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Racism is everywhere in Madison WI

Or at least, cheap indignation! It’s one of those committees you never hear about. Probably because God loves you. It’s called the Sustainable Madison Committee. “Sustainable” being one of the favored buzz words of our age, along with inclusive, equitable, … Continue reading

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Trying to be less White, honest!

This blogge lacks ‘important context’ for moral clarity! “Calling it progressive to send children of color the message that achievement is White is an irony lost on the woke.” — William McGurn, Wall Street Journal. Training seminar instructs Coca Cola … Continue reading

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Professional victims ensnare another Karen

The Left does not play well with others One day after surviving a seven-way primary election for WI superintendent of public instruction, Deborah Kerr finds herself fending off charges of “racial insensitivity.” As that political philosopher Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise! … Continue reading

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Get your mind right at Madison public schools

Deep mindsets wanted! Two years of intimidation worked when Madison city and school officials last year (2020) expelled police from its four main public high schools. A good, progressive F-bombing of school board president Gloria Reyes at her private residence … Continue reading

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How the Left hijacked civil rights 

To overcome racism, Black Americans always emphasized human agency and individual responsibility. Robert Woodson and Joshua Mitchell in “How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights.” Many Black leaders have lost sight of Martin Luther King Jr. altogether and are aiding and … Continue reading

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Brandi Grayson challenging Council President Sheri Carter

Progressive Dane is flooding the zone with candidates Its official. Brandi Grayson is running against  Common Council President Sheri Carter on Madison’s South side District 14. She has filed as Brandi Grayson-Tuck but it’s the same woman with the bullying … Continue reading

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