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What happens at fight club stays at East high school

Is it a PR problem? “Nothing to see here,” Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad assured curious on-lookers as the burning fireworks factory blasted its colorful arsenal high into the sky. Madison East high school has its own Frank Drebin … Continue reading

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Safer schools reason to write in David Blaska for Madison School Board April 4 CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Greg Humphrey writes: I know David to be a great conversationalist, a smart and witty person, and principled. I also know in these highly polarized days it might seem all uphill to ask Madison to give Blaska a fair hearing, … Continue reading

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Mara Eisch won’t drink the Kool Aid

No hardliners this time around, pls. We never see our friendly acquaintance Greg Humphrey in the candle-lit Republican catacombs deep under the streets of Madison WI. Suffice to say: the guy is insufficiently Deplorable. Under the nom de plume of … Continue reading

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Freedom Inc. will ride the crazy bus to Chavez elementary school

You can run, Madison school board; but can you hide? We see that the Madison Board of Education is going to take its show on the road next Monday, April 29, in a desperate attempt to evade the F-bombing mob … Continue reading

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Greg Humphrey, man of courage

Even school nurses want cops in schools! So why isn’t it happening? We explain Last week on her show, Our Ms. Vicki McKenna credited Blaska for possessing at least a pico-curie of courage in running for political office in the … Continue reading

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