The kids are not alright

They don’t feel safe in Madison’s public high schools.

The progressive BLM project is in trouble right here in the Emerald City — and don’t they know it!

Students are walking out of Madison’s high schools in protest. Not just East high this time but all four major high schools. Hundreds of them, the Wisconsin State Journal reports:

In an effort to draw attention to what they see as inadequate district policies related to sexual harassment and assault and lack of protection for survivors. … “A lot of the students really are not feeling too safe at our school,”

… one of them said. It would be a mistake to conclude that the unrest is limited to one or two incidents of sexual assault. It is deeper and wider, we think. There is a disturbance in the force field. The sexual assaults are catalyst as well as the latest concern.This is a school district and city fully subscribed to critical race theory that teaches perpetrators are victims and that authority figures are oppressors .

Teach your children well?

Got to shore up the comrades!

The local BLM chapter knows its Defund the Police / Cops Out of Schools project is in trouble. Freedom Inc. is organizing a virtual “police-free schools teach-in for parents” next Tuesday 10-19-21. Oh, not for white parents. “This space is for black parents and parents of color,” organizer Bianca Gomez dictates. Fearing those parents may desire safe schools like all parents, Freedom Inc. is bribing parents with a $50 stipend. 

They’re playing the race card on the kids, as well. “Free food and drinks and an outdoor movie at Aldo Leopold Park on Wednesday 10-20-21. “This space is for black youth and youth of color.” Freedom Inc. is following that up with a teach-in for teachers Thursday 10-21-21. No stipends. (This Madison Caucus of Rank & File Educators appears to be a splinter group of MTI demanding even greater “anti-racism” efforts, including a pledge not to call in police, even for in-school fights.)

Bianca Gomez, Freedom Inc. youth leader

This school year, only in its second full month, is the first without school resource police officers patrolling the halls. It is the first school year under a Rube Goldberg “school safety policy” (the term demands snotty quotation marks) so complex it would frustrate a PhD laboratory rat. The Werkes exposed that at “School safety plan omits police, rewards analysis paralysis.” The WI State Journal reports:

Students and a number of teachers at East are unaware of the reporting process for incidents regarding sexual harassment or assault … or find the process too burdensome.

Thank you very much Ali Muldrow and the Madison school board, Madison’s progressive alders, Mayor Satya, Progressive Dane, silent Democrats, Capital Times, and Madison Teachers Inc. This is all on you.

Schooling,” these government-funded social justice warriors proclaim, “is a product of colonization and so is policing.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: So now schooling is as oppressive as police! Where does that leave us, class? Buehler? Buehler?

How many black parents do you think will sign up?

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20 Responses to The kids are not alright

  1. Normwegian says:

    “unintended consequences, karma” come to mind, along with “I told you so”

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  2. AdamC says:

    If rape occurs on school grounds what in the world are they worrying vague policy gobbledygook for? Why are education administrators investigting and dealing with sex crimes instead of police?????? This goes for universities too.

    Rape is a violent crime not an administrative matter or handbook violation.

    The state Attorney General is turning a blind eye to this. He would rather harass Catholic churches which have already laid down the law to deal with decades-old incidents.

    Meanwhile there is sexual assault going on in public schools, after-school rec programs, and youth sports, to name a few, that the A.G. is ignoring.


    • AdamC says:

      Two more things —

      1. Excuse the typos above…. meant to say “writing” not worrying


      2. Serious cases of Assault & Battery on school grounds similarly should be handled as the clear crimes they are, namely investigated by police, not by school administrators or by other vague counselor type roles. I believe the Squire touched on this issue recently.
      Battery is a crime not a minor administrative handbook violation.

      It’s time to restore some damn order in our public schools and kick out the rapists, bullies, disruptors, and divisive racial grievance-mongering no matter what little acronym they try to disguise it in — DIE, CRT, or SEL.

      Throw all that racist trash in the garbage dump where it belongs and restore order and demand that real teaching be done.

      You don’t see the Koreans or Chinese or India-Indians or Africans playing these ideological nonsense games. Their kids are expected to go to school, behave, and learn hard skills.

      The American public education system is a disgusting cesspool! Black and other marginalized children are being set up for further generations of failure. THAT is the real systemic racism!


    • Liberty says:

      The A.G. is a disgrace.

      And what happened to all those rape kits he accused Brad Schimel of not processing? How quickly the left forgets. Crimes against women are only a serious matter when it’s politically beneficial. Disgusting.


  3. georgessson says:

    Used to be that I dismissed HS student walkouts as merely immature children taking advantage of volatile social issues, that were not necessarily real dangers to the students. THIS is a direct plea for change, be it SRO’s needed or simply the teachers and administrators knowing how to call “911”. The principal is an airhead who seems to think chastising these frightened students as “children” is all that’s needed… His response was totally unacceptable…

    And Yes, this is real and only going to get worse.

