WORT airs real diversity: an exchange of ideas

Blaska scorches the airwaves

The head groundskeeper admits: we like Ali Muldrow. She’s a real sweetheart, cute as a button, and very engaging. (Save your Woke cluck clucking for the chicken coop.)

Ms. Muldrow vanquished your (not-so) humble bloggeur in the school board election three years ago. Now she’s president of the Madison Board of Education. Be careful what you wish for.

Ali hosts a noon interview program on WORT-FM radio on alternate Tuesdays; yesterday 11-23-21 Blaska was her interview specimen. To say it was lively is like saying an explosion in a fireworks factory was interesting.



We reproduce the hour-long program here. (If you listen to all of it you need to get a life. Temps predicted for the low 50s today; get out, take a walk.)  But we’ll sketch a few highlights.

Madison schools have been roiled by student fights, most spectacularly at East high. Ali asked her heteronormative, aging male guest (pronouns: Sir, Your Lordship, and Squire) if he had never engaged in fights in his high school days. The answer was no, not really. (Popped a smart mouth once, glancingly, to shut him up. That’s about it.)

But we see what she’s trying to do: she’d like us to believe school brawls are the new normal. Kids are going to fight. It’s what they do.

Lover, not a fighter

Ali Muldrow

We do not recall a 19-year-old man coming to school with other adults and whacking a 14-year-old girl with a table leg, as occurred at East high 11-08-21. Not saying it didn’t happen, but we think we’d remember a dozen police squad cars quelling multiple brawls with tear gas.

This is the first in-classroom school year since Ms. Muldrow voted to expel school resource police officers — the latest and greatest of progressive Madison’s retreat from discipline and personal responsibility in the name of “equity.” Her term expires next April.

We referenced “Mr. Rob,” the Whitehorse middle school “positive behavior coach” who was beaten about the face by an unruly student. Mr. Rob was forced out of a job because he is white, the unruly student, black. Ali expressed no regret.

No debate is complete without a mention of Kenosha these days. According to the president of the Madison school board, Kyle Rittenhouse is a “murderer.” Her guest ventured the opinion that an elected official, an educator, should have some respect for a jury trial.

A black man would have been convicted if he had killed two white people, Ali expostulated. Blaska parried: O.J. Simpson.

We have a caller

A listener called in with a big “What About?” What about those school mass shootings? Aren’t they all committed by white boys? Blaska agreed, then noted that all have been convicted. Or shot dead. We asked why the unrelenting drumbeat on race instead of behavior?

Muldrow and Blaska (like Mutt and Jeff) are friendly acquaintances. He congratulated the young lady on the recent birth of her little girl; she asked after #1 Son Max. We admire Ali Muldrow for being willing to engage a known conservative in in dialogue. We suspect she is a little bit intrigued by our exotic (for Madison) views.

He promised to gift her a copy of Prof. John McWhorter’s book, “Woke Racism; How a new religion has betrayed black America.” If she was interested in diverse dialogue could she appoint this Ronald Reagan/Tommy Thompson Republican to her proposed committee on school safety?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Ali Muldrow demurred.

Have you debated a progressive
(and lived to tell about it)?

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16 Responses to WORT airs real diversity: an exchange of ideas

  1. One eye says:

    Well it’s a start. I admittedly suffered through the whole thing live. Lots of talking over each other and falsehoods from both sides that I’d characterize as lazy:

    Ali: “Rittenhouse murdered 2 people ”
    David: “Mr. Rob was fired”

    Lots of wasted air time getting through both points.

    I hope you do it again but if it’s another debate I’m not interested. I suggest a dialectic instead. A search for the truth.

    I commend you both for making the effort.


    • David Blaska says:

      Mr. Rob was pushed out. Jennifer Cheatham threw him under the bus well before the police report was issued. So yeah, he quit … under duress, if you must split hairs.

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      • One eye says:

        “splitting hairs” for fired vs quit may as well be applied to killed vs murdered too.

        You both make your arguments weaker by being imprecise with your words. Apparently you can see that in each other but not in yourselves.


