Madison continues war on police

Tears for fears?

Across the nation, “Defund the Police” may have lost more value than Bitcoin but progressives in Madison WI are still trying to handcuff the police. ACAB, doncha know!

The city Public Safety Review Committee voted 4 to 1 Wednesday 08-10-22 to recommend banning the use of tear gas and pepper spray by police. The ban would be intended to cover responding law enforcement agencies giving mutual aid, thereby removing yet another non-lethal tool from the police officer’s belt. The proposed ordinance is sponsored by Ald. Juliana Bennett (UW Campus, Progressive Dane), It goes to the Common Council on 09-06-22. It reads:

Creating Section 5.17 of the Madison General Ordinances to prohibit the Madison Police Department and law enforcement responding under mutual aid from using tear gas, mace, impact projectile devices or other chemical agent for the purposes of crowd control.

Voting with Bennett in support of the ban were Ald. Brian Benford, Aisha Moe, and Brenda Konkel (Progressive Dane). Only Vincent Cha, a new member of the committee, voted against. Co-chairs Johnnie Milton and Matthew Giesfeldt were absent.

The committee found a fellow named Greg Geboski persuasive. On the street for one of the 2020 riots, Geboski described tear gas as being unpleasant. “I got it right in my face. I was with a number of other people. … within a couple feet where the tear gas was let off. … From what was described, they were near a looted building. There was a crowd, an angry crowd … The police just let off tear gas.”

The Public Safety Review Committee found Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes less persuasive.

“I do not support this resolution.” Neither, the chief related, do the County Sheriff’s Association and the WI Professional Police Officers Association. Chief Barnes continued:

PD Chief Shon Barnes

“We are at a very crucial point in American policing. There are harmful effects of tear gas … but sometimes those harmful effects have to be weighed against the greater good. [The propossed ordinance] will gravely effect our ability to provide safety. This resolution will alienate our police department from other law enforcement partners when we need them the most. …

“This ordinance  … is regressivel it is not progressive. … We ask a lot of our law enforcement community … We’re not Portland or Seattle or any other city.”

Even if the City of Madison bans tear gas, candidate for county sheriff Anthony Hamilton said the ordinance would not bind the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, which is mandated by statute to “suppress all affrays, routs, riots, unlawful assemblies, and insurrections.” The sheriff, Hamilton added in written testimony, “has the constitutional authority to determine how to carry out those duties throughout the entire county.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Wonder what tune city leaders would sing if it had been Proud Boys and Oath Keepers busting up State Street and Capitol Square instead of Antifa and BLM.

How do YOU think will alders vote on the ban?

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17 Responses to Madison continues war on police

  1. One eye says:

    I get it’s an offhand comment but bitcoin price has more than doubled since the 2020 riots, even after it’s most recent fall. And more importantly bitcoin may be the magical cure for society’s ills brought on by our fiat money system.

    As for tear gas, in 2020 it seemed like the antifa types looked forward to it and showed up armed with their spray bottles of milk. How will they show they’re “making a difference” if they’re not gassed? Was antifa even consulted on this policy?


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “Was antifa even consulted on this policy?”


      Unless they outnumber you by at least 50 to 1, they are ‘nadlessly non-threatening. One thing blacks, Whites, Women, Men, Muslims, Atheists, Christians, et al, all have in common? There are sundry YouTube videos of them KICKING THE $#!T OUT OF ANTIFA.

      The average Antifa POS is a pasty, doughy-soft, low-testosterone, college-aged male incel (think younger [Not 75!] versions of the flaccidly enfeebled Blogge Idiot) who has never done manual labor or been in a fight, but will sucker-punch a girl or smack a senior citizen with a bike lock; as long as he’s wearing a mask and in a crowd of at least 50 like-minded pu$$ie$, that is.

      However, yell ‘boo’ and they scatter like despicable Lefty vermin. They generally don’t vote and are too stupid to know what a ‘fascist’ is or what the word ‘Nazi’ is an abbreviation of.

      These gutless morons have officially passed the pu$$ies from Power Rangers to claim the title of Least Threatening Minions in Ninja Outfits.

