“We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.”

With a little help from his friends!

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7 Responses to  “We’ve got lots of theories, we just don’t have the evidence.”

  1. richard lesiak says:

    If a connection between Rudy and ROJO comes out it’s bye bye Ronnie


  2. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    For some time now, American politics has been similar to Cher’s marriage to Gregg Allman. As she herself described their brief union: “It was like doing Disneyland on acid.”

    RIP, Gregg.

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  3. richard lesiak says:

    I have a feeling thar rojo’s staff is gathering at a local pub to discuss their next career moves. I still believe that there are still real conservatives out there. They need to stand up and take their party back.


  4. One eye says:

    Higgs Boson?


  5. Real(77)ity says:

    Evidence? Who needs evidence? Everyone knows the election was stolen and Trump actually won in a landslide. This Rusty Bower guy must be a lying commie. The chair of the WI Assembly’s election committee Janel Brandtjen has much better information (and she’s not a commie).

    Here in Wisconsin, we have a very capable, but mild-mannered and impartial investigator turning up important new evidence every day. And the bill so far is less than a million bucks!

    Run, Trump, run.


  6. AdamC says:

    Didn’t you hear? Overthrowing U.S. systems of governance and threatening insurrection against federal courts is now a-ok.

    Prepare for another Summer of Love to Hate.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      “Prepare for another Summer of Love to Hate.”

      C’mon AC, is it beyond the realm of possibility that they might take a little time off for fiery but mostly peaceful attempts to pack the court…?

      Anywho, despicable Lefty p!$$ants are like two-year-olds with poopy pants when they don’t get their way.

      Their way tilts in the direction of 3rd World $#!tholes where justices are compelled to adjudicate legal proceedings while wearing hoods…necessary to prevent them from being identified which would put themselves and their families in harm’s way.

      Lefty Mantra: Your Speech Is Hatred…Our Hatred Is Speech!

      The Gotch


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