Madison progressives still resist police protection

Students remain unprotected

Fair usage excerpts from former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz at his most excellent blog:

In the last school year Madison police were called 640 times to Madison’s four high schools. That’s an average of about 3.5 times a day or almost once per day to each school. According to a story in this morning’s Wisconsin State Journal the breakdown is 220 calls to East, 158 to La Follette, 170 to Memorial and 92 to West.

In addition to the raw numbers there were several serious and dangerous incidents. … All this happened in the first full in-person school year without school resource [police] officers …

Now, Police Chief Shon Barnes has proposed assigning a neighborhood officer to the areas around each of the schools. They would not be stationed inside of the schools, which was the objection offered so aggressively by the radical activist group Freedom, Inc.

In a sane world you’d think that the Superintendent, the Board, the Mayor and the City Council would rush to support Barnes’ proposal. But this is Madison, so you’d be wrong about that. …

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3 Responses to Madison progressives still resist police protection

  1. anderson says:

    Makes me wonder whether my once close political friends have been replaced by pods.

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  2. Bill Cleary says:

    So if the the Superintendent, the Board, the Mayor and the City Council don’t station police officers near the high schools and there is a mass school shooting inside one of those high schools with many dead and wounded, can the parents of the dead and wounded students sue the the Superintendent, the Board, the Mayor and the City Council?

    After all, it is not like this never happens in America today.

    Just asking.


  3. Peter Anderson says:

    Mike there was another point to underscore, recalling that after a year during which Freedom Inc disrupted Board meetings, physically threatened others who disagreed, and went to Gloria’s house chanting early in the morning, Muldrow publicly thanked the group for being such a constructive force in the District.

    With their now hemming and hawing as it becomes apparent that the group’s demands have been a disaster, but being petrified to admit the whole escapade has been a disaster for fear of getting on the wrong side of Freedom Inc., they have made manifest that it is Freedom Inc, not the Board, not the District Administration, not the parents, nor the taxpayers, who run Madison’s schools.

    I think I’ll say that. -p


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