Only regret: ‘Rotunda not strewn with Democrat bodies’

A faithful reader

by the name of Gary L. Kriewald

3 hours ago

Commented to this blog: “G.O.P. does not stand for Get Out and Purge” as follows:

“’Who is YOUR profile in courage?‘ Glad you asked.

“I nominate the brave patriots who liberated, however briefly, the Capitol on Jan. 6th. My only regret is that they weren’t armed to the teeth and didn’t leave the Rotunda strewn with the bodies of every Democrat they could lay their hands on.

“They were the last line of defense against the progressive fascists who now hold sway over our government and our country, who are infecting our children with their poisonous ideology and who will not rest until every last peep of protest is stifled.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineAt least you’re not pushing the narrative about the January 6 insurrectionists “staying within the rope lines,” Mr. Kriewald.

Do YOU agree with Gary Kriewald?

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38 Responses to Only regret: ‘Rotunda not strewn with Democrat bodies’

  1. tartanmarine says:

    Jerk should be off the streets.

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  2. nathanemarks says:

    When fighting a monster avoid becoming monstrous yourself. Otherwise, no matter who wins, a monster is left standing.

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  3. One eye says:

    After January 6th many were concerned about the lack of security. Now terrorists would know how easy it would be to walk in and start blasting.

    I think they always knew that.

    Why ruin a good thing? American politicians (on both sides) are their best chance for the country’s ruination.

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  4. sentient7 says:

    Agree with this part of his statement –> the progressive fascists who now hold sway over our government and our country, who are infecting our children with their poisonous ideology and who will not rest until every last peep of protest is stifled.” There are more effective ways to battle fascist press and swamp creatures, but so much hangs on the question of the abolition of the filibuster and Joe Manchin.


  5. richard lesiak says:

    Didn’t Mr. Trump say they were all hugging and kissing the cops. I thought I saw a guy handing out pizza slices standing next to that gallows. Those cans of bear spray were actually silly string. I guess Gary ain’t the huggie-kissie party type.


  6. old baldy says:

    glk, as well as each and every one of the treasonous invaders of the Capitol should be charged, tried, convicted and punished to the fullest extent allowed by law for their part in the failed attempt to overthrow our democracy. I would encourage a firing squad, but doubt that will occur.


    • Madtownforsure says:

      You mean for the ones dressed in black and are called antifi? Ya, those are the gutless wonders mr rodgers spawned.


      • old baldy says:


        Nope, was referring to all the treasonous maga clad morons spurred on by trump, hawley, leaking rudy, and the scores of insurrectionists and sycophants, etc. Punish them all, from 45 down to the most insignificant qanon cult member.


    • Batman says:

      Somebody has got to do the heavy lifting so that people with soft hands can lounge about enjoying the freedoms that non-pussies fought so hard to achieve.


    • old baldy wrote, “failed attempt to overthrow our democracy”

      Where I agree that the ones that entered the Capitol should be charged to the full extent of the law for any law(s) that any particular individual broke, it’s completely absurd rhetoric like I just quoted from you that makes the left look utterly brainwashed and honestly quite looney; but hey, keep it up I’m sure you’re attracting exactly the kind of constituency to the political left that the left wants, non-thinking hive minded borg-like drones.


  7. David,
    The first two links in this blog post don’t go to web pages that I would have expected.


  8. Gary,
    Your comment is spewing the same kind of immoral calls for and justifications for open violence that the “progressive fascists” are spewing and acting on. I condemn your rhetoric in the same way I condemn the rhetoric from the immoral “progressive fascists” that you oppose.  You sir have stooped to their level and are wrong for spewing calls and/or justifications for violence.

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    • That said…

      This part of your comment is spot on, “progressive fascists who now hold sway over our government and our country, who are infecting our children with their poisonous ideology and who will not rest until every last peep of protest is stifled.”


  9. Bill says:

    I personally am sorry it has come to this. I LOVE this Country, especially the PEOPLE and the FREEDOMS that I have as a result of the powers that WE the PEOPLE have.

    ALMIGHTY GOD has given mankind a one and only unique chance of really showing the rest of the world what a special and wonderful place that America is where everyone is judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin or their social economic status or their net worth or any other marker that other societies use. But we have chosen to forfeit that way of looking at the world we live in to be woke. The word “Woke” can be used by conservatives as well as the progressive liberals.

    What a joke woke is!

    Some of the best conversations I have had is from when I have engaged with people who are liberal but not “woke”. I love the fact that we can agree to disagree but I’ll be the first to offer to pay for the beer during and after the time while we are trying to resolve the great problems of humanity when in all humility we can’t even solve the problems of our community!

    Despite all of our faults of the past and present, I would encourage all my Fellow AMERICANS to PRAY and PRAY HARDER for this COUNTRY. IN what ever language you want, in what ever religion you worship, in what ever manner you choose; pray, pray hard that the freedoms you have come to expect do not disapear from this shining example on a hill that God gave to all humanity as an example of what freedom really is.

