester at UW-Platteville. He is also the co-author (with Dave “Lefty” Lefkowith) of “Today’s Hidden Racism: A Polite Apartheid.” From the Amazon review:

“Today’s racism is a “Polite Apartheid” that denies people of color an equal opportunity to educate their children, keep them healthy and advance their families economically – oppression in the United States by a declining white majority that, in many cases, doesn’t even realize how its actions are exclusionary or worse. This hidden racism is particularly difficult to combat because people of color are often excluded from the chambers of influence where initiatives that might address this issue are conceived and deliberated.”

Um, tell that to Barack Obama.

The Policy Werkes prescribed a close study of an article in (of all places) the New York Times. (Baby steps!) It is entitled, “Sorry, liberals. Bigotry didn’t elect Donald Trump”

“Bluntly put, much of the white working class decided that Mr. Trump could be a jerk. Absent any other champion, they supported the jerk they thought was more on their side — that is, on the issues that most concerned them.”

We might also note that Trump’s son-in-law — husband of Ivanka — and close adviser Jared Kushner is, well, of the Jewish persuasion. We could also speculate on some of the hate-mongers and crypto-communists who backed first Bernie Sanders, then Hillary Clinton. (“The Problem of Whiteness,” anyone?)

A progressive version of Burns & Allen, Nino teams up with long-ago Madison police chief-turned man of God David Couper to excoriate the Madison Police Department. That much he has in common with Madame Brenda, Amelia Royko Maurer, Ald. Marsha Rummel, Matthew Braunginn, Brandi Grayson, and other cop haters.

Notable was the pair’s show on city hall steps last June after police restrained a young hellion named Genele Laird, kicking and biting, for threatening East Towne Mall employees with a butterfly knife.

“Local, county and state officials, along with many of our area community leaders, can no longer accept the State of Wisconsin’s minimal police protocols on the use of physical force — and we can no longer accept Madison Police Chief Mike Koval’s excuses and unconditional defense of the police officer who used excessive physical force and military police tactics of kicking, punching and tasering an unarmed and defenseless 18 year old young women,” the adjunct professor of criminal justice declared.

Well, defenseless except for the butterfly knife, sharp teeth, kicking feet and jabbing elbows.

Maybe, just maybe, resisting arrest is not supposed to be a fair fight. Perhaps the police will use superior force every time rather than allow a criminal suspect to gain the upper hand and, potentially, use the officer’s service weapon against him/her. That’s not black or white; it’s just common sense.

One more thing: Donald Trump did not stab Israel in the back.


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11 Responses to Trump derangement syndrome — it ain’t pretty but it can be cured

  1. DON says:

    Don’t expect any empathy from Blaska for the less fortunate………..look at the size of the house he lives in……………..


  2. Tim says:

    Hey Don,

    The difference is David Worked for his house mean while lefties Envy or Loathe anyone who achieves in this world.


  3. Norman Sannes says:

    Nino should have followed in the Amato tradition, and stayed in the restaurant business.


  4. Madison Expat says:

    I loved Amato’s Steak House. Nino Sr. was a great host.
    One of my Progressive pals from Berkeley said she expected to see Klan rallies at the Lincoln Memorial. I responded,
    “Well this is embarassing. Wife and I sleep with a puppy who has a short digestive cycle. I’m a Trump voter who doesn’t own a single unstained sheet for the rallies.”


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “White privilege” is to liberals what the doctrine of the Holy Trinity was to medieval theologians: the unshakeable core of a divinely revealed belief system, the questioning of which would get you burned at the stake–then literally, now metaphorically.(picture the mainstream media at the ready with armfuls of straw). And instead of the Inquisition to show unbelievers the error of their ways, we have academic ideologues hectoring us on “The Problem of Whiteness.” Anyone care to extend the analogy?


  6. Leo says:

    I think Trump Derangement Syndrome can be cured by a change in diet.


  7. Patricko says:

    By the way, I believe Ivanka converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner.


  8. is Royko Maurer jewish? I can’t for a second believe she’s catholic, yet she goes around basically claiming to be one… it’s all very sinister, how she doesn’t answer anything directly about the topic…


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