Heroes and zeroes of 2022 #3

Happy New Year!

The world needs more heroes. That starts right here in Madison WI! Hoping against all hope that a few more moderates register their aldermanic and school board candidacies by the deadline 5 p.m. Tuesday 01-03-23. In no particular order, the third and final (thank GAWD!) installment of Heroes and Zeroes of 2022:


Grandparents United for Madison Public Schools for including Blaska, a write-in candidate, in their school board debate last February, despite the organization’s antipathy to Blaska’s pro-school choice position.

Ald. Charles Myadze, for fighting for Madison police and advocating for body-worn cameras. Facing another far-Left challenger this cycle.

Krantz Electric of Verona who installed the Stately Manor’s electric outlet for its new kitchen range the day before Thanksgiving after being called only the night before. Blaska’s turkey turned out terrific! Service above and beyond!

Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes, for standing up for non-lethal methods of crowd control, such as tear gas.

Aaron Rodgers. As fascinating and complex as the Webb space telescope. A real iconoclast! Never mind the football broadcast booth after you retire! Go for a late night talk show desk! You could be the next Jack Paar! (What was that Peruvian hallucinogenic you take, BTW? Asking for a friend.)

U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher. Bright, former Marine intelligence officer, understands the world and its dangers, only 38 years of age. Doesn’t pander. The stuff Presidents are made of. The future of the Republican party.

Braelon Allen. The future Heisman Trophy candidate returns to the Wisconsin Badger football team. Speaking of which, looks like the Badgers will have four or five capable quarterbacks. Any rule in playing several at the same time?

Kaleem Caire. This education reformer is teaching black kids despite the Madison establishment. Another reformer too good to be elected to the public school board.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. Repeat after me, “U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.” A maverick in the style of Bill Proxmire.


Tim Michels for playing the paranoid election-deniers’ card from the bottom of the deck. “Never Tr•mpers are at it again,” he cried during his losing campaign, “trying to divide conservatives to elect a special-interest insider” meaning Rebecca Kleefisch. (!!!) That’s the Tr•mp taint right there: picking fights with fellow Republicans!

Jill Underly, Superintendent of Public Instruction. Underly’s DPI promotes the fad of “culturally relevant teaching.”… The agency’s strong emphasis on categorizing students first as members of racial groups is exactly the type of “race essentialism” promoted by … critical race theory. 

Nineteen of the 37 Dane County Board members who scuttled much needed jail expansion. They are Andrae, Bare, Castillo, Huelsemann, Hynes, Kegeya, Miles, Pellebon, Ritt, Rose, Smith, Wegleitner, Wright, Xistgris-Songpanya, and Yang. 

“We are not protecting people by incarcerating. We are protecting a system, a system that harms people.”

— Sup. Dana Pellebon, Progressive Dane-Fitchburg

Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive. Some leadership? Please?

“The Car 54 Where Are You” award goes to Carleton Jenkins, believed to be the superintendent of the Madison Metropolitan School District. Why do we have to look up your name every time? Because you are invisible is why! Maybe he has been renamed like more and more of our schools.

Coming Monday 01-02-23: The Werkes’ Policy Agenda for a prosperous new year!

What might YOUR policy prescriptions be?

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6 Responses to Heroes and zeroes of 2022 #3

  1. Bob says:

    I’ll wait and see what happens in 2023.
    1. Will MMSD find a way to get rid of Jeffery Chaplain? Can’t have a discipline and learning principal in the fold.
    2. Will The City of Madison find more ways to spend money on the homeless and BRT while cutting money for police including camera’s and all the other city departments?
    4. Will Dane County ever build a new jail or will the DA and the Circuit Courts just do a de facto “no cash bail”.
    5. Will the State of Wisconsin figure out how to spend the budget surplus and all the leftover federal Covid money?


  2. One Eye says:

    Zero: Summit Credit Union, for perpetuating the wage gap myth:



    • Mordecai The Red says:

      The biggest feminist lie that just won’t die, no matter how much it is refuted by real statistics and facts. Disturbing that woke brain rot is infecting financial institutions (already happening at PayPal).

      Not to be outdone by snooty Madison suburbanites with their We Believe yard signs, Summit has to smear a rainbow mural reading Diversity Is Strength across the top level of their headquarters on the I-94 corridor. Perhaps a local candidate for a display of “Go Woke, Go Broke”.


  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    No ZEROES list would be complete without mention of the laughably inept Bi-Polar bares.
    *ZERO in their divisional win column
    *ZERO wins in the last nine (9) games, a record for a century + old franchise.
    *ZERO prospects for the future.

    And no ZEROES list mentioning the midgets of the midway would be complete without a nod to their d!p$#!t fans, one of whom regularly spews unintelligible gibberish here.

    One more thing.


    The Gotch


  4. Michael Leger says:

    Hah! I think you made every WI Democrat snort their coffee with the Proxmire comparison, which I found very apt!


  5. AdamC says:

    Late addition — this is both a hilarious AND outrageous story in so many ways. Including the reactions and statements.

    Makes the Elizabeth Warren (D-Wampanoag) story pale in comparison.



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