Ballot drop boxes are illegal

… not the ballots cast in them

Our liberal acquaintances (for they ARE our acquaintances) value good intentions above actual legislative authority. Which is why, for the past 50 years, they have invested their intellectual capital into the courts and administrative agencies, rather than winning hearts and minds — and votes. Another manifestation of the progressive principle of Rule by Expert

Easier to place one savant on the bench than elect two to the legislature. Which is why next April’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election is so vital. On a 4-3 decision, our high court ruled that ballot drop boxes are illegal. (Swing justice Brian Hagedorn calls them as he sees them!)

Hyper-excitable liberal justice Ann Walsh Bradley shrieks that the majority decision “erects yet another barrier for voters to exercise this sacred right.” How many times have liberal judges ruled on what they think the law should say rather than what it actually does? Wisconsin statute is unambiguous:   

“Absentee ballots shall be mailed by the elector or delivered in person to the municipal clerk.”

The majority opinion confirmed, “An inanimate object, such as a ballot drop box, cannot be the municipal clerk. … Good intentions never override the law.” (Can we inscribe that on some marble archway?) 

The court’s decision is a rebuke to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, yet another agency that made law instead of administering it. In West Virginia v. EPA, the U.S. Supreme Court last week ruled the federal Clean Air Act does not give the Environmental Protection Agency authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. If one thinks the EPA should do so, write the statute. Kevin D. Williamson writes in National Review:  

Until Dobbs, progressives had been confident that they could rely on the Supreme Court to make policy for them in those cases … in which they are unable to rely on Democrats to implement progressive policies by the ordinary means of winning elections and passing laws. [instead of] a practically unlimited administrative state.

The Always Trumpers exult

The Sore Loser of 2020 tweeted, “This means I won the very closely contested (not actually!) Wisconsin Presidential race.” It means no such thing. His assumption are flawed by assuming: a) only Biden voters drop ballots in the boxes; and b) the votes were not real ballots cast by actual voters.

Mr. Trump lost Wisconsin by 20,682 votes, and he lagged the state’s GOP Congressmen by 63,547. Split tickets by Republicans more than explain why Mr. Trump fell short. Drop boxes were an unlawful delivery method, but if real Wisconsinites put real ballots into them, as instructed by local officials, that isn’t “fraud.”Wall Street Journal.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Disenfranchising those voters because they deferred to the authority of their election clerks, who in turn followed Wisconsin Elections Commission guidance, however flawed, only worsens a wrong. 

What do YOU think?

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22 Responses to Ballot drop boxes are illegal

  1. mapkp says:

    As an election worker, it seems to me that encouraging people to vote and making it as easy as possible is good policy. Having said that, we (at least our township) has always been scrupulous following the law, even when it’s vague. That’s our responsibility to our voters and the process. Those politicians casting doubt on the process for political gain are despicable.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      What about those politicians casting doubt on the process not because of the outcome but because the process itself was refashioned by and for Democrats in 2020?


      • mapkp says:

        As Dave has pointed out, the ballots were still valid ballots. As subsequent investigations have also validated as well.


  2. Bill Cleary says:


    I am submitting this to you and everyone else for your consideration.

    Click to access jeff-odonnell-wisconsin-registration-indicators-and-warnings-final-v4.pdf

    As my father used to point out: “People vote with their wallets.” And: “All politics is local” The economy was good back then, why did so many people vote for Biden when so many people voted for the Republicans as their elected representatives in the House and Senate?

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    • richard lesiak says:

      You ask WHY people voted as they did? I’ll tell you why. Because they knew that trump is a nutbag fool grifter. That’s why.


      • Bill Cleary says:


        Nice try, but no logical reason. Again I say, why would all these people who supposedly voted for Biden, vote for Republicans in the House and Senate?

        Why are there 9 people registered to vote that are registered to vote for 120 years or longer? Why are there 121,251 people registered to vote for the last 110-119 years?

        Even if you take the voting age at 18 which it has not always been in my lifetime, you have to accept the fact that it is almost impossible that so many people can be 139 years of age and many, many more that are 128 years or older?

        I happen to know something about the population of older people as I work at a retirement community.

        I don’t have a single resident that is 128-139 years of age. (Although my grand mother did live to 104.}

        I also have a person I know that went to the same high school that I did. This person’s father has been totally incapacitated for many, many years and yet he “voted” in the 2016 election.

        I have to ask myself, just how many other people “voted” in that election who were voting from the grave or voted while completely unable to understand the issues or be able to pick a candidate of their choice.

        I would say the same thing if the Repub’s had pulled the same thing.

        I used to live right outside of Chicago and know all to well how the “Daily Machine” worked for the Dem’s.


