Why do kids protect their killers?

Critical Hate Theory in action?

Blaska was on the ground during Tommy Thompson’s welfare reforms 30 years ago. Threatened to slap a sign on our state-issued vehicle reading “Wisconsin Works staff car” as we worked Milwaukee’s inner city. Still remember the training session led by a young black man, movie-star handsome. His message to the young women in his audience: don’t sell yourselves so cheaply to the con artists who have their fun with you and send the paternity bill to the taxpayers.

Oh, how Democrats bemoaned the cruelty (Snark alert!) of expecting able-bodied people to take responsibility for their families! To this day, our progressive … acquaintances encourage dependency.

All these years later, this confession: the Head Groundskeeper fully expected the culture of self-destruction to have abated. What happened? Did welfare reform not go far enough? Did progressives perform a Fauci gain of function on victimhood? Is that what the War on Cops is all about?

Thirty teenagers witness a whacking of a fellow teen outside the Madison La Follette high school basketball game at Beloit Memorial high school 01-30-22. (Detailed here.)

Pig Cop

Madison WI taxpayer-financed progressive “art”

None of them saw anything; no one talking. Beloit’s police chief is “tired of the people who are refusing to talk to us.” The Italian Mafia doesn’t enjoy omertà that total. The CIA can’t hold secrets that closely. Was no one among the 30 or so outside the high school a friend of the victim? Not one with a sense of fair play? Respect for life? This is a phenomenon familiar to police in Madison and Milwaukee, as well.

Have faith ministers quit preaching the Golden Rule? Has grievance mongering replaced civics in our classrooms? What happened to earning, learning, and helping? Fallen victim to the morally ambivalent “Judge Not!” exhortations of elite culture arbiters?

Three police shot in Milwaukee in two weeks.

Is Lord of the Flies out of print? Or is it the new blueprint? Blaska’s Prescription: make every teenager in every classroom in Wisconsin watch the eulogy delivered by the police officer’s widow. 

“We are not safe any more, not even members of the service. I know you’re tired of these laws, especially ones from the new [progressive] D.A. I hope he’s watching me speak to you right now [sustained applause]. I am sure all of our blue family is tired, too. But I promise, we promise, your death will not be in vain. I love you till the end of time. We’ll take the watch from here [applause].”   Dominique Luzuriaga, widow of the murdered NYPD Det. Jason Rivera, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral 01-28-22.

Dem Socialist consoles NYC cop killer

“Harlem’s new city councilwoman is finally getting media attention — and death threats — for sending condolences to the family of a man accused of murdering two cops. Ald. Kristin Richardson Jordan … happens to be an advocate of prison and police abolition … a world without cops. This self-described ‘black, queer’ democratic socialist helped run some of the neighborhood’s Black Lives Matter protests.” — The Nation. 01-28-22.

News media’s complicity

“Rhapsody for a Boy in Blue” is the very New York headline for columnist Maureen Dowd’s take on two NYC cops killed in the line of duty:

We don’t hear much about good cops these days. Their stories get lost amid the scalding episodes with trigger-happy, racist and sadistic cops. The good ones get tarred with the same brush, even though the last person who wants to get in a squad car with a bad cop is a good cop.

Blame your own newspaper, Ms. Dowd — the New York Times. But because her own father was a cop, the columnist says her “heart aches for the families of good cops whenever I see “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) graffiti scrawled across urban landscapes.” Like that on State Street, Madison WI.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Progressivism teaches that. It’s called critical race theory.

Who has the answer? 

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12 Responses to Why do kids protect their killers?

  1. Alan Potkin says:

    In evoking her doubtlessly admirable cop father, the boundlessly egregious Ms. Dowd just couldn’t keep herself from whacking yet again on the kanagaroo-convicted “murderer” of St. George Floyd, Derek Chauvin.


  2. These kids are most likely gang members, have been recruited by larger gangs, or are friends with gang members. They are known among each other. This is not a matter of protecting killers, it is a matter of protecting your family be they brothers, sisters, mothers, grandmothers. It is a matter of retaliation and they have seen it happen to others. These kids do not trust the system to protect because they have been taught to hate the police. They may even have a difficult time making an anonymous call to “Crime Stoppers”.

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    • David Blaska says:

      Thanks for stopping by the Werkes. Regardless of the reasons, this is totally a matter of protecting killers. (See Elia Kazan’s On the Waterfront.) Yes, they have been taught to hate the police. The wages of progressivism.


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      All part of the gangsta culture that is dominate in the black community. That culture is a plague that ravages lives and families. Maybe you can “explain” it, but that does not make it acceptable.

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Not only does it dominate in the black community. It is seeping out to the larger community as well, a phenomenon that can be seen in white teenage males emulating the dress, mannerisms, jargon and “values” of misogynistic criminals (or people pretending to be). And how about universities offering credit courses in hip-hop, a genre that glorifies sexual promiscuity, criminality and money?

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  3. AdamC says:

    Madison has been known for as long as I can remember as a place of free handouts and it’s accelerated and expanded.

    Back in the day I heard how communities in Wisconsin used to send their vagrants here with a one-way bus ticket.

    Now it’s free or subsidized housing in multimillion dollar apartments buildings, free food, free bus pass, free clothing, free education, free school breakfast, snacks and lunches, free everything.

    No need to work, just correct free everything while blasting the capitalist, racist, evil system that is giving you free everything and billing those of us who work for all of it.

    On top of the array of Madison giveaways Biden gave free money to everyone and wants to give free child care and free everything they can think of. The policy wonks are cooking up schemes to give free universal basic income to everyone on top of everything else.

    Two words: WHY WORK?

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      In your list of free stuff, you neglected to mention limitless free passes for anti-social behavior, including violent crime.

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  4. sentient7 says:

    Blaska’s Prescription ? IMO, it is delusional. Nothing will change.
    What to do? How to teach drivers not to pass on Double Yellow? Show them the result of those who guessed wrong — actual wrecks and dead bodies.
    Crime? Mandatory for each 6th grade student to take a physical tour of a county jail where they can see/hear/smell the actual conditions……and then, for homework, they will spend an hour in solitary with no computers, toys, etc.
    Chainsaw safety? You can imagine. It’s the course that follows the welding class taught by the blind teacher who thought squinting was “gud ’nuff.”
    Alternatively, if all you really want to accomplish is virtue signalling, just expand on Dave’s “no pain” Prescription.


  5. georgessson says:

    Word Salad response by MMSD… Instead of, “PLEASE step up, say what you know, and HELP the community”, MMSD Superintendent Jenkins soothes & smooths… “We are grateful and relieved all of our MMSD students were kept safe, these senseless acts of violence have a ripple effect, impacting the basic fabric of all our school communities”.

    BTW, Carlton -No-one kept students safe other than the luck o’ the draw. You and your ilk have gutted the ability of law enforcement to keep anyone safe…

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  6. Madtownforsure says:

    None of these witnesses will ever see even a military job, can’t with felonies, and no guts to fight for your country. Gutless wonders that are coddled.


  7. Madtownforsure says:

    Now our local media hides the criminals names? Wokeism


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      You can always tell the race of a perpetrator in the local media. If they don’t show a mug shot, he’s black.


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