    This is my prayer for today.


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  10. Balboa says:

    Umm, no, I do not agree with him on his wish for bloodsport to democrats. Sweep the leg Johnny!


  11. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    If Gary would simply do a mea culpa and admit he got caught up in his passion and used some hyperbolic hyperbole, I’d be the first to forgive him.

    While I expect prolibocrats to parrot The Big Lie narrative of an “Armed Insurrection” with their co-conspirators and willing accomplices in the hive-minded #GetTrump media, I don’t expect a Conservative would.

    Here’s some ‘”insurrection “” links you may have missed, Dave:

    I especially liked the video of Sen. Ron Johnson (Conservative-WI) asking Gina Haspel, “In this armed insurrection, how many gun crimes were there? [None.] “How many shots were fired?” [One. The one fired by the anonymous Capitol Policeman that killed Ashli Babbit.]

    There was no armed insurrection on Jan. 6th, but there certainly was a junta on Jan. 20th,
    … one that required walls, concertina wire 26,000 federal troops to enable it. Besides being bad optics, … usually only reserved for a third world dictatorship, … that’s the day that will live in infamy, … the day the music died.


    • David Blaska says:

      Problem is, there is no shortage of Kriewald’s hyperbole. Gallows and guillotines, smashed windows and doors. If an ordered society does not draw the line there, where would you draw it, Dog Man? This Blogge has never shied away from denouncing the devastation of Madison’s State Street, the topping of Capitol Square statues, beatings and fire bombings. No firearms there, either.


  12. One eye says:

    What happened to common things to hate, like the Macarena and Justin Bieber?

    Do they exist anymore? Maybe it’s A-ARON.


  13. Eric Z says:

    Pray in one hand and crap n the other. Let me know which one fills up first.


    • Eric Z wrote, “Pray in one hand and crap n the other. Let me know which one fills up first.”

      What a purely disrespectful thing to say, your acting like an ass. Do you have no regard whatsoever for the fact that others have beliefs that are different from your own?

      Are you just trolling?


  14. Bill says:

    Here is what I think on this subject.

    There are people in government on both sides of the political spectrum, who by the use of their offices, have only sought to enrich themselves so that they can retire as millionairs on a salary of around $200,000 a year.

    They have also sought to gain as much power as possible. One of the ways that both sides try to do this is by dividing us as a people. They do this by creating fear. Big media and other big corporations have jumped on this bandwagon and parroted the line that the powerful want them to spew.

    Dividing us as a people, blacks against whites, rich against poor, old agianst young, it doesn’t matter as so long as we the people are divided.

    Here are two such examples that I have recently come accoross that divide us as a people in the matter of race relations.

    From Imprimis: This article is all about how critical race theory is being used to say that just because you are white, you are an oppressor.

    This next piece is from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty: This article tells the story of how white farmers are being denied loan forgiveness just because they are white.

    In order to combat these issues, I propose the following changes that WE THE PEOPLE need to enact.

    1. Mandatory term limits on every elected government position. The President can only serve two terms. If your in the U.S. Senate, two terms and your out! If your in the U.S. House of Representatives, three terms and your out! Same term limits apply for all State and Local elected offices.
    2. Once your out of office, there will be no coming back to town as a lobbyist for anyone or any group or any corporation. You will go to jail if you do as it will be against the law.
    3. Pork barrel spending will come to an end as you will have to fit each and every expenditure into what revenue is coming in for that fiscal year. If the government wishes to borrow money for further expenditures beyond the revenue collected for that year, that will require a vote of 2/3 of the people to say yes to it. That again will be for every level of government.
    4. If either government officials or their allies in the media spew demonstrably false information regarding an incident between a person of color and the police, they can be sued by the people and held on charges of Treason to be put on trial by a jury of 12 citizens.
    5. All government programs will be color, gender, age, race, religion, disability and sexuality blind.
    6. Any program that seeks to indoctrinate especially our young on the stupid and deadly theory’s of that idiot Karl Marx will NOT be funded by taxpayer money. The theory’s of Karl Marx have enslaved and killed a hell of a lot more people in this world than Adolf Hitler and his racist theory’s ever could have. We don’t teach our young about why being a Nazi is a good thing so why are we now teaching them to be a Communist?

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  15. Balboa says:

    But, but how do you put that on a neat colorful arrogant poster or bumper sticker. Those are grand ideas. Have you actually written these ideas on paper on how you would actually create a bill to be voted on to become a law. Great ideas are hard to articulate and place on paper. David had done that in his lifetime, not so easy. Legislating is a hard job, and we have a lot of “ideas” how do you write them out and explain them to the common man. The republicans are frankly quite terrible in this regard and also quite terrible in explaining their ideas and laws to the masses. Democrats use terms that equate to “Free Stuff” and if they do not like the current language they think up new and wonderful marketing strategies like systemic racism, existential threats, environmental racism, and all the other gobbulity gook that makes them sound like they are smarter then all the rest of us. Complex and big words means I am smarter and more enlightened that you.