        • richard lesiak says:

          In response to your fox news statistics I direct you back to my post. Trump sucks. Everyone knew it, the courts found nothing. I know people who voted who don’t understand s@#t. But; they are Americans and can vote. Voted while ” incapacitated”? So what. That’s why we make an effort to help the disabled carry out their right to vote. Why don’t you ask Walker why he didn’t require the voter rolls to be updated. Being registered to vote and actually doing it are two different things. How old was your grannie when she last voted. Did you help her get to the polls or did you mail in her ballot yourself?


        • Cliff Johnson says:

          I don’t know why I bother to reply to posts like this, because people like you are generally idiots and cannot be persuaded.

          As far as your first sentence, “Why would all of these people who supposedly voted for Biden, vote for Republicans in the house and senate?”

          I have news for you “Einstein”; people like me are the reason!!! I am a republican. I have voted for republicans my entire life. And I voted for republicans in the last election… except for Donald Trump! I voted for Biden!!

          Why did I vote for Biden? Did I agree with his policies? No!! I voted for him because, unlike Trump, he is not a nutjob. Biden is not a threat to my way of life, or my children’s, or my grandchildren’s. Trump is!! He is a narcissistic asshole who cares about nothing other than himself.

          He has no philosophy regarding governing or economics. He has no moral compass. I’ve lost track of how many wives he’s had or how many porn stars he’s paid off. God, the dumbass wasn’t even a republican until a few years ago. All he wants his power. And, he will do absolutely anything, including destroying the American way of life, to get it for himself.

          This country survived, in fact even thrived, under democratic rule under Clinton and Obama. I don’t think it would survive another 4 years under Trump.

          So… I will vote all republican again the next election (though I’m wavering on Ron Johnson, because I hate to reward stupidity), but If Trump is the republican nominee, I will vote for whoever opposes him – even if it’s Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders (because even if their policies are anathema to me, at least they believe in America and democracy).

          Trump has only himself to blame for his loss in the last election. He lost because a lot of people like me who otherwise voted republican could not bring themselves to vote for a POS like Trump under any circumstance.

          The same thing will happen in the next presidential election if Republican primary voters are stupid enough to nominate this loser again.


        • David Blaska says:

          Thought I’d heard it all. Please provide a source for your 128-year-old voter claim.


    • David Blaska says:

      Actually, the economy was in lockdown. But to answer your question, they voted against Trump. They left the presidential line empty.


      • Mark Lemberger says:

        Baloney. The presidential candidate pulls far more votes down ballot than the other way around. Trump was pulling large fired up crowds while Joe and the Ho could not fill a phone booth. If you did not leave the Trump line empty why would anyone else?


  3. Gary L.. Kriewald says:

    I’m old enough to remember those “Impeach Earl Warren” billboards that used to grace the highways of this great land back in the ’60s. How smug liberals loved to sneer at the fanatical right-wing nut-cases who would dare to question the sanctity of the Supreme Court (when its rulings were predictably liberal). Now the descendants of those smug liberals want to pack the court and harass Justices who fail to vote to their satisfaction. Those long-ago calls to impeach a Supreme Court Justice now seem quaint when compared to the left’s current tactics.


  4. David Gerard says:

    Those “Impeach Earl Warren” billboards were put up by the John Birch Society.

    And I’m old enough to remember Barry Goldwater and Bill Buckley ( throwing them (Birchers) out of the Republican Party in 1962.


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    There are a lot of people who are concerned with the direction of this country has been taking. Many of them were concerned as bar back as the early 1960’s. I remember reading Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “The Gulag Archipelago” in my youth of 16 or 17 years of age. Absolute power comes from absolute pride which comes from a belief that you are the absolute power in the universe. You are not. God, indeed, is the absolute power in the universe.

    We, just mere humans are not!

    Joe Biden, as you have favored the abortion lobby, you will, in God’s good time find that out! I pray that you will repent of your sins before you die.

    I say that as a sinner who stands in God’s judgement myself. I hate the sins that I have against my soul. I can only ask Almighty God to forgive those in power of their sins.



  6. Bill Cleary says:


    If these figures are true, how could so many people vote at 128-139 years of age? I have to ask as I can’t figure out how 100,000 plus people voted for Biden at that age.

    Just seems to contrived to me that so many people who voted were 128-139 years of age voted in the 2020 election.


  7. Bill Cleary says:


    In that last post I indicated that 128,000 people who were older than 128 voted for Biden. What I should have stated is that 128,000 people who were older than 128 voted. Something that I find is impossible.


  8. Kooter says:

    Bill and Mark: there you go again with facts. Dick don’t like ’em and Blaska, well they dont support his narrative, in this case anyway.


    • Mark Lemberger says:

      And all them Zuckerbucks in swing counties don’t spend themselves you know.


      • mapkp says:

        The funding our township received from Dane County covered plexiglass partitions for election workers, gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. Since the latter was from a distillery we did wonder if it might have other uses… 😉


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