Assembly Speaker calls out CRT at UW

Are you privileged?

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is demanding UW-Madison explain why it is requring graduate and professional to pass a course that promotes critical race theory and critical race feminism. The course teaches “how a regime of white supremacy and its subordination of people of color have been created and maintained in America.” Voss says the course labels white/caucasian, Christian, men, middle-or upper class, native English speakers, U.S. citizens, non-disabled, etc., as privileged groups in the United States.

The letter here.

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5 Responses to Assembly Speaker calls out CRT at UW

  1. Liberty says:

    Excellent letter by Vos. Glad to see someone in a leadership position standing up to this toxic garbage that we the taxpayers help fund.

    Nothing from Thompson?


    • AdamC says:

      Thompson is too old and well-off to use his power to squash this B.S.

      He got his, many times over. The worst of the Boomers do this all the time. They’ll literally sacrifice their own children to not smash the false idols of CRT and DIE. He could easily do it too.


      • Liberty says:

        Agreed, AdamC.

        Guess it’s too much to ask to elect patriotic Americans to office who are in it to, you know, actually serve the people instead of themselves?

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  2. AdamC says:

    Wait till UW starts mandating that Asians and international students sign off on mandatory training confirming that they are not “of colour” and are white-adjacent racist oppressors too!

    Does UW-Madison REALLY have the guts to take it that far and beat up on their tuition gravy train?

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  3. sentient7 says:

    Fine, but about 2 decades too late.
    Now, for real intellectual diversity on campus what does Vos or the Rep Party propose?


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