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    • Batman says:

      I’ll bet at least 95% of the students protesting vote progressive demonrat and do not experience any related cognitive dissonance; a fringe benefit of indoctrination into the radical Left hive mind.

      Domestic terrorists, formerly known as parents, throughout the country are now challenging and resisting CRT at school board meetings.
      Will Madison parents do the same?

      Check out the poignant story of Scott Smith who was tackled and arrested at a school board meeting. His daughter was sexually assaulted by a boy who likes to dress up as a girl thereby legally gaining access to girls private facilities. The school is trying to make it go away without doing anything. Incident occurred this past May. Second time this kid sexually assaulted a fellow student.


      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        Cognitive dissonance is commonly referred to as confusion, and these students are confused, whether or not they realize it. What is required, along with SROs, is “cognitive motivation” to be provided by teachers and parents, but I suspect too many children come from insecure homes. I think students are protesting because they desperately want guidance, competent instruction, and safety.


      • Liberty says:

        Will Madison parents do the same? I don’t see this happening in Madison.

        Parents who are able to (including hypocritical Progressives), have their kids in private schools, are homeschooling them, or have left Madison. Others are either too scared to speak up, don’t care, or actually agree with the rot their kids are being taught.

        Any adult who fails to report a rape or other crime should be held criminally and civilly responsible. Only a weak minded coward sacrifices innocent kids to satisfy the wokeists.

        “Loudoun County Superintendent Appears to Admit District Violated State Law by Not Reporting Sexual Assault”


      • georgessson says:

        Agree, RE: Loudon County. I started following this in the early part of 2021 and was appalled but hopeful that the parents would reign supreme. Never happened and when I saw this man had been arrested sometime ago, felt really bad for him, AND the fact that LEO’s were so eager to manhandle him and put him in cuffs. My dismay only deepened when we informed WHY he was so adamant. Now I’d dumbfounded that the school district felt they deny they EVER had a problem -and that was B4 “little Johnny” went on to force himself on another l’il girl in a different school. Ye Gods !!!


    • One eye says:

      Immature children or real danger? I think it’s probably both.

      There is a thread over on reddit started by one of the children who organized the protest. It is enlightening.


      • Liberty says:

        Sexual assault and other crimes should be treated with utmost seriousness. Anyone complicit in committing or covering up crimes should be held criminally liable.

        That said, you have a point. There are so many protests, riots, and walkouts in Madison, and so many aggrieved people complaining about every perceived slight that it’s hard to keep track or take them seriously anymore. Sane people with real responsibilities have tuned out.

        If these assaults are really happening, the parents need to go directly to the police instead of protesting. Right here and now.


        • One eye says:

          Yes but this group doesn’t trust the police. They seem to think the principal has the power to summarily ban a student based on an accusation.

          They want justice but refuse to go through the justice system to get it. These protests are going nowhere.


        • AdamC says:

          Good point. It is more than a little stiff strange that actual victims of sexual assault (or their parent/s) would not report it to police but would wait until a later time to make those allegations in front of hundreds of students and media at a walkout protest.

          For pete’s sake where are the parent/s? What parent would sit back and say ho-hum if their child were raped or otherwise assaulted at school?!!

          This is a criminal matter if alleged to have happened. Call the F-ing police ASAP!

          Administrative education staff and public protests are not how criminal allegations should be investigated, addressed, and resolved.

          What is wrong with our educational system???

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        • Liberty says:


          Exactly. They need to run to the police, not the media. It’s the only way we’ll learn the truth. Otherwise, it’s hard to take them seriously.

          If leftists didn’t stage demonstrations, walkouts and riots over every single issue that then turns out to be false (racist cops, etc) and work to leverage the media for attention, maybe people would be more inclined to believe them when serious allegations did occur. What’s that saying about crying wolf so often?

          That said, if there are sexual assaults, people need to be held accountable. That includes the adults who knew and did nothing.

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  4. Madtownforsure says:

    Hmmmmmm, some boy in a dress did what and they covered it up? Noooo, say it ain’t so.


  5. Liberty says:

    YOU WROTE: “The progressive BLM project is in trouble right here in the Emerald City — and don’t they know it!”

    Not necessarily. This assumes that leftists are able to connect the dots (no police = more crime). In my experience, Progressives aren’t the most cohesive thinkers.

    YOU WROTE: “Students and a number of teachers at East are unaware of the reporting process for incidents regarding sexual harassment or assault … or find the process too burdensome.”

    How about this for a process? Call the police.


    • AdamC says:

      Yeah they’ll blame Trump or white supremacy or anything else before calling out the all-female (!) school board of colour.

      Look how quiet the MMSD administration and school board of colour are!

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      • Liberty says:

        It’s easier to blame everyone else than to take personal responsibility. Anyone who thinks this is Trump’s fault or a case of “white supremacy” has issues.

        The MMSD people are plenty vocal when it serves them politically. They’ve betrayed the students and should resign in shame.

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