April 6 election

Complete Dane County elections results here including county judges, school board, village, and town elections.

id=”endorse”>Our running list of endorsements for Madison alder

Progressive Dane appears to have removed its endorsement of Brandi Grayson although it is listed as contributing to her campaign.

Help these candidates get out of debt!

Please donate a few quid to the following candidates:

Ald. Paul Skidmore, Madison District 9

Mara Eisch, District 10

Ald. Sheri Carter, District 14

Charles Myadze, District 18

Deb Kerr for WI school marm

John Jagler for State Senate.

Progressive Dane endorsements

Um, you forgot to mention ANTI-public safety, Defund Police, Derail the Jail, and Cops Out of Schools

Defund the Police contingent

Benji Ramirez, Ayomi Obuseh, Juliana Bennett, Nikki Conklin, Tessa Echevarria, Brandi Grayson, Jael Currie, Rebecca Kemble, Aisha Moe. “FAN” is the political action committee of Freedom Inc. that got School Resource Officers expelled from Madison’s public high schools.