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We have no words to describe the senseless violence in Waukesha WI Sunday night 11-21-21, a community where once our young family lived. Nothing to add, no great insights, just sheer dumb stupefaction. We may never know why anyone would drive a vehicle at high speed through a Christmas parade of children and adults. We can only regret the loss of life and injury. We will always wonder at the depravity lurking like a virus deep within the souls of our human race, never knowing where it will leap into the open when least expected.

Or we may know soon enough

[UPDATED!] John F. Di Leo writes about Waukesha WI and domestic terror today in American Thinker:

Darrell Brooks, a 38-year-old rapper with a long rap sheet, is the alleged driver of the vehicle. Early reports point to two possibilities: either he did this on purpose, as an intentional terror attack, or he and his cronies were fleeing an earlier crime – reportedly, a stabbing …

But he’s still not the worst kind of domestic terrorist.

Why was he out on the street today? … to drive down that road at all? Darrell Brooks’ rap sheet includes – in addition to past convictions – multiple open cases [a] 22-year-long published criminal record … 

Despite a history that demonstrates his ongoing threat to the community, charges were repeatedly dropped or pled down, sentences were reduced to time served (such as, in one case, just 19 days), he was always given work-release, probation, and bail, despite a record of continuing to perpetrate violations whenever he was set free.

If bail protocols were rational, he would be in jail awaiting the trials for the cases he already had pending, including felony assault just two days before the parade, after which he was, once again, arrested and released on bail.

The violent criminals who started dumpster fires in Kenosha, who launched shopping district break-ins in Naperville, and who perpetrated literal neighborhood takeovers in Portland, Seattle and so many more cities in 2020 were rarely first offenders.

There is only one reason why crime is so high in America today; only one reason why so many known criminals are on the streets, free to rob, rape, brutalize and murder.

It is that Leftist politicians – elected by their constituents to keep the streets safe; that’s their primary responsibility – have sided with the criminal element, time and again … 


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