Hope you had a Stately Manor Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas when the Squire was awoken with a THUMP! No, it was not the jolly fat man. (He had been fast asleep.)

It was, instead, the sound made by a sheet of snow six inches-deep cascading off the new metal roof (40-year warranty!). The manor is now surrounded by a big, beautiful four-foot by four-foot wall of packed-in snow, with entrances carved out for egress. Note to self: inquire about a device called a snow dam.lovelylisa

Well, the Great White Roof did survive the late-fall hail storm.

Thankful shout out to Brother Mike-boy and sweet Peg, nephew Jared and the lovely Shannon for entertaining us in their enclave nestled deep within the hickory trees of Grandma’s Woods, somewhere between Sun Prairie and Marshall, WI. Jared says he now returns home from work covered in chocolate.

And to Brother Rich of Elevator fame for his annual Christmas call and gift of Sonoma wines.

Special thanks to the Lovely Lisa for the Churchill books and the best ham and glaze and to Number One Son for being such a good sport at Tri-ominos. (It’s a board game.)

Having enjoyed Sunday afternoon off, the indentured servants have returned to their labors here at the Blaska Experimental Work Farm (an EPA SuperFund site), plump and sassier than usual. Some observations on this day of boxing:

The gift that keeps on giving — For those still blaming the Electoral College: “Lena Dunham inexcusably wished to conceive a child simply in order to kill it in her womb. This is why Democrats can no longer be taken seriously.” —  Steve Berman in The Resurgent

“If losing 900 seats in state legislatures, and majorities in both the House and Senate since President Obama took the country along with him in a hard leftward jerk, is not signal enough that Democrats have lost any serious moral or social authority with most of America, then to whom shall we address our cogent, reasoned arguments?”

“Was Barack Obama bad for Democrats?” Ya think? The NY Times comes around to an inconvenient truth.

This just in from Salzburg, Austria — Well-off (and guilty) white guy Paul Fanlund asks the question no one is asking:

“For this, my final column of the year, you may wonder why I am writing about a place 4,600 miles from Madison. My answer is that I had to go that far to find positive political news.”

Keep going, Paul. A little farther … a little bit more … keep going …

Who shall lead the Democrats? Nancy Pelosi still runs her side of the House. Peter Barca continues to lead (if that is the right term) his dwindling tribe in the Wisconsin Assembly.

Jon Stewart should head the Democratic National Committee, says one Dem operative. Just what the Dems need! More smugness and condescension.


Cousin Eddie for DNC

The Chavez/Castro wing of the Democrat(ic) party is all in for Keith Ellison, as per Comrade Nichols. Want to reconnect with all those blue collar voters? Put an angry black Muslim and reputed anti-Semite in charge of the party! What could go wrong?

The Blaska Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) recommends former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, patriot and intellectual. But Webb doesn’t check the right boxes for a party drunk on identity politics.

Do it right the first time — Surprise, surprise! When I first came on the county board, we knew Dane County would grow exponentially in population. We had the projections in our hands. The previous board (1992-94) had voted a seven-story county jail/public safety building. The liberal Democrat then acting as county executive, Rick Phelps, vetoed out those three floors. Now, even with aggressive jail diversion practices (ankle bracelets being only one such), it is over-crowded.

I attended the dedication just before taking office in April 1994. Phelps gave the sorriest speech I have heard since Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise” speech. Phelps actually apologized for the jail, saying it representing a “failure.”

Worse, when we built the new courthouse a few years later (over the objections of Mark Pocan and his colleagues) we stuck it on a side street on an impossible grade — all to save an apartment building and a tired old house. Another costly compromise forced by The Kathleen and the Democratic-endorsed liberals.

Today, county taxpayers are facing a $150+ million project (“probably the most complex project Dane County has or will ever see”) to do what could have been done in 1992-94. These things don’t just happen, folks. They are caused.

Question of the Day How did the Wisconsin Education Association Council so misunderstand their obligation to their teachers and students?

 “When students are not prepared for college, technical schools or the trades, something is wrong. Why was WEAC not addressing this problem instead of creating redundant, expensive stand-alone health insurance, including real estate?”

electric-footballOne giant leap for Packerland  If you had to guess before Saturday’s Packer game who would be least likely to Lambeau Leap (aside from Dom Capers) I would have guessed Aaron Rodgers, apparently hobbled as he was. Instead, he was the only leaper in a game where Packer fans everywhere leapt for joy. Not only did whatever his injured calf muscles heal but they assumed Super Bowl powers on 1) a touchdown run 2) a great juke move and 3) the leap itself.

Guessing the MVP QB found several hotel room keys in his jersey when he dismounted from the stands.

The Winston Churchill of 2016 — Libertarian Gary Johnson whiffed a number of times but never so badly as when he could not name a world leader he admired. It’s easy: Benjamin Netanyahu!

Thanks, President Obama, for one last reminder why Democrats lost 2016.

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3 Responses to Hope you had a Stately Manor Christmas

  1. Jake A says:

    You Dems are fixated on race and identity! Don’t vote for the black Muslim guy!
    David Blaska
    Angry White Republican
    Madison, Wisconsin


  2. davidblaska says:

    No, no, Jake! Please DO vote for Ellison! Send a message to the electorate!


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Now that the Dems are out of power, where will we turn for guidance on the really pressing issues of the day … like which bathroom transgendered middle-school students should use?

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