Taking the back roads to summer sunshine

Our white wine glass is half full

Helicopters on the embassy roof. The Delta variant hospitalizing the foolish. California is burning down. Haiti goes through still more hell. (Is any nation more cursed?) Washington is poised to spend the nation into bankruptcy. Drive-by shooting in Madison.

What a wonderful weekend!

Too much CNN will drive you crazy. Bitter-ender Trumpies are convinced we are “Losing Our Country.” The Werkes turned off Cable News and found the best of America! It was right here in southern Wisconsin where it’s been all along!

The Head Groundskeeper and Number One Son took in a Mallards game Saturday night, our first after all these years. What fun! Over 6,000 had the same idea. $20 gets you in. A funky little set-up at Warner Park on Madison’s northeast side. Belongs to a summer league for unpaid college kids. Eager-to-please dog runs out of the dugout to retrieve baseball bats! Real wood bats, not the dull ping of aluminum! Batting beach balls in the stands. Lots of families with little kids. A brat and a beer won’t break you.

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Sunday we rolled down the rag top and pointed our FIAT 500 due west to the hills surrounding Barneveld for a great car show at Botham Vineyards. Might be Wisconsin’s version of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Great collection of classic Jaguars, Austin Healys, and Citroens — even a couple funky, 602 cc air-cooled Deux Cheveaux (the French Beetle) among others. Ogling a white convertible Rolls Royce Corniche while quaffing a glass of the estate’s white wine is how we weekend at the Werkes!

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On the way back home took roads less traveled. Google Maps turned off, will o’ the wisp turned on. Heeded road signs marked with curvy arrows. Luxuriated in Mother Nature’s gift to Wisconsin: Farm fields and forests, hills and stream-meandered valleys under God’s own sunshine. Put $5 into a jar on an unattended farm wagon and came away with the best sweet corn of the season. Spooned some gelato in Mt. Horeb before hitting Blaska Stately Manor.

Blaska’s Bottom LineOnly a couple face masks did we see all weekend. No confrontations; no politics, no shaming. The Brewers took two out of three and Jordan Love may not be a completely wasted draft pick!

How do YOU do summer?

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3 Responses to Taking the back roads to summer sunshine

  1. Liberty says:

    “Bitter-ender Trumpies are convinced we are “Losing Our Country.” The Werkes turned off Cable News and found the best of America.”

    I’m not a bitter-ender and am not glued to cable news, and am still convinced we’re losing our country.

    Of course we should enjoy the goodness this country has to offer, but everything that’s happening right now is effecting many of us in very real ways. Inflation, spending money we don’t have, wokeness of the military, crime, defunding the police efforts, the influx at the border, the rise of Marxism, corporatism, riots, the indoctrination of young people in schools. These are all very real threats to the foundation of country, and the effects may be lingering.

    I can have a nice day and forget all my troubles, but when I get back they’ll still be there. Minimizing what’s happening isn’t helpful.


    • Liberty says:

      “Farm fields and forests, hills and stream-meandered valleys under God’s own sunshine.”

      God bless the small farmers. They are unfortunately being elbowed out by corporate farmers and are quickly becoming relics. Democrats also want to change the suburbs and rural areas.

      Adding to my list above is censorship and cancel culture. If we’re afraid to talk to teach other, we cease to be a free nation.

      So again, enjoy the goodness of this country, but also realize that it’s changing in very real. And it’s not just “Trumpies” who believe this.


  2. Madtownforsure says:

    $50,000,000 for 48 units of affordable new housing at Bayview apts. Regent and W. Wash ave. Are they kidding? Almost a million, then more? So they can live and work? Work? Dont have to if you make lots of babies.


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