      The Gotch

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      The shut-in TROLT, imbecilically illiterate Blogge Idiot opens his maw and succeeds in removing_all_doubt?


      The Gotch

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  2. Bob says:

    Maybe as the city de funds the police and leave them with no tools for crowd(riot) control they can hire more Ambassadors to talk people to go home. They should have PHMDC show how to handle crowd control like they are handling violence in the city. More money for the Woke. Less for the police.


  3. richard lesiak says:

    Good-bye Gableman; you douch.


  4. Lowell Mays says:

    Let the police be police. The input from c”citizen” reps in not from me. L. Mays 233-1391.


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    I wonder how Progressive Dane would like it if a bunch of people in a riot, came to their office at Williamson and Few St. and smashed in their windows and looted their offices?

    I wonder how Ald. Juliana Bennett would like it if a bunch of people showed up at the next city council meeting and roughed up her and Alders Brian Benford, Aisha Moe, and Brenda Konkel as they left the building?

    In either case, would they then want tear gas to be made available to the police in order to protect them?

    And by the way, I’m not asking for any of the above to happen. I just wanted to take the perspective of a small store owner. Having your store windows smashed by rioters, then having your store looted, when you have invested your whole life in that store, is something personal, not just business.

    There is a purpose for the law. That is to keep the innocent safe and to punish the bad behavior by the evil or self righteous when in either case it gets to the point of looting and rioting. We need to properly equip our police and fire departments to be able to do their jobs, with the safety of those officers a priority.

    If the council takes away the right of the police to use tear gas, when the next riot comes and their are many more police injured, or God forbid, killed. Will the alders who are voting for this stupid idea pay for the claims against the city by those officers or their families?

    And just why are they taking away the right of our police department to use tear gas when I have not heard of any of the alders or Mayor or County Exec. or Governor object to the I.R.S. hiring 87,000 new I.R.S. agents who WILL be armed, to run around and harass we the people for more and more money to feed the ever growing federal leviathan? How many of those 87,000 new ARMED agents will be roaming the streets of Madison?

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    • richard lesiak says:

      That 87,000 armed agents are being hired is all BS.


      • Bill Cleary says:


        Prove it!


        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          Waste of your time, BC.

          The Blogge Idiot only frequents sites which make bank catering to breathtakingly imbecilic dullards who’ll never question anything they see posted, fact-based Reality be damned.

          It’s called Magical Lefty Thinking; so dim-witted is your garden variety despicable Lefty that they believe that if they just THINK something, it magically becomes TRUE in their laughably puerile minds.

          FFsS; imagine someone so mind-numbingly clueless that they think properly spelled words are mispelled (sic)…?

          The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          “IRS Budget and Workforce. Washington Post. Time. US Dept of Treasury.” Just to name a few. 87,00 phased in by 2031. Replacements for those retiring, new customer service people, IT specialists, etc. est; 50,000 retiring employees in the next 5 years alone. IRS has been slowly defunded by the gop for years. Now they are being brought up to date again. At the most 7,000 will be armed. Don’t worry Bill, you can still lie about how much you give to the church. Free advice; stop drinking the kool-aid


        • richard lesiak says:

          I always question what you post fakename because it’s all BS. You never post anything of interest anyway. Today it looks like your caretaker forgot to lock up your computer.


  6. Peter Anderson says:

    Who will abandon their party first, that is the question!


  7. Bill Cleary says:


    I am who I am. I am Bill Cleary who lives in Madison and has lived and worked in Madison for the last 40 plus years. I am who I am. In those last 40+ years I have worked with my hands for a living as a dishwasher, bus boy, day laborer, a barn painter, cleaner, bartender, and a maintenance man. I am who I am. I do not go by a fake name.

    Hate me for what I think, but at least give me the courtesy to allow me the freedom of expressing myself and my disagreements with the current administrative state on all levels, as I will grant you the same consideration to speak either positively or negatively about our current or past administrations on a federal, state and city administration levels.

    I want a more Americentric form of government that believes in the rights of all individuals before the right of those who control the administrative state.

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