June 2021, the crazies come crawling

Let’s leave Crazy to the Left

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and with it a brief outpouring of America the beautiful. Madison WI and the nation are now back to full on crazy. So far, the Left has a slight lead on my conservative right for bat-zip crazy.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that this blogge has been updated throughout the day because the hits keep on coming. The latest:

Let the show trials begin!

“Community leaders write on windows at MMoCA
to acknowledge their roles in racism.”

Madison personalities, including former Mayor Paul Soglin, apologized for their racism with statements written on the windows of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. This unself-conscious mockery of wokery occurred Sunday 05-30-21.

“It was not until my third tenure that I got the city involved in addressing juvenile justice reform,” Soglin’s own response read. “It was a mistake to assume we should follow the statutory rules. It furthered the inherent racism in the system.

Who knew Havana Paul was only a step removed from ol’ Jeff Davis?! Others abasing themselves in this exercise in race-shaming were UW-Madison’s deputy vice-chancellor for diversity & inclusion (it’s in her job description), long-time business owner Chuck Bauer, Madison Community Foundation CEO Bob Sorge, and Downtown Madison Inc. president Jason Ilstrup, The Capital Times exults.

The public can see this “art” display, called “AMENDS,” from June 19 to October 24. Or do something useful.

Tony runs up the Woke flag

Gov. Tony Evers has signed executive orders raising the gay pride flag and directing agencies to use gender-neutral language. Pronouns will be prohibited. Will veto bill prohibiting biological boys from wrestling girls in school sports. (Read & weep.) That’s just crazy!

We have revised the “Ruth is making us mental blog to remind the Defund the Cops crazies that Madison police have long been in the forefront of addressing mental health issues. To the point where the National Alliance of Mentally Ill honored Mike Koval when he was Madison police chief.

What was up with the unclaimed property notices in the Memorial Day Wisconsin State Journal? Four full pages of small print but not in alphabetical order!? (!!!) When the State Treasurer ran the program (now it’s the Department of Revenue), the list was alphabetized for easy access. Some of the entities listed for not claiming their money strain credulity. The WI Insurance Commissioner has unclaimed property? Department of Health Services? Alliant Energy? Meriter Hospital? None are old Aunt Edna atop the Griswolds’ station wagon.

Today in Woke Crazy:

“When Alice Sparkly Kat, a queer Chinese Brooklyn-based astrologer, started studying the planets in the early 2010s, there were few books about astrology, let alone ones by people of color,” The Nation reveals. So the poor lost soul has written a book, Postcolonial Astrology: Reading The Planets Through Capital, Power, and Labor” 

“Throughout their nuanced and intricate analysis, astrology becomes a way to break political and social norms: A look at the relationship of Mars and Venus complicates gendered power dynamics, while a study of the sun becomes a history of surveillance culture and the politics of who gets to be seen.”

Why not? One fake science deserves another.

The South will rise again! 

Slaving secessionists kept alive the Lost Cause for a century or more. Some of our Facebook friends advocate the overthrow of the U.S. Congress to redress their own Lost Cause. Sidney Powell told a QAnon event on May 29 that Trump will be “reinstated” as president, with a “new inauguration.” Biden will have to “move out of the WH,” but Trump “won’t get credit for the time he has lost.”

Disgraced former military general Michael Flynn has refuted allegations that he said that a military coup should happen in the US, despite video of him doing so at the same event. 

How addled must one be to believe such nonsense?

The Werkes does not purge. Politics being a game of addition, not subtraction, we want everyone to vote Blaska. But Ms. Wood and her ilk are doing Chuck Schumer’s work. William F. Buckley rescued conservatism from the racists and John Bircher “kooks.” Result: Ronald Reagan, who won TWO elections in landslides, not electoral college squeakers, and scored high-digit approval ratings while in office (unlike one of his recent successors).

Quit trying to out-crazy the Left. California now allows transgender-identified male state prison inmates to transfer into women’s prisons based on “individual preference”—no hormones, surgery or time spent living as the opposite sex required, the Wall Street Journal reports. Joe Biden wants that to go national. That’s just crazy!

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 2, is Masks Off Madison Day. This calls for a celebration, some kind of futile gesture, as the frat boys at Animal House demanded. Remember NOW’s public bra burnings? Wanna bet you’ll still see face masks on the bike paths?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If you have any unclaimed property, donate to Blaska Policy Werkes at this address. Not accepting used face masks or allegedly stolen ballots.

What do YOU think?

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19 Responses to June 2021, the crazies come crawling

  1. Balboa says:

    the same frat boys that burned up althea bernstein I bet!


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    My prediction is that there will be little if any change in behavior (mask wearing) observable in most of Madison’s citizens on June 2nd. They’ll be cling to their chin diapers tighter than Linus to his security blanket. After all, it’s a potent reminder of that brief shining moment in American society when government dictated every aspect of one’s life–in other words, the progressive version of Nirvana. They’ll stick their snoots even higher in the air as they enter businesses that have dropped the mask mandate.


    • Mike says:

      Hopefully business will place a surcharge on all purchases of those still masked.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      You just can’t get it through your thick head that it’s none of your business if someone wears a mask or not. You just haven’t got the balls to walk up and confront a mask wearer so just STFU.


      • Batman says:

        So now we have richard lesiak instead of The Gotch.
        If I were a sports writer I would have to classify this as a very bad trade.

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      • One eye says:

        We don’t confront, we mock. Thank you Mr. Alinsky!

