False hate crimes — lingua franca of the Left

Doubting the narrative is, itself, white supremacy 

The essential Heather Mac Donald: “Race and False Hate Crime Narratives.”

After the Boulder supermarket attacks, social media lit up with gloating pronouncements that the shooter was a violent white male and part of what Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece declared (in a since-deleted tweet) to be the “greatest terrorist threat to our country.” (Video of the handcuffed shooter being led away by the police appeared to show a white male.) Now that the shooter’s identity has been revealed as Syrian-American and his tirades against the “Islamophobia industry” unearthed, that line of thought has been quietly retired and replaced with the stand-by Democratic response to mass shootings—demands for gun control. …

Both Harris and Biden obliquely referred to the question of motive while dismissing its relevance.

“Whatever the killer’s motive, these facts are clear,” Harris said. “Six out of the eight people killed on Tuesday night were of Asian descent.” President Biden was similarly unconcerned about the relationship between Long’s intentions and the atrocity’s significance: “Whatever the motivation, we know this: Too many Asian-Americans have been walking up and down the streets and worrying.”

Heather’s Bottom Line: But in stigmatizing and punishing hate crimes, motive is the entire issue.

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  1. calypsofacto says:

    Althea Bernstein was unavailable for comment…

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  2. One eye says:

    and yet a white mob beats up an Asian American and complete silence from Joe and Kamala.
    Not even comforting words to Andy Ngo that he was only pummeled by “an idea”.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here’s another category of hate crime: the kind with a crime but no hate (or not the sort to satisfy white liberals). Exhibit A: The shooting of 8 people in Atlanta, 6 of whom were Asian women working in the sex trade. The shooter himself denied any racial animus in his actions. Still a hate crime. One of his victims was a white male (like himself). If he were concerned solely with killing Asians, why waste a bullet on him? Still a hate crime. Does it make sense that if he was motivated by a desire to “purge” the evils of the sex industry and chose the most accessible targets (massage parlors, which are overwhelmingly operated and staffed by Asians) that statistically he would be more likely to kill Asians? Still a hate crime.

    Historically the Left has not been very successful in getting Asians to opt into the role of victim of systemic racism, mainly because most Asians have successfully employed their own strategy: hard work and valuing education to achieve the American dream. It’s no wonder they would try their best, aided as always by their lapdogs in the MSM, to turn the tragedy in Atlanta to their political advantage.

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  4. georgessson says:

    On the local level, an update. And then some thoughts on this excellent blog post & sharp article link….

    Last week, MPD announced (& quietly reported by news sites) that pretty much, THIS never happened:

    1/08/2021 – Yisrael Ami – “I was very afraid”: Black man alleges verbal assault by Trump supporters


    And then we have the other home-grown, self-proclaimed victim, the amazin’ Fire-Proof Althea Bernstein who was hung (figuratively !) by her OWN reported timeline.

    As far as the Boulder mishap, the media had only to apply a short wait or do a cursory examination to realize “White Supremacy” ain’t gonna fly. As far as ATL? Ask any female ya know, and they’ll tell ya that Asian gals are predominantly featured in the spa, massage and nail-care business. A no-brainer fer most to figger that an overloaded (w/ religious guilt) whacko had to inadvertently include some in his sights.

    Sadly, in MDSN at least, it didn’t take long for Asian students to go from hard-working and achieving scholars to the uber comfortable status of being a “victim”. I’m bettin’ their hard-workin’ parents who set aside savings to get them to the UW are shakin’ their heads.


    • Batman says:

      Almost reads like you are saying that Madison is a corrupting/corrosive influence on the local Asian youth.

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    • I don’t know if you watch Real Time with Bill Maher. He had a decent debate with former Sen. Heidkamp about how Georgia was not a hate crime. But then in the same argument he rushed to judgment in saying that Boulder happened because of Islam. Where it looks like he was a young man who was bullied, teased, and attacked because of his name and wanted to strike out.

      It is very easy to rush to judgement. Every side does it. When the Althea Bernstein thing happened. I waited till the evidence came out, and it turned out it was a hoax. The evidence will always come out


  5. Hate crimes are real. People have been attacked and even killed just because they were black, Hispanic, gay, or Asian.

    I am a moderate but I hate how the left rushed to judgement. All the information coming in about the Georgia shootings was that the shooter was very religious and sexually repressed and addicted to porn and prostitution. He and his roommate confirmed that he went to at least one of these places and they were cited for prostitution in the past.

    If Ukrainians had Ukrainian massage parlors that offered sexual release. I think he would have shot up Ukranian massage parlors. This was not an anti-Asian hate crime

    Again I believe hate crimes are real. Hate crimes against Asian Americans have jumped the past year. I can’t wrap my head around attacking someone you don’t know mainly because if who they are.

    Also about Althea and other “fake hate crimes”. Any advocate of minorities or minority groups should ask for the full penalty under the law for anyone who does a hate crime hoax.

    The hoaxes do 2 terrible things.#1 innocent people may get accused and people using this hoax as a cover up for criminal activity may get away

    And #2. It furthers the narrative that hate crimes are not a thing. For every Althea Bernstein, there are a dozen real ones. One Althea can discredit the real ones. The true progressives should be asking her to be prosecuted to the fullest degree. Because just like false rape claims, they hurt the cause of real victims.


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