NPR OKs biased journalists

Approves social justice warfare among its reporters

Jonathan Turley writes:

It was perhaps inevitable that the embrace of advocacy journalism (and rejection of objectivity in journalism) would eventually dispense with the pretense of the journalism part.  The point was reached by National Public Radio which took the controversial step this week to announce that its journalists can engage in protests and advocacy — the abandonment of a long-standing rule for reporters to avoid such causes or demonstrations.

Old-school reporter typing The announcement comes on the heels of the Justice reporter for the New York Times calling all Trump supporters “enemies of the state.”

New York Times reporter Nikole Hanna-Jones recently declared “all journalism is advocacy.” So that simplifies matters wonderfully for the woke. After all, why have advocacy journalism when you can simply have advocacy?

NPR announced Thursday that reporters could participate in activities that advocate for “freedom and dignity of human beings” on social media and in real life.  … NPR does not try to define what causes constitute advocacy for the “freedom and dignity of human beings.” How about climate change and environmental protection? … NPR seems to intentionally keep such questions vague while only citing such good causes as Black Lives Matter and gay rights:“

Source: Why Have Advocacy Journalism When You Can Have Just Advocacy? – JONATHAN TURLEY

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