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The cult of victimhood claims 2 lives

While progressives take aim at the police! Madison WI is suffering another tragedy thanks to the identity politics played by the ruling progressive political class. Two young lives essentially ended on Thursday 09-17-2020 on the city’s fashionable west side.  Anthony … Continue reading

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To hell with Hollywood

Blaska passes for pissed  Hollywood after WW2 made message films like Gentlemen’s Agreement (anti-semitism) and in 1949, Pinky — the latter the story of a light-skinned African-American woman trying to pass for white. The heroine was played by a white actress, Jeanne Crain, … Continue reading

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Our schools teach racial hatred

It is called ‘Critical Race Theory’ Donald Trump is a jerk. Carly Fiorina should have slapped his face during the Republican debates four years ago. His is a mouth that needs slapping often and hard. Like that scene in the … Continue reading

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Put Blaska on the police oversight board!

No one is more Diverse! Like his idol Richard Nixon, the head groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes is tanned, rested and ready. (Our phlebitis is under control.) Yes, we are jumping back into the political arena! We’re already going negative! … Continue reading

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Did Ald. Skidmore’s opponent create C-word controversy?

Madison’s Cancel Culture is fast actin’! A guy named Doug Hyant announced he’s running for Madison alder yesterday (09-03-2020), barely one day after Tuesday/Wednesday’s marathon Common Council meeting. What makes this development extra juicy is that Hyant, it appears, was the … Continue reading

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Is it time to criminalize crime again?

Doesn’t it seem all the crime these days is being committed by teenagers? Now we know why Freedom Inc. and their allies in the progressive movement wanted cops out of Madison’s troubled public high schools. It’s the same reason radicalized high … Continue reading

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