  16. Bill says:

    And since we are going down the road to Hell in our own fair city of Madison WI. I would like you all to consider what our city “leaders” want us to do in regards to dealing with the problems of homelessness and other issues as a result of it.

    Again, policies that will in the end, divide us rather than unite us.


  17. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Dave, Thanks for affording my musings a moment in the spotlight. Readers, thank you for your responses, which seemed to be split roughly 50/50 between approval and abhorrence. And best of all no one was canceled! That said, I still believe that desperate times call for desperate measures.


    • David Blaska says:

      Who is on your kill list in Madison WI?


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        All the local progressive nutjobs who make regular appearances on this blog.


        • Gary L. Kriewald wrote, “All the local progressive nutjobs who make regular appearances on this blog.”

          Are you current or X military?


        • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

          Should I be worried, Gary?


        • Batman says:

          Have some compassion/understanding; Gary was a framer of the Constitution in a previous life and is therefore particularly upset with the current state of affairs.
          I think he is ex-military but that was a long time ago.


        • old baldy says:

          I’m not worried one iota. Tough talkers like gary are usually the first to turn tail and hide. The classic example is the most recent former occupant of the WH, who promised to lead the treasonous attack on the Capitol, yet hid in his closet during the whole thing. gary, like trump, is all talk and no action.


        • old baldy wrote, “I’m not worried one iota.”

          Give us a break with your “tough talk” old baldy, no one’s buyin’ it.

          old baldy wrote, “Tough talkers like gary are usually the first to turn tail and hide.”

          Interesting point of view, complete twist on reality, but interesting.

          I’ve come across lots and lots of “tough talkers” during my Army years and not a one of them has ever turned tail and run. My son-in-law is a marine, also tough talker, and he doesn’t turn tail and run. I’ve known a lot of “tough talkers” over my life span from people in the CC Riders, Diablo Lobos and the Hells Angels motorcycle clubs and I’ve never seen one of them turn tail and run. Come to think of it, even thinking back all the way to my High School days long ago I’ve never known even one “tough talker” that’s ever turned tail and ran.

          old baldy wrote, “The classic example is the most recent former occupant of the WH, who promised to lead the treasonous attack on the Capitol, yet hid in his closet during the whole thing.”

          I think it’s interesting how some people write things that have absolutely no connection to actual reality, like the bald-faced lies that old baldy just wrote. I really wonder if these liars think they are presenting some kind of rational argument or are they just acting like internet trolls.

          old baldy wrote, “like trump, is all talk and no action”

          Like or dislike President Trump, this “talk and no action” comment is an outright lie when it comes to describing President Trump as President, whether you like his style or not, he backed up his talk with the action that are within the power of the President and you need look no further than Syria or North Korea to verify that verifiable fact.

          May your perception of tough talkers turning tail and running is based on something else entirely, maybe it’s based on your own lack of personal character and cowardly traits? Just asking for a friend.


        • old baldy says:


          Great comparison, tough talkers like glk and trump, and cycle gangs. Cowards except when en masse, chemically altered, overweight, and wearing consumes. I’m glad I didn’t share a huddle or a hooch with you, or them.


        • old baldy wrote, “withered”

          You’re getting off to a purely sophomoric start as usual.

          old baldy wrote, “Great comparison, tough talkers like glk and trump, and cycle gangs. Cowards except when en masse, chemically altered, overweight, and wearing consumes. I’m glad I didn’t share a huddle or a hooch with you, or them.” posted at 10:17pm.

          It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk/write and remove all doubt.

          By the way Einstein, nothing you wrote contradicted a thing I wrote but thanks for proving beyond any doubt what a fool you are.

          Speaking of “chemically altered”; yours is the same kind of reasoning that bartenders hear around 10pm every evening coming from the other side of the bar after their customers have had a long evening of heavy drinking – illogical inebriated moronic blather. I hope you had a designated driver.

          Real friends don’t let friends post moronic blather drunk.

          P.S. Did you get that Gary L. Kriewald, old baldy just called you a coward.


        • Troll: noun (abbreviated version of internet troll) Those that post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement.

          Old baldy proves on a routine basis that he’s a troll.

          old baldy you’re really lucky that David Blaska is immensely more tolerant of internet trolls than I am; but in the long run, I think even David has his limits, keep pushing and I’m sure you’ll find those limits.


  18. Batman says:

    When baldy’s comment appeared in my inbox I chuckled to myself knowing that his delicate soft hands have been the subject of a running gag among his neighbors for some time now.
    He lives in farm country.
    Always remember; when today’s demonrat makes a declaration such as “I’m not worried one iota” the reality is just the opposite.

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