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Thank God for William Barr and ‘Catholic paranoia’

The secular Left is apoplectic about his attack on the ‘soft despotism of government dependency’ “We have no Government armed with Power which is capable of contending with human Passions unbridled by … morality and religion. Our Constitution was made … Continue reading

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Hell yes these Democrats are boring!

Hell no once again to any American flags on the debate stage two days after 9/11 Blaska is an especially cheeky chappie this morning. Yes, he watched some of the Democrat(ic) presidential debate Live From Texas Thursday evening (09-12-19) in … Continue reading

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We are hunkered down at the identity politics Manor

If anyone asks, the Squire is German Bohemian and Scots-Irish (and 1,024th Pabst Blue Ribbon) Bless our Wisconsin Public Radio friend Joy Cardin, now retired. Madison is looking at 9 inches of snow tonight and Tuesday (02-12-19). “In an unprecedented … Continue reading

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