The Republican swamp is getting crowded

Who ya’ calling a weasel?

Virtually every Republican on the ballot is running against Washington or, if they’re a candidate for state office here in Wisconsin, they’re running against Madison. Which is shorthand for running against the Establishment.

Superseding MAGA, the new Republican battle cry is “Drain the Swamp!

Drain the Madison swamp not just of Tony Evers and its infamous Woke Wobblies, but “establishment” Republicans! They’re snakes and weasels! Which should make next weekend’s state party convention interesting (The Head Groundskeeper is a delegate), because it’s in Middleton — which is almost Madison, right?

Pogo "The enemy is us"One such anti-Madison swamp drainer is Wauwautosa blogger and party activist Paris Procopis. He levels the toxic epithet “establishment” against Rebecca Kleefisch, the acknowledged front-runner for the party’s gubernatorial nomination. Procopis asks,How can she be against the very Madison ‘snakes and weasels’ who are trying to change the rules and working to clear the field for her … when they endorse her campaign?

Is Kleefisch insufficiently pro-cop? Most of the county sheriffs endorse Kleefisch. Those “snakes and weasels”? U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany? Not business friendly? Then why does the WMC endorse? Not pro-life? Go tell WI Right to Life.)

There IS the sense that Republican party leadership favors Kleefisch, who has labored in the vineyards (or is it “swamps”) in the last four years since her eight years as lieutenant governor to Scott Walker, who also endorses Becky. (His boy Matt is Becky’s campaign political director.) The Werkes does not leave Becky off the hook. She’s out with her own “Drain the Swamp” meme:

With the power of the grassroots, we can truly drain the Madison swamp.

The Lost Cause myth?

The Werkes suspects insufficient Trumpiness is the source of all this snake and weasel talk. Republicans running for Congress seem to loathe Mitch McConnell almost as much as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The Republican Senate leader is a “back stabber” for not parroting Donald Trump’s stolen election myth. Many state Republicans are after Assembly Speaker Robin Vos for “handcuffing” Mike Gableman’s snipe hunt for fraudulent votes, as this social media meme suggests. That’s the Procopis line:

Where has she been since November 2020? … she should have been screaming it from the mountain tops  … about how the 2020 election was rigged.

If it was. The latest “proof” of a stolen election is that thoroughly debunked 2000 Mules propaganda video. The My Pillow guy now accuses Ukraine and Alito of conspiring to draw attention away from the stolen election myth.

To which, we can only add: given all the conspiracy theories: the bamboo ballots, voting machines jiggered by Hugo Chavez, and now the geo-tracking of supposed ballot harvesters — don’t you think some conspirator, somewhere, would be caught boasting — to co-workers, on social media, somewhere?! — how they helped steal the election for Sleepy Joe?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Yes, everyone is an outsider who, when you think about it, wants very much to become an insider. If a stolen election is your theme, you’ll be crying about your own stolen election after November.

Are you swamped?

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10 Responses to The Republican swamp is getting crowded

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    If Becky K is the best Republicans in this state can muster for a gubernatorial candidate, then get set for another four years of (mis)rule by that miserable old scarecrow in the governor’s office. What did she accomplish in eight years as Lieutenant Governor? Or in the four years since she left office? Kevin Nicholson or Tim Michels would be a far better choice. My dream candidate is Mike Gallagher, but I suspect he has his sights set on a higher office (for which he’d be eminently qualified).


    • David Blaska says:

      What did she accomplish as Lt.Governor? Act 10, for starters. Beating back the recall. School choice. Right to work. Concealed carry. I could go on. What did she accomplish while out of office? You’re kidding, right?

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      • Real(77)ity says:

        Don’t forget Becky’s Foxconn con.

        Gallagher is the most electable of the whole bunch. Scruffy Michels wouldn’t have a chance against Mikey.


        • One eye says:

          Personally I don’t think Lieutenant Governors do shit but yes if someone gives her credit for Act 10 then she gets to own the Foxconn disaster as well.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        I would credit Scott Walker with these achievements, not her. Standing by and cheerleading while someone else does the heavy lifting doesn’t count as leadership in my book. He would have accomplished all this without her.


  2. richard lesiak says:

    bring in trump and nuggent to have a rally. that will fix the win for sure. It’s all about the guns. more, bigger, anyone over 12 has open carry.


  3. old baldy says:

    Woe is me as Gallagher my US Rep. While endlessly pointing out he is an ex-marine, he stood up to trump for less time than I spend in walmart. A good looking YOUNG white guy, (and a MARINE by golly!), most certainly true, but he has proven to be yet another trump sycophant, and sure doesn’t represent most of the blue collar folks here in the hinterlands. I doubt he knows what the term “blue collar” means.


    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      @hankdog/old baldy;

      “and (he) sure doesn’t represent most of the blue collar folks here in the hinterlands.”

      Then you guys have something in common! Oh the deeply viscid irony, am I right?

      The Gotch


  4. old baldy says:



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