Thanks for giving (us your eyeballs)

Now let’s eat!

It’s Thanksgiving and the royal we really should be thankful for something.

Give us a moment. When asked Your Money or Your Life, Jack Benny responded — after a long pause, “I’m thinking!”

O.K., got it. Thankful for my health, such as it is. Like Hyman Roth told Michael, “When you got your health, you got everything. (Cough Cough).”

Peed in a cup Tuesday. Got a call from the urologist office at SSM Health. Clean as a whistle. USP grade urine. Suitable for export under the USMCA trade protocols. No blood. Means don’t have to endure another cystoscopy. That’s when the physician inserts a probe up your johnson all the way to the bladder looking for trouble. Not fun. Bring a stick to bite down on.

Otherwise, we’re moving the feast to K-Mart

Because 13 years ago, Dr. Tierney found cancer, a word that concentrates the mind and sends one scurrying to WebMD. Found a tiny dot. The doc went in the long way (I like to think) with a Swiss Army knife of a device that consisted of a camera, a light bulb (it’s dark in there!), a tiny chainsaw (to cut away the bad stuff), and a suction tube. Hooray for miniaturization! Also for knock-out gas.

Blaska is thankful that Number One Son likes his new job and that his project with Madison School and Community Recreation is on track. He is thankful for the Lovely Lisa’s continued patience and great cooking. No one shops groceries like my Lisa.

Thankful that most of my siblings are speaking to me. That Madison liberals have included me in their book club, and for regular breakfasts with old colleagues at Revenue and, at the Sisters restaurant in Middleton, conservative deplorables.

The Squire of the Stately Manor is also thankful for Krantz Electric of Verona WI for coming out to the Stately Manor today, the day before Turkey Day, on just hours notice. Because when workmen yanked out the 17-year-old dual-fuel kitchen range to make way for a new, stainless steel LG brand 6.3 Cu. Ft. Slide-In Gas Convection Range with EasyClean, InstaView and ThinQ Technology, we found not the required 120 volt outlet but the 220.

Panicked message left after normal work hours. Call this morning from Krantz. The cavalry is coming. Our goose (actually a Kroger Tender and Juicy Young Turkey ) will be cooked!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’re also thankful for your readership and comments. This is our 2,228th post! Spread the word!

For what are YOU thankful?


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13 Responses to Thanks for giving (us your eyeballs)

  1. Mark Lemberger says:

    I too am thankful for this space to converse.
    Enjoy health and turkey Squire.
    Since the many tads that once ringed our table are now in college, we will go to a niece’s house where all I have to do is eat, drink and nap.
    “That is all you did when everyone was at our house” Penny said.
    “True” I said.
    Life is good.

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  2. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Thanks for all your posts, each and every one enjoyable.

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  3. Lynn stock says:

    I am Thankful to have found you dear cousin. And your very lovely Lisa. So happy that your number one son likes his job that awesome. Yes thankfully for health and family near and far. Need to do a cousins reunion. Happy Thanksgiving to all

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  4. tartanmarine says:

    i am thankful for your voice of reason amidst Madison chaos.

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  5. Blaska wrote, “We’re also thankful for your readership and comments. This is our 2,228th post! Spread the word!”

    Thank you for sharing your opinions and giving us a place to chat about topics.

    Blaska wrote, “This is our 2,228th post!”

    I’ve only been a part of about 22.44% of those 2,228 posts.

    Blaska wrote, “Spread the word!”

    When I run into similar topics elsewhere, I always do.

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  6. One Eye says:

    The introvert here is thankful for another solitary “turkey day” which will once again feature spaghetti. Go Cowboys!

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  7. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch is thankful for things too numerous to mention, but at the top of the list:

    *His Dear departed Parents taking “Til Death Do Us Part” seriously…70 years/183 days.
    *His Dear departed Dad being a Friend when The Gotch wanted one, and a Father when he needed one.
    *His Dear departed Mother ALWAYS being there, returning to complete her degree after raising seven (7) children, and (thank the GOOD LORD!) never having to hear she was a “birthing person.”
    *The only gal he ever asked agreeing to be his Better Half 251 months ago tomorrow.
    *Not owing a thin dime to no one**, and
    *Knowing a double negative** is a NO NO** because he matriculated before The Wokerati dumbed down education with Diversity Inclusion Equity, or its far more appropriate acronym DIE

    The Gotch

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      Was going to comment on the months vs. years, Gotch. I’ve been reading your commentary since I was a casual observer on the now defunct forums (was particularly entertained by your exchanges with Crow Barr) and you’ve mentioned the lovely and long-suffering Mrs. Gotch since then.

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Ah…the glory that was; THOSE were the days!

        Crow Barr/Alfred P. Plum (who still posts there) held his hands back and verily begged to get pasted; heck, it would have been poor manners for The Gotch not to oblige, am I right?

        Anywho, from a particularly…um…spirited exchange with CP in April 2017:

        “Mercifully (a recent property tax increase) wouldn’t affect you; Section 8 pays yer slab rent and SNAP pays for yer four food groups: Grain Belt 30’s, Ute’s pork rinds, jerky, & Slim Jims.”

        Hmmm; noticing more than a few similarities between CP and a certain Blogge Idiot

        The Gotch

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  8. Scott F says:

    Thanks for the island of sanity David. Happy Thanksgiving…

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  9. Mordecai The Red says:

    I’m thankful for many of the same things already mentioned and somewhat ashamed that it takes a holiday to remind me of it.

    Thanks David for providing a forum for my and others’ views that seem to be increasingly unwelcome elsewhere, and for diving into topics that our local media don’t care to discuss. It’s refreshing to know that free speech is still alive somewhere.

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  10. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “Like Hyman Roth told Michael, ‘When you got your health, you got everything. (Cough Cough).’ ”

    Not to quibble Herr Blaska, but the direct quote is:

    Good Health Is The Most Important Thing. More Than Success, More Than Money, More Than Power.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you-n-yours!

    The Gotch

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