    • One eye,
      Let’s get something clear right now; the Superintendent of the Madison School District Jennifer Cheatham threw Mr. Rob under the bus and condemned him (defamed him) in the court of public opinion without any due process to the employee whatsoever, that is fact. No one in their right mind who has been publicly abused by their employer in such a manner would continue to work for that employer. That One eye is how you publicly force out an employee, de facto firing, while shielding the employer from the legal liabilities of actually firing the employee. Anyone that argues that the employer didn’t de facto “fire” the employee is unethically rationalizing the facts of the situation and their motivation and character should be questioned as a result. Mr. Rob should sue the pants off the Madison School System for publicly defaming him.

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      • One eye says:

        The “forced out” argument is entirely valid. But it muddies the waters by claiming he was fired. In debate mode that gave Ali her “aha” moment. Was David lying? As you said he could’ve added “defacto” and I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

        The larger problem was Cheatham’s pattern of throwing teachers under the bus while protecting feral parents. There is ample evidence for both of those without embellishments.

        I wish Mr. Rob had brought suit.I don’t think we’ll see that happen.


  2. Batman says:

    What did Muldrow say when you inquired why her offspring *do not* attend public school?

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  3. There were multiple times that Ali Muldrow stated that Rittenhouse is a murderer or that Rittenhouse murderd two people, in my opinion Ali Muldrow is a intentional liar.

    Rittenhouse is NOT a murderer, at this point in time stating or implying otherwise is not voicing an opinion, it’s an intentional lie. Murder is a legal term that is defined as the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. Rittenhouse was found not-guilty by a jury of his peers therefore what Rittenhouse did was not illegal and therefore not murder.

    Rittenhouse Case: Facts Are Irrelevant To Propagandists, Liars and Idiots!

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  4. I noticed in the interview that everytime Muldrow was backed into a corner with facts and logic she moved the goalposts and/or changed the subject.

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  5. Here is something I wrote to Ali Muldrow back in August 2019 on her Facebook page…

    “Here is an undeniable fact that social justice warriors, like you appear to be, frequently and arrogantly ignore: if students stop committing crimes they will not be subjected to tickets or being removed from school, arrested or incarcerated. The root source of the problem is students committing crime NOT the consequences of those crimes.”

    “You seem to be under some kind of false misconception that if we stop subjecting students who commit crimes to consequences for their actions then the they will magically stop committing crimes. That is what you call enabling crime.”

    “Until you actually learn these things your ideology will fail miserably at reducing crime and therefore reducing students being subjected to tickets or being removed from school, arrested or incarcerated.”

    “Life is about choices, students choose to commit crimes, your chosen ideology and actions are choosing to enable them.”

    I’m not too sure that Muldrow has learned much over the last few years and it appears that she is still firmly grounded in her irrational ideological bubble. It’s sad to see that Muldrow’s is still wearing her industrial-strength weapons-grade thickened ideological blinders.

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  6. Kooter says:

    There is no debating progressives, they can’t/won’t hear opinions outside their narrative regardless of the data or common sense presented. Its like a delusional disorder.

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  7. Paula says:

    Several years ago I had accompanied someone to WORT for an interview they were giving. I remember waiting in the lobby when a woman who must have either worked or volunteered there struck up a conversation with me. She apparently knew me from the news coverage I’d received in support of law enforcement.

    She said to me something along the lines of “I don’t agree with anything you have to say on this issue, but we need more women’s voices of differing opinions to speak out” (not verbatim). I wish she knew how much I appreciated her willingness to hear my thoughts even though they were opposite of her own.

    This experience is memorable because of its rarity. I wish there were more people with opposing sides of a given issue to debate productively.

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  8. fritzderkat says:

    You’re killin’ her, Dave. To coin a phrase, ya unnerstan’.


  9. NorthSideTony says:

    Dave, do you know if Ali Muldrow has kids in the Madison school district?


  10. DB says:

    Dave, I believe much of our current trouble with student discipline can be traced to the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague Letter” of 2014. This decreed that racial disparities in
    suspension rates would be grounds for finding school districts in violation of federal
    anti-discrimination law.
    Now, not surprisingly, we have a culture in which misbehaving kids are unconcerned with consequences of bad behavior. This has repercussions beyond the classroom.
    That directive set the table, and combined with lax DA’s and judges we now have a crime like a big city. Only 3-4 years ago it was extremely rare to read of a shooting in Madison – but now its virtually a daily occurrence. This is what liberalism has wrought. I suspect you agree.


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