Let the judges be judged

Conservatives can re-imagining justice, too!

31 entries on the suspect’s rap sheet since 2014! 

Sometimes, even us Republicans come up with good ideas. (Something about that blind squirrel, we suppose.)

Dane County Republicans Saturday 04-17-21 proposed a state constitutional amendment allowing voters to, in essence, vote No Confidence in a circuit judge. Eight of Dane County’s 17 circuit judges appeared on the April 6 non-partisan ballot. Not a one was opposed. Think about it: What attorney is going to run against an incumbent judge? One before whom you might be arguing a case some day?

It is called a Retention election. Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming use it for all judges, including their state supreme courts. It’s a binary, up or down, yes or no system.

If voters were displeased at the revolving door policy of, say, juvenile court judge Everett Mitchell (who was not up this time around), they could vote no confidence and remove him from the bench, clearing the way for a better judge. Some jurisdictions require a super majority of 60% votes to keep the judge on the bench. Our circuit judges serve 6-year terms, so could hold the retention vote every three years — including the election year if no challenger emerges.

Off hand, we can think of only one time an incumbent judge in Dane County drew opposition. Well respected Jack Aulik of Sun Prairie (my father’s attorney and fishing buddy) challenged a child appointed by Gov. Tony Earl and defeated her in 1986. Serving until 1998, Jack went on to create the states’ first drug court.

→ Of course, more consequential would be replacing District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat who is one of those “woke” prosecutors allowing crime to flourish in places like San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia. We failed to convince retired Madison police chief Mike Koval (he holds a law degree) to make that race last November. Madison can have the best police officers possible (and we do) but prosecutors who don’t prosecute and judges who spin the revolving door undo public safety.

Who let the dogs out!

The latest evidence is the alleged perp racing down a leafy street here in Orchard Ridge Tuesday 04-13-21 shooting at a woman in the car ahead, who was fleeing for her life. On a street facing two elementary schools! Her back window was shot out, she took a bullet in the face. (“Progressive priorities are killing Madison.”)

Steven L. Price Jr.

One of two charged with attempted first-degree murder is Steven L. Price Jr., age 24, reputedly the baby daddy of the victim’s child. Sweet.

This Price-less fellow also faces seven counts of felony bail jumping and two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, several as acts of domestic abuse. The victim took a bullet because she complained the guy was not paying child support. (The criminal case here.) Here is Price’s State of Wisconsin rap sheet: 

We count 31 entries. His preliminary hearing is scheduled 10:40 a.m. Friday 04-23-21 in Courtroom 1A. Cash bail has been set at $300,000 THIS TIME! Watch that amount get reduced.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Would more restorative justice help? How about defunding the police? Call a social worker instead of a cop? The guy has UNMET NEEDS!

How do we get this guy off the streets?

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11 Responses to Let the judges be judged

  1. Bill says:

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

    In this case as in many others, I just can’t help but wondering if this person will ever see justice through the bars of a prison cell?


  2. sentient7 says:

    Reduce crime….bring back the public STOCKS for convictions. This solution will work.

    Restorative justice? Teach that to Mr. Chainsaw and Passing on double yellow.


  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    But what about affordable housing?

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  4. georgessson says:

    I’m in favor of adding social workers into the fray, to lessen the police load. S-o-o-o many suicide attempts, OD’s and trips to Winnebago reported on the Chief’s blog daily. But utilization needs discerning judgement -definitely NOT for many domestic disturbances -Too many LEO’s and by-standers lose their lives to these soon-to-be violent domestic scenarios.


  5. Liberty says:

    I LOVE this. Think it has a chance of actually passing?

    “Dane County Republicans Saturday 04-17-21 proposed a state constitutional amendment allowing voters to, in essence, vote No Confidence in a circuit judge.”


  6. richard lesiak says:

    I’m tired of hearing about de-funding the police. The problem is there is no equal law enforcement in the country. The well-healed and connected walk; all else get jail. The courts cannot give equal justice under these conditions. We have elected officials and wall-street zillionaires walking away each day while people scream for the heads of others. Lot’s of money? Great; hire a big time lawyer. Turn over your tax returns? Screw you; sue me. Maybe in 10 years your may get them. Maybe. How much time has ANY Wells Fargo exec ever spent in jail. ZERO. Try to pass a fake 20 and you die.


    • jimydandy says:

      What Wall Street bankers went into the pokey during Osama’s 8 years?


    • georgessson says:

      What “law enforcement”, Mein Dickster? DA’s and judges ultimately decide low/or-no bail, and typically these “victims” have 3-4 or MORE “Open” cases, dating back years. Oh, wait -YOU were talkin’ about Bernie & Enron, etc. only decades old news. Here we thought you were responding to current events…


  7. Bill says:

    I like the idea of letting WE THE PEOPLE judge the judges! Let us decide who is a Judge and who is a Joke!

    Same idea should apply to the District Attorney. If the D.A. is not willing to bring charges against someone; then what good does it do to have a judge who is willing to “throw the book” at someone who has committed a serious crime?


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