Hello, welcome to free speech

Welcome to Stately Blaska Manor. Over the Thanksgiving week and in the dead of night, likely Trump supporters and other insurgents moved the Stately Manor, its Policy Werkes (and Tanning Salon) and the indentured servants (fast asleep) from InBusiness to higher ground. Easier to defend. Free to be and say what needs to be said. In other words, No More Mr. Nice Guy!

Please tell your friends to bookmark me! Now, on with the show!

What happens when a campus organization invites a speaker to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to talk about free speech?

miss-really-pissedYoung totalitarians who disagree with the speech — making the usual claims of victimhood — try to shut it down, of course! It happened November 16 when Young Americans for Freedom invited Ben Shapiro, editor of the DailyWire, to speak on the infantilization of our great universities.

As if to prove his point, 20 Black Lives Matter vigilantes disrupted his talk. At one point, the young brownshirts marched to the stage while police permitted the heckler’s veto. Demonstrators interrupted Shapiro several times, barely allowing him to utter a few sentences at a time, WKOW-TV reports.

“So you get to interrupt lectures if you’re the right gender, or the right sexual orientation. You get to do these things without punishment because after all, that’s in the nature of social justice, group justice,” Shapiro said as he looked towards the protesters.

In the lobby of the Social Studies Building, WIBA-AM’s Vicki McKenna was trying to report the story when several of the protestors seemed to menace her. White man with ring in his lips tells her the disruption “needed to happen” because the mere “presence of this event is violence.” The future of America, right there!

University police pushed the diminutive woman away as the protestors sprayed the MF word at her. (That video here.)

Police made no attempt to protect her right to be present in a university building or the invited speaker’s right to be heard.


Vicki McKenna, foreground, gets ushered out; the disrupters win.

“If we have any police officers here, this is now absolutely a disruption,” Shapiro pleaded, to no avail. (Source here.)


But remember, there’s no such thing as reverse discrimination. (There’s no such thing, there’s no such thing, there’s no such thing.)

The Policy Werkes demands — a statement from Chancellor Rebecca Blank affirming the right of free speech at the University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus. That includes the right to be heard over the heckler’s veto. The Board of Regents should investigate. Expel students who deprive the rights of free speech — a civil rights issue if ever there was. The State Legislature should convene hearings of top administrators to determine if they have not created a climate of fear and repression on campus by labeling as “hate speech” all political speech. And how about course work on the Constitution of the U.S. be required for graduation for all students — especially sociology majors.

Video: UW scholars chant “F-bomb white supremacy”

More video: The Ben Shapiro disruption and speech. (At the 10-minute mark, watch the food pantry volunteer shame the disrupters.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line —  A modest proposal, in the spirit of Jonathan Swift: scrape the “sifting and winnowing” pledge off that plaque at Bascom Hall. Replace with “We need a little muscle here.”


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16 Responses to Hello, welcome to free speech

  1. Meade says:

    Congrats on your new site, David. Freedom!
    Meanwhile, here’s how Purdue does it: http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/30262/


  2. Jeffery Wirth says:

    Been looking for your thoughts at IB. Since you don’t write everyday (like AA), I check every day to see what pearls of wisdom may come from the Spokesperson (have to be PC here in the banana Republic of Dane). Since the 16th of November, the portal of wisdom has been silenced. I was worried that “Anonymous”, that gutless Hun, had finally protected free speech and caused the Lord of the Manor to close the drawbridge. Glad to hear you’re OK.


  3. Anonybob says:

    So Dave, serious question: what’s your policy on comments? Are you moderating them now? This used to be handled by an objective InBusiness staffer. Enquiring minds want to know! Or is all this talk about being exposed to opposing viewpoints just more blather?


  4. madisonexpat says:

    En avant!


  5. LiberalTruthTelling says:

    Relieved to find Blaska’s new blog home.

    As a liberal who is truly sick and tired of the echo chamber that is Madison it is a relief to see voices besides the same weakass tired Madison ones that say the same crap year after year.

    As for the BLM poseurs—they are clueless privileged pampered ideologues who repress others and hate whites and police and anyone else who doesn’t toe their line and carry their water and chant their mindless slogans.

    I and 70% of Madison held our noses and voted Dem. I bet some of the BLM clones didn’t bother to vote. If BLM wants to make a point take your cookie cutter protest antics to Chicago and get up in the faces of people killing thousands of blacks there. Oh wait—maybe THOSE black lives don’t matter. BLM doesn’t have the guts to go where the REAL problem is so they stay here in their safe spaces yelling at the walls and being enabled by my fellow liberal Madisonians.


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