Shame is a many splendored thing

‘Senate Republicans are bathed in shame’

 Or, so writes New York Times columnist Frank Bruni.

How in God’s name — and it was in God’s name — can the Republicans who have already decided to acquit President Trump take a solemn oath to administer “impartial justice”? They’re partial to the core, unabashedly so …

Mitch is bathed

Whereupon Bruni unleashes the dogs of Stalinist invective:

The majority of the party’s senators have said outright or clearly signaled that they have no intention of finding the president guilty and removing him from office. Yapping lap dogs like Lindsey Graham and obedient manservants like Mitch McConnell …

Not even Frank Bruni can ignore his own hypocrisy:

Democrats, too, have made up their minds, and that would be equally upsetting but for the mountain of actual evidence on which their judgment rests.

Oh, well, THEN! If you say so. No bias there! Except that … 

Ukraine really IS corrupt 

And shameless. Elsewhere, the NY Times acknowledges:

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky needs to demonstrate to Ukraine’s Western creditors that he is serious about prosecuting large-scale fraud in order to secure billions of dollars in sorely needed loans from the International Monetary Fund. In the impeachment proceedings in Washington, Ukraine has been tarnished by corruption accusations by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Perhaps Mr. Zelensky’s biggest challenge lies with his erstwhile patron, Ihor Kolomoisky … the man [the first deputy governor of Ukraine’s central bank] believes is responsible for trying to intimidate her and her colleagues. … Mr. Kolomoisky advanced Mr. Zelensky’s career by putting “Servant of the People” on his TV channel. …

The new prosecutor general … [has] not brought such charges against Mr. Kolomoisky. That has led to accusations that Mr. Zelensky is giving his media ally and former business partner special treatment. 

For shame, Democrats

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, voted with the late John McCain to uphold ObamaCare and voted against impeaching Bill Clinton. But she voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh — at her peril.

That confirmation vote … generated millions of dollars in donations to be used against her and a lengthy period of harassment and intimidation by critics, including numerous death threats. There were so many hostile calls targeting her that a 25-year-old employee in one of her Maine offices quit. One day, her husband texted Ms. Collins a photo of himself in a hazmat suit; someone had sent a threatening letter to their Maine home — where protesters gathered eight Sundays in a row — that claimed to contain ricin. (More here.)

Have the Bidens no shame?

The U.S. Senate can only act on the impeachment articles forwarded it by the House. Those articles are impossibly vague and allege no crime. President Trump’s call to Zelensky was far from “perfect.” Asking for an announcement rather than an actual investigation into the Bidens’ corruption is damnable. (If you really want something of value, the Bidens raked it in.) But that’s not enough there, there, to end Trump’s presidency.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIf Republicans should recuse, so should Chuck Schumer and the four Democrats running against Trump.


What do YOU think?

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8 Responses to Shame is a many splendored thing

  1. fritzderkat says:

    “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.”
    — B. Dylan, All Along the Watchtower, 1968


  2. geo_ says:

    A just trial would have all the evidence and any witnesses pertinent to the case. Then, and only then could a just decision be made. To go on record before even seeing the articles of impeachment and stating you are working with the defendant and will not convict the defendant and then taking an oath to be impartial, is perjury. The executive admitted to and the GAB said the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 was broken. A far bigger constitutional deal than receiving BJ.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “A far bigger constitutional deal than receiving BJ.”

      geo_; get it through your thick freakin’ head, he wasn’t impeached for getting his lap apple polished.

      The Former Serial Sexual Predator In Chief lied ELEVEN freakin’ times UNDER_OATH to a federal judge, federal prosecutors, AND a federal grand jury.

      Those are FELL_OH_KNEES! He was disbarred!


      The Gotch


  3. madisonexpat says:

    A “just trial” would mean an assumption of innocence and charges of high crimes or misdemeanors that a majority of the senate agreed the president committed.
    Obstruction of justice? The framers called it “checks and balances”. Every president and every congress try hard to obstruct each other.
    Abuse of power? Name the power, name the abuse.
    San Fran Nan was right, and apparently sober, when she said ‘this impeachment can’t succeed without bipartisan support’. Seen any? And that was BEFORE the best accusations they could make are this weak, this partisan and this close to an election.


  4. George's Son says:

    In this age of partisan politics, what naif could be surprised that a Republican senate would be quick to get this absurd casserole baked, covered and put inna ‘fridge?


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