Rooting around for root causes in all the wrong places


Through its single tinny speaker, Ol’ Sparky (our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer) emitted a Kamala Harris cackle when it informed the white lab coats here at the Werkes that Donald Trump revisionism is in full swing.

1. Turns out #45 was probably right about the Wuhan lab origin of Covid-19. 

2. Turns out he was right to insist that a President cannot be charged in civil court in a defamation suit, according to Merrick Garland’s Justice Department anyway. Actually makes sense. Sarah Palin was hounded out of office as governor of Alaska by frivolous lawsuits brought by litigants knowing that the governor had to defend herself out of her own pocket because her state, by law, would not. (Or turn-about against Joe Biden would be fair play.)

3. Turns out the Trump Administration did not tear gas peaceful protestors in order for a photo op walking across the street to the Church of the Presidents. The inspector general of the Interior Department found “no evidence that the Attorney General’s visit to Lafayette Park at 6:10 p.m. caused the Park Service to alter its plans to clear the park,” which it had the “authority and discretion” to do after violence that injured 49 officers.

4. Turns out Donald Trump knew what he was doing at the Mexican border. Even NBC is using the “crisis” word. An outfit called Save the Children has issued an “emergency alert.” “Humanitarian Crisis” is the byword at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. (Every thing has its own Center or Foundation!) V.P. Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala to determine the “root causes” of the border crisis. On Fox last night, Ben Domenech suggested that Kamala visit the the White House to find her root cause. 

→ “Border crisis solved: Immigrants flee in terror after hearing Kamala Harris cackle.” — Babylon Bee.

No we do NOT think the Ex-President was right about November 3, 2020!

Whether it’s street crime or illegal immigration, our progressive … acquaintances always want to get to “root causes.” Democrats want to throw $4 Billion at Guatamala, Honduras, and El Salvador to combat gangs, crime, and poverty. Tell us how 56 years of Great Society spending cured gangs, crime, and poverty in Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Louis. We’re listening.

Blaska’s Bottom LineUnlike Kamala Harris, the Head Groundskeeper at Blaska Policy Werkes has visited both sides of the Mexican border AND seven countries in Europe! Wha-ha-ha-HAAAA!

What is YOUR crisis?

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2 Responses to Rooting around for root causes in all the wrong places

  1. One eye says:

    re: The VP,

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt,”

    We’ll see less of her and more of Jill I th (Twitter tells us Jill is preparing for G7 summit).


  2. georgessson says:

    Go ahead and clobber me, folks. But Trump was correct in so many ways on so many topics. He really should be “The President”, not the “Ex-President”. But IMHO he squandered his future heritage b/c he was petty, GROSSLY self-aggrandizing and just plain irritatin’.

    Fortunately, the current administration has left the door wide-open, even at this early stage, for 2024 GOP victory. And the disgust w/ the MSM and “Wokeness” continue to soften the Left’s base.

    We need to work smarter AND harder, plus present a real candidate w/ a common-sense platform for the next election. Please: Let’s not seize defeat from the jaws of success again….


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