The Werkes cracks the case wide open!

Our exclusive report! 

Blaska Policy Werkes was astounded to learn He  & nbsp;   &  & nbsp;      certainly don’t know yet if it’                            e how much Donald Trump had to do with o                      JFK Junior to reverse Roe                    te          ra or what Roger Stone Laurence to Hillary Clinton — but it’s a game changer!

Even so, what Tim Michels XX          XXX is consequential. It not only represents                in American constitutional law. It’s important to understand that Tony Evers               e which rights we should        . But the trove of e-mail traffic implicates indicate an easy in to the crime. Because t               in the documents themselves.

If what XXX told us is true, it could up-end November’s elections, paving the way for                           ! It’s no wonder Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, Mayor Satya, and Progressive Dane … i                    were             !

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What do YOU think?

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15 Responses to The Werkes cracks the case wide open!

  1. One eye says:

    You don’t say!


  2. pANTIFArts says:

    Looks like a job for my “Official Q-Anon Secret Decoder Ring”.


  3. Bob says:

    The new way our government is going communicate with the masses from now on. It’s like listening to President Biden speak and trying to figure out what he said. Bring back the government response from 70’s and 80’s ” It’s on a need to know basis”.


  4. Meade Laurence says:

    Should’ve redacted the words “we” and “you.” Intelligence assets have now been compromised by your criminal recklessness. Sources say.

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  5. richard lesiak says:

    It reads like a Gableman court filing.


  6. Kooter says:

    Funny… sad.


  7. Madtownforsure says:

    Too bad we have to see police chiefs blog, crime stoppers to see just how bad the crime is here in mad city. Would not want local media to ruin their story telling of what a great city we have for bikes and families. Just never hope you don’t get car jacked and beaten same time here. You will never see the news on our locals.


  8. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    The shut-in TROLT/GEEZER Blogge Idiot has less-than-nothing to say, yet stammers out a laughably off-topic, incoherent slobbering nonetheless?


    The Gotch


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