‘Parents want to know their children are safe’

Only Blaska has fought to keep police in our troubled high schools

Yet the issue STILL remains undecided!

No other candidate has spoken up!

The Wisconsin State Journal Sunday morning repeated a statistic that Blaska has been emphasizing throughout this campaign for Safer Schools = a Safer Community. 

A net difference of 804 Madison students have opted to escape Madison public schools for suburban public schools — costing the Madison school district $5.67 million in state aid. These are kids who live IN Madison but bus to surrounding ring public school districts.

Madison school board is driving kids

and $$$ out of the school district

My opponents would lock the door to prevent these families from choosing safer schools. Blaska wants to improve Madison schools so that these families CHOOSE to stay home. Here is what the WI State Journal said Sunday (02-17-19):

WI State Journal masthead

The Madison School Board’s long, tiring and damaging debate over whether to keep a single police officer in each of the city’s four main high schools is part of the problem. Given the scary number of school shootings across the nation, parents want to know their children are safe. One armed and highly trained officer in each high school is easily justified and reassuring — especially given the high caliber of school resource officers, all of whom are black or Latina.

Madison must do a better job of convincing parents that, in the interest of helping struggling and in some cases disruptive students, the district won’t sacrifice the overall educational environment for the vast majority of young people of all backgrounds who are behaving in class and want to learn.

Madison is holding a primary election for three School Board seats on Tuesday. Then the important discussion about K-12 education in Madison and across Wisconsin will intensify as voters prepare for the April 2 election.

No other candidate has fought for police in schools

Only David Blaska has fought the social justice warriors to keep police (school resource officers) in our troubled high schools. As The Capital Times reported:

In recent months, Blaska has also pushed for the recent SRO contract to be renewed and has gone toe-to-toe with the social justice group Freedom Inc. at School Board meetings on the need for keeping police officers in the city’s four high schools.

Safer Schools = a Safer Community

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  1. Scott Freeman says:

    Common sense, in the person of Blaska, seems to be pushing through the tiniest of cracks in the liberal schoolhouse door. Keep it up David….. If you lead, they will follow!

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  2. Parents want to know their children are safe!

    Well dang, how rude of those demanding parents.

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