Giving the market what it wants!

That’s our motto at The Werkes!

Our friendly acquaintances at the Wisconsin State Journal did not take kindly to Tuesday’s thrilling episode of Blaska Policy Werkes. There is no paper on the driveway at the Stately Manor this morning. No Soup for You!

To be honest (a strategy we employ when all else fails), our deliverer warned us of a delivery suspension. To compound our misery, she delivers the Wall Street Journal, also. Sometimes. Which illustrates the problem of distributing a clutch of paper throughout greater Dane County whilst burning $4/gallon gasoline. (Let’s go, Brandon!)

Our Wall Street Journal never had but one cartoon — the one-frame Pepper and Salt. Maybe they could pick up Dilbert? (It’s subversively conservative!)

To fill the void, the Werkes presents today’s family friendly comics:

What’s YOUR favorite comic strip?

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9 Responses to Giving the market what it wants!

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    No paper this a.m. at the Gotchberg Compound, either; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    To soften the disappointment, the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch whipped up a bunch of her signature BLTs, replete with an intoxicatingly delicious Ananas Noire/Black Pineapple Heirloom Tomato, a marvelous tri-color cultivar started from seed 50 weeks ago to the day at The Gotchberg Organic Gardens And Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium

    Cartoons? IMO, Mallard Fillmore is a great comic, as is Born Loser, Dilbert, Herman, Andy Capp, The Wizard Of Id, B.C. Calvin-n-Hobbes, and Pearls Before Swine, to name a few.

    Though The Gotch must confess the certain…um…allure of Li’L Abner…for the…er…larger-than-life-force of Daisy Mae…

    Anywho, but it starts-n-ends with Gary Larson’s The Far Side, which has made a comeback…kinda.

    The Gotch


  2. David Blaska says:

    Don’t forget Nancy and Sluggo! Paragons for the Youth of Today!
    Nancy and Sluggo cartoon characters


  3. Steve says:

    Paper was 20 minutes late at the Clark Corral.


  4. Lars says:

    Normal delivery time at the Manor is 2:30am.
    Thanks for making my decision to pass on the 🐟 fish wrap the right one.


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