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Blaska ‘raises same concerns as many parents’

‘Fight Club East’ When you’re the write-in candidate for Seat #4 in the Madison public school board running against the incumbent school board president, you go on the offensive. As the GEICO commercial says, that’s what you do. Blaska attempts to … Continue reading

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Journalists have no more rights than any other citizen

Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth … Good to see Madison’s alternative news source Isthmus back on news stands. Their second issue in print reports their resistance to the subpoenaing of star reporter Dylan Brogan to testify on … Continue reading

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A Madison teacher: ‘If I wrote up students for swearing at me, that’s all I would do.’

What are we teaching our children? A 57-year-old man bicycling in Warner Park falls off his bike. Teenagers are near by. Do they offer assistance? No, they laugh at the man’s misfortune. He asks them to show some respect, they … Continue reading

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