Hire this man to guard Uvalde schools

Schools in Madison WI, too!

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11 Responses to Hire this man to guard Uvalde schools

  1. fritzderkat says:

    That oughta teach him.
    ‘course, so many nuts around anymore, ya never know for sure.


  2. Bob says:

    Another man with a gun stops a crime.

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  3. Montgomery Scott says:

    If this happened in LA or NYC, not only would the liquor store owner be under arrest, but he would be investigated for a hate crime on a minority. A month ago, this would be a flippant remark. But after Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg charged bodega worker Jose Alba with 2nd Degree Murder when in actuality he stabbed his assailant in self-defense after several requests by Alba to stop the assault. This despite obvious video and audio from several security cameras that the whole world was seeing as Alba was locked up at Rikers Island on Bragg’s orders.

    I noticed the Riverside County Sheriff’s office press release prominently said “In this case, a lawfully armed member of our community prevented a violent crime” to describe what the liquor store owner did. Also, I hope that the sheriff’s department has issued a citation to the driver of the getaway BMW SUV for parking in a disabled spot at the liquor store if the driver didn’t have a valid disabled parking permit. Hey, it’s all on video. Also, if the driver owns a BMW SUV, why in the hell is he knocking over a liquor store? Oh, yeah, gas prices. I forget that gas prices in Cali make gas prices here in God’s Country of WI look like a bargain. On the other hand, since he is knocking over a liquor store, maybe he is driving the Beemer without the titled owner’s permission…

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    • Jeff Guinn says:

      ” Also, if the driver owns a BMW SUV, why in the hell is he knocking over a liquor store?”

      The BMW was stolen.


  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    A Zero Sum Ethicist would say the 80-year-old should have taken a extra micro-second in order to concentrate on aiming at center mass, which would have eliminated all the BAD that would ensue from that POS going forward.

    Them there other ghetto/gutter thugs was young, so let’s take it a step further; pump a 12 gauge slug into the gas-tank of that stolen vehicle.

    Predictable results suggest that would eliminate those remaining PsOS, ergo, the exponential number future criminal/cradle-to-grave PsOS of their issue/influence.

    A Zero Sum Ethicist would see this as a Net Gain!

    The Gotch would be quick to agree!

    The Gotch

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  5. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Angered that someone older than him is a productive member of society, the illiterate 75 year-old, shut-in-troll Blogge Idiot has less-than-nothing to say, yet despite all that, stumble/bumble/mumbles an incoherent slobbering?


    The Gotch


    • fritzderkat says:

      Have the Gotch and Blogge Idiot ever met? Ever had a beer together? If Obie were still president, they could sit down in the garden with him.

      I want to see the tape.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Coupla questions, fdk; what would be the upside to granting an audience to someone:
      *Who’s threatened you with bodily harm on numerous occasions
      *Who thinks Juicy (sic) Smollett is innocent
      *Who thought Nathan Sandmann was guilty
      *Who LUVS the irredeemably RAYcist Hopeless Changey
      *Whose 2024 Dream Ticket is Beto O’Dork & 0CRAZY0-Cortez
      *Whose posts reference Vos/Gableman/Truuuuump because…welp…just because.
      *Who refuses to acknowledge a fact-base Universe/Reality…ad nauseum/ad infinitum.

      There IS no apparent upside. Why? Because nonesuch exists.

      FF‘sS, Blogge Idiot thinks The Gotch raises beans!

      Anywho, were The Gotch to cross paths with the Blogge Idiot, he might remember those gutless threats, and see fit to supply knowledge that would never darken nor grow dim.

      The Gotch


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