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Apologize, White liberal!

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa What do you do when you are a well meaning White liberal accused of racism? You apologize. You ask forgiveness. Promise to do better. You grovel. Abase yourself. Confess your White guilt. Drop another … Continue reading

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Brave cops stepped up to the plate at Texas school shooting

Puts crimp in Madison’s ‘Cops Out of Our Schools’ movement Police advocates last week presented each of 20 alders and Mayor Soglin with copies of Heather Mac Donald’s book, War on Cops. The gift is intended as a corrective to … Continue reading

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Tell the 14 Madison alders how much you appreciate their historical cleansing

We present to you the 14 alders who voted May 1, 2018 to uproot the memorial stone commissioned by Madison’s veterans of the Union cause in the Civil War. Men who shed their own blood to fight slavery and preserve … Continue reading

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