What’s bugging Wisconsin, Gilbert Grape?

Wisconsin is pro-(school) choice! 

Maybe their stethoscope is all stuffed up, but when the good pollsters at Marquette Law School asked Wisconsin voters their concerns, they skipped the kinds of issues that gets Paul Fanlund’s keyboard fingers to twitching.

Global warming? Not even warm. Forgive college debts? Forget it! Equity, inclusion, and diversity? Perversity! Tinkers to Evers? Not a chance. This is what concerns Wisconsin, to varying degrees:

Level of concern



Not too

Not at all






Public education





Illegal immigration





Crime in your community





Coronavirus pandemic





Marquette Law School Poll 04-27-22

Crime concerns just over half respondents; more so in the City of Milwaukee than any where else, where 37% do not feel safe in their daily lives.

Notice that 87% of respondents in the esteemed Marquette Law School Poll are concerned about public education, albeit 66% say that concern translates into satisfaction. A substantial one-third, however, are not happy about their K-12 schools.  

Illegal immigration is a surprise, given how far we are from the Mexican border. Maybe the Canucks give us the heebie jeebies. As for the coronavirus, Republicans are unmasking (if they ever did). Last September, 49% thought Covid was a serious problem; now only 16% do. Just over half (51%) of Democrats are fretting, down from 90% six months ago.

The big surprise of the poll is the support for school vouchers for students to attend private or religious schools statewide — without family income limits! 58% just say YES!  It is opposed by 33%. It’s a jump ball between those who say spend more on public education — 50% — and the 46% who would rather reduce property taxes. “Preference for school spending reached its peak in 2018 and has declined since,” the pollsters relate.

Should Trump run in 2024?






Lean Republican






Lean Democrat






Marquette Law School Poll 04-27-22

Respondents remain unhappy with the direction of the state, with 36% saying the state is headed in the right direction and 56% saying the state is off on the wrong track. Views of the direction of the state turned sharply downward during 2020. 

Speaking of Tinker to Evers, the incumbent governor’s favorables are decent: 47%, unfavorables 42% holding fairly steady over the past two years. The Republican legislature is upside down, 38% approve; 47% do not — also holding fairly steady.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Joe Biden’s numbers remain underwater at 44 – 55%, which suggests Republicans will run against Washington as much as it will Tony Evers.

Have you been probed?

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17 Responses to What’s bugging Wisconsin, Gilbert Grape?

  1. Interestingly the Independent values for whether Trump should run in 2024 (29 yes, 71 no) are close to the average values from the chart of 33% yes and 67% no.

    In my opinion Trump should not run, we need a far better politician and a more ethical person than him.

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    • Balboa says:

      I agree and disagree, the only reason is I want the G.O.P to finally get someone that can outmaneuver him and beat him at his own game. I do not want another wishy washy candidate more concerned over pomp and circumstance than someone that can fight with a better use of the English language explaining viewpoints without constant petty personal attacks or name calling. I want someone that can withstand hurricane force headwinds and do so with sharp and soul crushing wit. The only person I can see that is skilled enough so far is Ron DeSantis. 2024 is so far off at this point in time and lots can and will change in that time period. I am way more concerned about 2022 for the state of WI and splitting power Federally. Trump will play a part in 2022 midterms, to the disdain of the head groundskeeper. I will even say some of his backed candidates will win and some will lose it is the dynamics of this midterm season. Get your popcorn out, it will be a bumpy ride until November.


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    But, but, but, but, but, but, Lefty said that inflation was merely TRANSITORY and we just have to wait a few extra days for that there treadmill to arrive, am I right?

    It gets worse.

    WSJ: The U.S. Economy Shrank At A 1.4 % Annual Rate In The First Quarter, Its First Contraction Since Early In The PanDEMic.

    The Gotch

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    • jimydandy says:

      Two more weeks. Be patient grasshopper.


    • WashCoRepub says:

      I’m sure the media is cranking out story after story about how surging inflation is ‘dis-proportionally affecting Black and Brown people,’ right? I must just be missing all of them, somehow.


      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        ” ‘surging inflation is ‘dis-proportionally affecting Black and Brown people’ ”

        What, wymyn & LGBTQQIP2SAAEIEIO undeserving of fawning slobberings…?

        The Gotch


  3. One eye says:

    Poll also shows Lasry rapidly closing the gap with Barnes. This will continue.

    Mary Burke redux? No, Lasry has a brain.


  4. Kevin S Wymore says:

    “The big surprise of the (Marquette) poll is the support for school vouchers for students to attend private or religious schools statewide — without family income limits! 58% just say YES! It is opposed by 33%.”

    Not such a surprise, David.

    My best description of Wisconsin public education is that its leaders are CONFUSED. Confused on gender, confused on cops, confused on the overall role of academics in their overall mission.

    NOTE: There’s still time to enroll Junior and Sally into one of many quality private schools for next school year.

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  5. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I like when Lasry’s commercial says “We built Fiserv Forum using progressive values, and $200 million of taxpayer money.”

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    • Kevin S Wymore says:

      It was more than $200 million in public money, Patrick. The City of Milwaukee also donated tax money for a parking ramp next to the arena. Its revenues go to the Bucks owners, Mr. Google tells me.

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      • Kevin S Wymore says:

        Half of the City of Milwaukee-financed parking ramp revenue goes to the Bucks owners. Progressive values indeed. I don’t dislike Mr. Lasry, but his opponents should scrutinize the arena financing closely.


    • Montgomery Scott says:

      Lasry also says in his ad that he will stand up to China. If so, that will be a first. Currently, he is in the management of a team that is part of a league that is kissing the a$$ of the Chinese repeatedly. A league, including its primary sponsors and TV contractors who refuse to acknowledge what the Chinese are doing to the Uighars. A league who has one of its primary sponsors using Uighars as slave labor to make its outrageously expensive shoes and athletic apparel. A league that no longer calls its owners “owners” because it brings to mind slavery (like back athletes making multimillion paychecks annually are equated with “slavery”) while the country whose a$$ they kiss and defend over America uses actual slave labor for a portion of their citizens including the Uighars. A league that silenced Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey when he tweeted out about China’s human rights violations at the behest of China (China to NBA – “Shut that heretic up or lose a lost of revenue when we pull your broadcasts in China.”). If Lasry has any cojones, he would be tweeting daily multiple times on his campaign’s twitter account about China’s human rights abuses and how they are screwing America economically as well as calling them out about how they spread Covid to the world. However, I am not holding my breath waiting for Mr. Silver Spoon in mouth to do so. BTW, Lasry’s family has a lot more money than Ron Johnson – my question is how unethical his father may have been as a hedge fund manager in making said money, especially in light of campaign ads being run against Johnson about him voting for a bill that benefitted Johnson financially (it must have really hurt the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to debunk those claims of implying Johnson wrote the bill for himself).


  6. Blaska wrote, “Joe Biden’s numbers remain underwater at 44 – 55%, which suggests Republicans will run against Washington as much as it will Tony Evers.”

    Something I’ve noticed since 2008 that national politics are gradually having much more of an effect on local politics. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but my gut tells me it’s bad because national politics have become so much more polarizing to the extremes.


    • georgessson says:

      Steve, A cogent thought to consider, hope you’re wrong but suspect it may pan out that way….


  7. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Illegal immigration is a surprise, given how far we [in WI] are from the Mexican border.” That geographical distinction is pretty meaningless given that the Feds are transporting hordes of illegal immigrants everywhere around the country, usually in the dead of night.

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