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Do you think that admirably laissez-faire attitude would apply to a kid who chose to wear a MAGA hat in one of Madison’s schools? More likely Madison’s “leaders” would declare a day of city-wide shame and repentance–and, of course, expel the offender.

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    • Batman says:

      I am beginning to think the snoots-in-the-air phenomenon is largely responsible for the madness overtaking Madison and other uber liberal dem cities because with vertically aligned snoots people are deprived of the natural ability to perceive what is dead ahead and concomitantly they cannot see where things are going.

      More likely; “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”
      It is what comes after the revolution that should scare the living daylights out of people because it will most certainly be another version of communism that always goes very badly for the masses devoid of power.
      The signs are stark, obvious, and unmistakable.


  3. One eye says:

    “I liked the Osmonds more than the Jackson Five”

    Finally a weight is off my shoulders!

    Seriously though … where is everyone moving to?


  4. georgessson says:

    Local MASK online poll results, an hour so ago: “Will you STILL? Will you NOT? Equally split @ 40% each, whilst 20% of our local populace “Is not sure”.. (Guess they’ll just attach to one ear?) Doesn’t get any clearer than that -Madison IS another universe indeed…

    As an aside, in the 80’s during the AIDS scare, body condoms became de rigueur. Gotta wonder if Tony Evers’ still keeps one under his pillow…


  5. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    I think that Evers’ playing the rainbow card with sexual identity politics is wrong.
    It’s not inclusive. It’s divisive.

    If I were a member of LGBTQIA-EI-EI-O barnyard community, I’d want to spin off the T’s.
    Those people are just plain nuts. It’s none of that real “sciencey” science, is it?
    However, GID, gender identity dysphoria is very real, … a real psychological disorder.

    One cannot through the magic of wishful thinking change your gender. Sure, you can take powerful hormones for the rest of your life, or pretend and play “dress up”, if you’re nuts enough, you can even choose to mutilate your genitals, but one cannot change their/them/his/her DNA.

    And what gives with the B’s? Being bi-sexual might double the chance of getting a date for the big dance on Saturday night, but doesn’t it also intimate that there are only two genders?

    Maybe the jack-booted, rainbow-shirted gaystoppo pridefully marching in their underwear with all those feather boas and manly-man leather would be kind enough to include one more alphabet in their soup, … the P’s.

    Don’t laugh, I’m not cray-cray. Who knows, I might identify as a P, … a pan-sexual, I love everyone and everything, even Lefty looney toons, … they’re good for lots of chits and giggles.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Why don’t the Republicans pass a law forbidding the flying of any flag other than the national and state flags from the Capitol and every other state building? I sent Voss a note to this effect but got no response.

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  6. Scott F says:

    Mao & Pol Pot are beginning to look like moderates……

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  7. Bill says:

    Good Dog, Happy Man makes a good point here. I wonder, just how is it that we went from having to wear a mask in order not to spread a “deadly” disease as late as yesterday, Tuesday, June 1st, and now on Wednesday, June 2nd, we don’t have to wear one. What changed?

    So your telling me that as of 11:59 and 59 seconds, on June 1, I needed to wear a mask or I would be killing people by spreading a “deadly disease but as of 12 am and one second, I did not need to wear a mask?

    The whole issue with the gaystoppo is very similar in nature. For thousands and thousands of years we have had two, that is 2 genders in this world. Male and Female. But now I am being told that I MUST except the “fact” that there are possibly an infinite number of genders and that I should except the possibility that I will have to pee next to someone who was born a female.

    Further, I am being told that I should have to “pay” reparations for the slavery and discrimination toward black people that took place in the past when my Irish and German ancestors didn’t even live in this country.

    Does anyone really think that Chuckie and Nancy and Joey really live life by the rules they set out for us? Does anyone think that with all the lobbyists they hire to write the tax code, that the taxes they impose upon us are the same as theirs?

    Does anyone think that the dealings with the Ukraine, Russia and China that Joey and his son Hunter had, that made them a whole ton of money, really was on the up and up?

    Does anyone really think that all the “white bread” up on capitol hill in Washington and right here in Madison will willingly step down from their positions of power and willingly give their positions to those people of color? Preferably to black, female lesbians as they seem to be the only people who are beyond questioning in our “modern” society.

    But then again, perhaps the transgendered black, female lesbians should take their place on top of the diversity pole.

    I think that I am a Dog. A black and white spotted dog. A female, black and white spotted dog.

    Does that make me one?

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  8. Sheppy says:

    I can confirm, 90%+ masked up at Woodman’s on the west side this morning.


  9. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Update from the MPL, Hawthorne branch. Of the four staff and six patrons, I’m the only one without a mask. June 2nd, 2:42 pm.

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  10. Bill says:

    So what we are left with is the game of the “Oppression Olympics”. Who among us is more oppressed than everyone else? By playing this game you are saying that we are making progress. But I must ask: Progress in what direction?

    For those of you who really think that you are oppressed, consider this. Spend one (1) month in North Korea as a peasant. In that one month, spend one week in a re-education, work camp.

    Then come back to the U.S.A. and tell me about just how much you are oppressed by living here.

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  11. georgessson says:

    Half-N-Half @ Fitchburg Library Wednesday, tho ALL staff were masked, even tho completely behind oversize Plexi panels -likely due to the “Powers that Be” rather than personal choice. BUT, the entryway signs have downgraded to “Masks recommended”.

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