Tony Evers is a one term governor

He ran up the red flag, cried uncle, and blinked. Tony Evers proved he was every bit the wuss he appears in person.

The man has no fight in him, no battle plan, no true north. What do the Hottentots got that Tony ain’t got? COURAGE!

Democrats three years ago were just glad to be rid of Scott Walker. Now they want more dividends on their investment.

Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz Dave Cieslewicz is a professional moderate. And HE feels betrayed by the milquetoast Democrat.

Tony Nevers

“Tony Evers is the Stockholm Syndrome Democrat. For the second time in two chances he signed a Republican budget that bears no likeness whatsoever to what he sent them.

The Wisconsin State Journal had a field day.

“For Republicans, It’s a case of Evers’ stealing their homework and taking credit for billions of dollars of tax cuts that he didn’t propose.

“The contrast between the Republican budget that Evers signed and his own proposal he put forward earlier this year is stark. The final $87 billion plan raises total state spending about 5.4% over current levels. Evers’ proposed a $91.2 billion budget, which would have increased spending nearly 10%.”

When seven of your own Democratic legislators jump ship and there’s no repercussions, you know your captain is in over his head.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Tony just shook the tree of Republican challengers.

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  1. George Mitchell says:

    While I want Blaska to be correct, there is an alternative view. Namely, that Evers’ betrayal of his “principles” will not be a recurring media theme and that his dishonest ownership of the tax cuts will be a net gain at the polls. He will have all the $ he needs to reach low-information swing voters who have determined every gubernatorial election in recent decades. GOP strategists will need all the videos and sound bits they can find to send the message on who really authored the budget.


  2. Dave says:

    Your last line summed it up perfectly. He is running for re-election


  3. Bill says:

    We who are conservatives all know that Tony is an idiot who as stuperindentendit of public edumencation couldn’t educate many of our children to be proficient at math, reading, and writing at grade level.

    The libs on the other hand do not think, as that would be too hard, and wonder why Tony was such
    an abysmal failure at running the state of Wisconsin school systems.

    The old saying of, Stupid is as Stupid does, aptly applies to Tony and those who voted for him.

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    • georgessson says:

      RE: “Stupid is as Stupid does” Sadly, Bill, another old saying is, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” applies as well. Unless qualified conservatives step up, Ol’ Meek-N-Weak is likely to ride more coat-tails to another Democrat stupid prize…


  4. Batman says:

    Has Madison ever had a worse gov/mayor combo than pencil-neck and the Little Debbie Snack Cakes eating machine?
    Throw in the common senseless council, anti-education school board, and we comprehend a poisonous bitter brew of woke guaranteed to gradually putrefy all it touches.

    Recent polls indicate that a rapidly increasing number of citizens regardless of party affiliation are more concerned and frightened of radical woke proglibots than covid-19.
    I’m just the messenger so please do not kidnap my children or burn down my house.

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    • georgessson says:

      Rumor has it that “L’il Debbie” will soon release a signature edition, signed by Mayor Fat?YA!. But it’s been delayed B/C her tiny chocolate-covered wet-with-drool fingers can’t grip the pen….


    • Liberty says:

      They elected these fools and were smug about it, to boot. They honestly didn’t know what they were voting for & how sick the leftist agenda is?

      I’d like to think that they’ll pay better attention when they vote next time, but I’m not holding my breath. Some of these people are either too arrogant, too stupid, or lack self awareness to admit that they were wrong.

      “Recent polls indicate that a rapidly increasing number of citizens regardless of party affiliation are more concerned and frightened of radical woke proglibots than covid-19.”

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  5. Ian says:

    Not only is “Peewee” Evers a one and done, so is Miss Piggy in Madison.

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    • Liberty says:

      Perhaps, but replaced by whom? There’s no way this city will vote for a moderate or anyone who can think logically.

      People with good sense have either left the city, are planning to leave, or realize that their vote will be canceled by the leftists in this city.

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  6. Bill says:

    You know I long for the days of Paul Soglin and Dave Cieslewicz who were actually Mayors of Madison. They both loved this city and even though I disagreed with their liberal thinking I still thought of them as good people. Can’t say the same about our current mayor. I also remember Tony Earl and Jim Doyle who were democrat governors of Wisconsin. Again, I disagreed with their liberal thinking but I thought of them as good people. Can’t say the same about our current Governor Evers.

    The sad thing is that I can’t say the same about our current President Biden who is by all measures, a shell of a man who has memory care issues. I used to work in a retirement community and I saw, on a daily basis, the same kind of lapses of intellect that he has displayed. Some of those people I served were professors here at the University of Wisconsin. Some of the biggest names in Madison were also people that I served. It was a great pleasure to serve those people in their final days and hours. I prayed to God to welcome them with open arms when they came before Him.

    President Joe Biden is clearly not in charge of this country. He is, in my opinion, a basket case. He is just a figure head controlled by other people serving them in their interests.

    Sad, so sad; what this once great country has devolved to be.

    And here I wanted to leave my child a better place than I found it when I was young.

    America, America, my country tis of thee. I will forever love you for the land of the brave and the home of the free.

    In GOD’s Great Name, I pray to thee to ever make America Free!

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  7. David Gerard says:

    You erroneously predicted Walker’s reelection after he signed off on the Trotsky-like subsidies to Foxconn. All those Taiwanese hookers had to go home.


  8. A Party of One says:

    Fred Blassie must have had Tony Evers in mind when he recorded this song:

    (If you were a fan of the old Dr. Demento radio show, you will understand.)

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  9. Balboa says:

    No one that has entered the race has a chance to beat Tony Evers and his campaign funding machine as well as his third party vote gathering machines. About the only person with some name recognition, the personality, connections and charisma is Sean Duffy. Does he want to put his hat back into the Thunderdome? The republicans need to get moving with one good candidate from the start and have that person put their hat in the ring to start getting campaign funds or Ole Whispers will quietly win again.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      It’s still an utter mystery to me how this miserable old scarecrow beat Scott Walker. I sincerely hope Republicans in WI get their act together (for once) and send Evers to the rest home along with his identical twin Joe so the two of them can overdose on Prevagen while Joe regales Tony with tales of his epic bouts with Corn Pop.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I would not only vote for but donate to and actively campaign for Mike Gallagher.


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