Madison in 108 objects

Today’s blogge is like the Packers at the Washington Red (Potato) Skins:
we’re doing a face plant on the field. 

The WI State Journal is updating its 100 Objects that Define Madison list. 

From the colorful, sunburst chairs on the Memorial Union Terrace to the eye-popping Wienermobile, we explored the history and meaning behind each of these objects in a series of essays that ran for 100 days. But a lot — and we mean a lot — has happened since 2014. 

— “Madison in 100 objects

Madison in 100 objects? Should be 108 to account for Uncle Joe’s inflation rate. Platinum subscriber Jim Ring nominated the Chamberlin Rock and Frederic March Play Circle Theater — rather, the empty spaces they left behind. We like that idea! The gray lab coats at the Werkes fired up Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer. It spit out these sure winners (along with several stripped bolts and bent washers): 

What Defines Madison?

  • Cop as Pig mural at the Overture Center
  • John Nichols’ bullhorn used during Act 10 intifada
  • Head of Colonel Heg submerged in Lake Monona
  • Freedom Inc. Cops out of School banner used to shut down democratically elected school board
  • Any wrecked Kia stolen by kids
  • Guy in a wheelchair at intersection of Odana Road and Whitney Way holding cardboard sign “Seeking Human Kindness” (and your money)
  • Construction crane
  • Faded “Help Wanted” sign in window of closed restaurant
  • Video of Police Civilian Oversight Board members settling their pronouns
  • Any lone bicyclist on the Capitol City bike path wearing a Covid face mask
  • Election ballot drop box welded shut.
  • Black Lives Matter/ Science is Real yard sign
  • Drag queen story hour poster at Collectivo coffee house on Monroe Street
  • Brandi Grayson.

What are your Madison objects?
Submit yours to the WI State Journal!

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11 Responses to Madison in 108 objects

  1. Here is a photo of some Madison objects that should be submitted to the State Journal just so the Journal can be fully exposed as the lunatic fringe Progressive tool they’ve become when they virtue signal to the hordes of social justice warriors by rejecting the photo.


  2. Kooter says:

    I bailed on our WSJ subscription years ago after reaching one of the editors, imploring for more balance in the reporting. His response?: “that’s above my pay grade”. Got a free copy on the lane yesterday with a flyer and discounted subscription rate. Took me 5 mins to read cover to cover, including the local sports page with best golf scores, etc. Pretty sad. I’ll pass but at least I have something to start the charcoal chimney for the grill!


    • Normwegian says:

      Ya, we bailed, too. Used my neighbor’s account to read the e-edition. 3 months ago got a call, $40 for 3 months, now my three month are up, so I called to bitch about the new higher rate. They agree to another $40 deal. Now I’ll have fireplace starter fuel.


  3. Blaska wrote, “John Nichols’ bullhorn used during Act 10 intifada.”

    “Act 10 intifada”?

    I know this is a bit of a deflection; but, calling that an “Act 10 intifada” brings up a relevant correlation as presented below.

    Using the current bastardized standards promoted by the political left and others where they define a modern political protest where a few protesters rioted and occupied a capitol building as being an “insurrection”; shouldn’t what took place during the Act 10 protest and subsequent occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol building and where the elected Democratic Party politicians illegally and intentionally left the state to prevent the legislature from voting on Act 10, shouldn’t that all be defined as an insurrection using the “new” bastardized standards?

    Shouldn’t all those that took part in the Act 10 “insurrection” still be in jail, including the politicians that broke the law, and have a permanent records for their treasonous actions?

    From my point of view; the purpose of both the Act 10 and the January 6th protests was to publicly voice opposition to something that was going to be voted on in the legislature/congress and some individuals took it upon themselves to “riot” and tried to prevent the vote from taking place by occupying the capitol buildings. I suppose there is a difference in the perceived levels of violence associated with each riot and the fact that the Republicans politicians in the United States Congress didn’t illegally leave the country to intentionally prevent the vote from happening like the Democratic Party Representatives did in Wisconsin, but the core purpose and subsequent actions are definitively the same or very, very similar in nature.

    There are similar correlations that can be made about social justice protests that have turned into riots.

    Can someone help me understand why there is a glaring hypocritical double standard when it comes to these kinds of actions from the political left and similar actions from the political right?

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here are a couple of nominations that sprang instantly to mind for Madison in 108 Objects: 1) The mural celebrating race hatred on the side of Neuhauser’s Pharmacy on the corner of Monroe and Harrison; 2) The Memorial Union art gallery stripped of the name of Porter Butts (for the same reason the Memorial Union Play Circle was stripped of the name of Frederic March).


  5. Mordecai The Red says:

    Here are some more:

    1. Salmon-colored Hawaiian shirts
    2. Spent cartridges in the Arboretum
    3. Plywood
    4. Interactive art exhibits at the Overture Center
    5. Keith Furman’s headset
    6. Mike Koval’s resignation letter
    7. Devonare Johnson’s baseball bat
    8. Jeremy’s Segway
    9. Max Prestagiacomo’s public service announcements
    10. Paul Soglin’s mustache

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      One more:

      11. Flaming dumpsters outside city hall to signify when the Common Council is in a meeting. Also doubles as a receptacle for your tax dollars.


  6. MadTownGuy says:

    You left out the street cam video of Althea Bernstein.


  7. El Dutche' says:

    Lemming liberals following even the worst of policies off a cliff.


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